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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wood Elves vs Bretonnians 600 pts battle story

warhammer fantasy story report :-

"Oblivious to his men’s death the Paladin slammed into the Elves like a thunder bolt! He swung his sword fiercely and cut 3 elves down, while his stallion (Fred) trampled an elf." [Fred ?! Lol - Ed.]

(One of a series of battle stories following the exploits of the Bretonnian hero Sir Giles de Mer)

source : : Dark Haven15-Apr-2009

Battle 2 "Arrows of the Asrai"

Enemy: Wood elves
Points: 600

Bretonnia Army

Paladin (Giles de Mer) = 100
w/ Lance, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Sword of Might

Paladin (Jacques du Payen) = 129
w/ BSB, Sword, Heavy Armor, Barded Warhorse, Warbanner, Virtue of Duty

5x Knights Errant = 121
w/ Lances, Heavy armor, Shield, Swords, Full Command

5x Knights of the Realm = 144
w/ Lances, Shields, Swords, Heavy Armor, Full Command

14x Archers = 103
w/ Longbows, daggers, skirmishers, music

Wood Elves Army

Spellsinger (Lora Forestdancer)
w/ Level 2, Deep Wood sphere, Longbow, Sword. (Casts tree singing twice a turn)

6x Wardancers
w/ Dancer Leader

12x Dryads
w/ Branch Nymph

10x Glade Guard
w/ Longbows, Light Armor, Swords

Seeing the Elf witch disappear into the woods, Giles summoned his bugler, who promptly trumpeted 3 great blaring notes. Forming into the Lance formation, the Bretonnians and their peasant archers regrouped and then sped after the Elf. As they cleared the forest, the saw the Elf witch again, only this time she had reinforcements.

Turns 1-3

Once more upon seeing the enemy, Giles commanded his men to stop and pray for guidance and protection from the Lady. After their recent defeat, the Wood Elves had no mercy left and immediately attacked. Their war dancers and Dryads charged forwards shrieking terrible war cries. Lora smiled benignly as she cast treesinging on the peasant archers hiding in the forest. With a loud crunch four of them were ripped apart by the animated tree limbs causing the rest to flee. The archers fired their arrows into the peasants and killed another two with lethal accuracy. After witnessing the ferocity of the Asrai attack, Giles roared his peasants to stand their ground (After looking his big sword, they gulped and immediately got back into formation.) Seeing the encroaching mass of Dryads and frenzied Elf warriors, Giles carefully moved his cavalry into position to spring a trap on the elves.

Once more the Dryads and wardancers ran forward, this time Lora joined the wardancers and continued to cast treesinging without ceasing. The archers fired again into the Knights of the Realm and shot Sir Glorin in the head. Roaring his battle cry Giles lowered his lance and charged the surprised Wardancers who had thought themselves safe. With a massive yell the Knights slammed into the wardancers and a great spray of blood erupted into the air as five of the six were gored with lances. Quaking in fear at the wrathful knights, the wardancer and Lora fled only to be cut down by a sword. Seeking more glory, young Sir Giles overran forward towards the hill where a squad of cloaked elven archers were pouring arrows into them.

Turns 4-6

With the loss of their leader and their shock troops the Dryads seemed momentarily shocked and merely shuffled around a bit. The archers, seeking revenge, shot at the Knight of Realm and were rewarded with another head shot. Now eager for combat, the Errants led by Sir Jacques slowly picked their way through the difficult terrain in order to engage the Dryads. Once again Sir Giles lowered his lance and his knights charged into the Archers who bravely held their ground and let off a final hasty volley that dropped all the knights except Sir Giles. Oblivious to his men’s death the Paladin slammed into the Elves like a thunder bolt! He swung his sword fiercely and cut 3 elves down, while his stallion (Fred) trampled an elf. Beset by the berserker fury of the paladin, the archers broke and were all cut down by Sir Giles. Following this, the Dryads charged into the Knights Errant and killed 1.

The Errants responded by slaying 2, but the Dryads broke and fled. After rallying, they later charged the lonely figure of sir Giles thinking him to be easy sprt. They were to be sadly mistaken. Even surrounded by a sea of whirling tree branches and nettles, Giles fought on as his armor was heavily dented as it protected him from a relentless volley of attacks. “Landuin and the Lady!” Sir Giles bellowed as he cut down 3 dryads; faced with such ferocity the Dryads fled from blood spattered Paladin only to be run down by him. With that, the Wood elves were wiped out.

Result: Bretonnian Victory!

Sir Giles slid off his saddle to the cheering of his men. “We have victory!” he yelled in jubilation. All around him knight and peasant alike were roaring their triumph. Their Baron had led them to not one, but two victories in a single day. Their cheering stopped abruptly when then realized they were now silently surrounded by dozens of cloaked elves. Each with a longbow nocked with an arrow.

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