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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tomb Kings vs High Elves battle report 2250pts

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"This game was very sloppy on both sides..."

with poor deployment and lots of mistakes, it sound like my kind of battle !
or rather I should I say, the kind of battle I usually fight

source : : Sepulcher16-Apr-2009

Hey again, everyone. As our club's 10 game season comes to a close, I find myself and the TK's at the #1 spot... woohoo! Anyway, since I had all 10 games in for the season I decided to change things up a bit and play a "fun" list rather than my normal competitive one. So last night while watching tv I sort of came up with a list that had alot of nasty little elements to it. Went up against a really cool High Elf guy who I'd never played before. Being that I never do anything but draw against HE's, I knew this would be a bloody game.. plus the fact I'd never played the list before... anyways, hope you enjoy. This game was very sloppy on both sides as you'll see.. we were both not being very competitive and joking around alot.. so..

2250 points Tomb Kings Army list

Liche High Priest - Jar, Cloak
Liche Priest - 2 Scrolls, steed
Liche Priest - Steed
Tomb Prince - Flail, Chariot, Chariot of Fire

25 Archers - command
10 Archers
5 Light Horsemen
17 Tomb Guard - Banner, Champion - deployed 6 wide
3 Chariots - Banner, Icon of the Sacred Eye
5 Carrion
4 Ushabti
1 Catapult
1 Bone Giant

So a couple anchor units with alot of hammers.. I didn't get to include all the trinkets I wanted.. points were very tight. Like my SoR, another scroll and some more Tomb Guard. Some more archers would've helped too.. and the BotUL. Oh and Scorpions! But you can't have it all...

2250 points High Elves Army list

Lord on Star Dragon - Lance, 2+ Rerollable armor save, 4+ Ward
Mage - Level 1 scroll caddy - took Lore of Light spell # 1

20 Spearmen - command
15 Spearmen - command
19 Swordmasters - command
20 White Lions - command
Tiranoc Chariot
Lion Chariot
2 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers
2 Eagles


Terrain was randomized funny, 2 hills and a forest clumping up the left side.
His 2 Bolt Throwers were deployed on the hill, his White Lions (white) in front, along with an Eagle and the Lion Chariot. Next were the Swordmasters (blue) with level 1 in there. Another Eagle, 20 Spears, Tiranoc Chariot, 15 Spears and finally his Lord on Dragon.

From my left to right was Bone Giant (bad placement on my part), 4 Ushabti, 25 archers, Carrion behind them, my Tomb Guard, 10 more archers on the hill along with catapult. My chariot unit with prince and finally my light horsemen with priest. I had a priest join the catapult and the High Priest join the 25 archers. (I'll add them to the map next time).

High Elves win the roll and go first. His Dragon flies behind the nearby forest, everything else advances. Magic is stopped. Shooting he does single bolts at my Bone Giant, both hitting, wounding and doing 3 wounds a piece... one dead Bone Giant. (And once again I remember why not to bring the damn things.. if they don't let you down in combat they're getting their asses shot up.)

Top of 1:

My half of the turn. due to some poor deployment choices on my part I'd be fighting an uphill battle this game. It was all in fun though.. I didn't mind as were were laughing pretty much the entire game (making fun of the 40k and War Machine nerds).
Everything moved up a couple inches.. not wanting to get charged, my chariots moved and threatened anything that neared my lines with a flank charge. Carrion glided over for a potential magic charge into his Bolt Throwers. In the magic phase I move the chariots again.. giving them a better vantage point. My Catapult gets to shoot but doesn't hit anything. And finally my Carrion and able to charge (thanks to the Jar) but they fall just short... forgetting he deployed a few inches back.

Bottom of 1:

Turn 2:

The High Elves just advance a couple inches forward. The Lion Chariot turns around to face my Carrion. The Lord flies behind my Tomb Guard to breathe on them. Magic is stopped. In Shooting, 2 Carrion are killed by multishots from the Bolt Throwers, and a couple Guard are killed by the flame template.

Top of 2:

In my turn my Carrion charge the closest Bolt Thrower, my Prince's unit charges the 20 strong Spear block, and my Ushabti charge the Swordmasters. Should've charged the White Lions but at this point it was charge or be charged. My Tomb Guard spin around and face the dragon. In magic, I charge my Tomb Guard into the dragon. Next I get off a Smite - 4 attacks.. all on the Lord.. 2 hits... 2 sixes!!! One dead Elf Lord... a random stroke of luck see's the HE general gone. (Dragon passes reaction test) I also magic the nearby archers into the rear for added CR. Shooting puts a couple wounds on an Eagle. Catapult misses. In combat I don't scratch the dragon and lose a couple Tomb Guard, but the dragon fails his break test and runs.. my skeletons persue but can't catch him.. Tomb Guard hold tight. Carrion take a wound from the crew, but kill 1 in return and we tie combat.. Next my chariot kills a ton of Spear elves, loses a chariot in return and break the unit.. I pursue but they get away - however I clip the nearby Tiranoc Chariot. My Ushabti lose 2 models, kill a few in return and crumble a few more wounds. Barely hanging on.

Bottom of 2:

Turn 3:

No charges. His Lion chariot turns back around, his White Lions advance towards my archers. His 15 strong Spear tries to charge but fails the Fear test. Next, his Dragon rallies and faces my small archer block his Spearmen also rally and turn around. Magic is stopped. Shooting does nothing. In combat my last Ushabti is killed. My Prince wounds the Tiranoc chariot twice and it breaks - I persue and run it down, putting me close to the newly rallied Spears. My carrion somehow fail to kill the single crew member again and we tie.

Top of 3:

My turn, my chariots charge the Spearmen again. Tomb Guard turn around, Light Horsemen move closer to the hill. Magic is just a couple Smitings which kill an Eagle and fail to wound his Dragon. Shooting phase sees my catapult land a shot on his Swordsmasters kill 8, and again my archers can't wound his dragon. In combat I finally kill the last crew member. My Chariots do a number and completely wipe the Spearmen out (did like 10 impact wounds). They overrun off the board.

Bottom of 3:

Turn 4:

The Star Dragon and Lion chariot charge my big archer block. (Doh, didn't see that coming) Trapping my Heirophant in the combat. His White Lions were just out of range. His Swordmasters wheel towards my Tomb Guard. His remaining Spearmen sit tight, not sure what to do. He moves his last Eagle right in front of my Tomb Guard. Magic is stopped. Shooting kills another Carrion. Between the chariot and dragon, I lose alot of skeletons, and lose more to CR, but still manage to have a few left to raise.

Top of 4:

My turn, I charge the Carrion at the last Bolt Thrower and my Tomb Guard at his Eagle, who flees. My Chariots come back and move towards his Spearmen. My Light Horsemen move closer to them as well.. in case the Princes incantation doesn't go off. In magic I charge the chariot unit into the Spearmen rear. Everything else is directed towards raising archers, which I do - basically returning the unit to starting size. Shooting does nothing, catapult misfires and can't be fired for 2 turns. In combat, alot more skeletons die, as expected. My chariots crush his Spearmen to the man. My Carrion kill both crew members.

Bottom of 4:

Turn 5:

The White Lions finally make it into combat with my archers. Eagle rallies. Magic and Shooting do nothing. In combat he destroys the entire unit and CR kills my Heiro.

For my half I manuever the remaining Tomb Guard and chariots towards the Swordsmasters. In magic I charge them both in, manage to beat them, but he rolls snake eyes, ensuring a draw and keeping me from alot of VP's. At this point it was late so we called it. It was a draw in his favor [High Elves - Ed.] by about 20 points or so.

All in all a messy game with alot of mistakes, but it was fun nonetheless. I really had fun playing with the High Priest.. my magic phase was pretty much unstoppable... but there's several things I miss when I don't have a King. I really liked the chariot unit with Prince and +1 to hit banner.. I might consider doing it with my standard list.. although I'm not sure if I want to drop a Priest for a Prince. Catapult was fun - even though I only hit once with it. Guess I have to get better at guessing distances.

Thanks for reading

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