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Monday, 2 March 2009

Ogre Kingdoms vs Orcs and Goblins 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"The nasty fanatic was not through with them yet..." [Ed. those mushrooms do the trick !]

(a nicely summarised report with good battlefield spanning pics)

source : : Xocer02-Mar-2009

Some crafty Ogres made off with Warboss Charlie's gits, and I aimed to get them back. In this battle report my Orcs and Goblins faced off against an Ogre Kingdoms army in a 2250 pt fight that involved a lot of complicated movement and some big ups and downs in the dice on both sides.

Orcs & Goblins Army List

WAAAGH Charlie:

Orc Warboss on chariot -Ulagh’s Acrit Axe -Spiteful Shield -Kickin’ Boots

Black Orc Bigboss -BSB -Martog’s Best Basha -Effigy of Mork

Goblin Shaman on chariot -Staff of Sneaky Stealing

Night Goblin Shaman -Dispell Scroll -Power Stone

2 Snottlings
2 Snottlings
5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Bows
5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spear/Shield
30 Orc Boyz, Choppa/Shield -Full Command
20 Night Goblin Bowmen
20 Night Goblin Bowmen
30 Night Goblins, HW/Shield -Standard, Musician -Nets -2 Fanatics
30 Night Goblins, HW/Shield -Standard, Musician -Nets -2 Fanatics
6 Squig Hoppers
6 Squig Hoppers
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot -Extra wolf and crewman
1 Orc Boar Chariot
3 River Trolls
1 Snottling Pump Wagon

Ogre Kingdoms Army List

Da’ Ogre Kingdoms:

-Cathayan Longsword
-Brace of Handguns
-Fistful of Laurels

Butcher -Dispell Scroll -Dispell Scroll

Hunter -2 Sabretusks

Hunter -2 Sabretusks

3 Bulls, extra HW
3 Bulls, extra HW
3 Ironguts, Standard -Warbanner
20 Gnoblars -Groinbitter
20 Gnoblars -Groinbitter
8 Gnoblar Trappers
8 Gnoblar Trappers
3 Yhettees
3 Maneaters -1 handguns, 1 longsword, 1 greatweapon
1 Slave Giant


The orc deployment is pretty easy to see from the photo. The warboss and goblin shaman chariots are both backing the central block of orcy chaos near the right flank. The BSB is riding around with the boyz. Ogres have Maneaters on the left flank, yetis on the right flank, and bulls boxing in the ironguts with the tyrant. The butcher is attached to the maneaters.

Orc turn 1, post movement:

The orc line lumbered into action, held up on the right flank by failed animosity tests that prevented the trolls from moving behind the wolf riders. On the left flank the overzealous squig hoppers charged into the gnoblar trappers, and after failing their roll to restrain ended up overrunning into the maneaters; 25 inches of movement on turn 1! During the magic phase the chariot shaman miscast on his first attempt and suffered a wound.

Ogre turn 1, post movement:

The ogres advanced slowly up the middle, probably waiting for the maneaters to dispatch the upstart hoppers and maintain the battle line into turn 2. Plus there were more hoppers on the right flank, and a fair number of speedy chariots to be concerned with. The hunters stayed stationary to shoot their crossbows, inflicting minor damage to the orc chariot on the left flank. Magic was uneventful, and combat saw the maneaters dispatch the hoppers, never to return.

Orc turn 2, post movement:

This was a very long movement phase. No problems with animosity, but the remaining squig hoppers wanted to avoid the waiting ogres and hop behind the hill. They were a bit excited though, and decided to overshoot their mark, so it became a complicated movement phase to try and predict how to make the inevitable ogre overruns to come less damaging. Magic was again disappointing, and remained that way for both armies. So from now own, no more discussion of magic phases. Shooting went very similar to magic for both armies, so no more talk of arrows and such anymore either.

Ogre turn 2, post movement:

Ironguts, bulls, and the giant in the middle all charged the mass of hoppers and snottlings on the right flank. The yetis took aim at the wolf riders, who fled. The bulls on the left flank also charged some snottlings, and overran into the large mob of boyz, who failed their fear check. The overrun here and the initial charge of the ironguts both provoked the fanatics to come flying out. Against the overrunning bulls the pair of dervishes inflicted 5 wounds on the ogres, and a whopping 10 casualties on the orc boyz. Not an auspicious start, but thankfully they were already locked in combat.

The fanatics heading towards the ironguts were less excited, but in falling short of hitting the unit, one fanatic came to a stop in the exact position of the wheeling ironguts, and inflicted 2d6 hits in being squashed by the excited ogres. The end result was a dead irongut and a wound on the tyrant. The ensuing combat went as expected; no more snottling, no more hoppers. The giant rolled a short overrun, but the ironguts and bulls both hit the river trolls.

Orc turn 3, after movement:

Round 3 kicked off with many charges from the orcs, and many failed fear tests. Fortunately the ranked night goblins and chariot shaman charged into the ironguts, but the warboss and wolf chariot couldn’t find the will to move. The orc chariot on the left flank was equally frightened of actually fighting anything, and in the middle the wild fanatic decided to inflict two more wounds to the ogre bulls, and nock off another handful of orc boyz, ugh.

The last bull standing against the orc boyz lost combat and ran. Failing to restrain, the boyz struck out to give the hunter a perfect flank charge the next turn. Back in the mega combat, the tyrant called out the goblin shaman and splattered him all over the inside of his chariot, but not before the chariot inflicted 3-4 unsaved wounds in impact hits. Even needing 5’s to hit, the bulls racked up 4 wounds against the trolls, who failed 3 regeneration saves, but did 2 wounds in return. The night goblins dropped their nets on their own heads, just to add icing to the cake, but backed up with the numbers and rank bonus the orcs still won combat by 2. Both ogre units held.

Ogre turn 3, after movement:

The hunter went into the flank of the orc boyz, and the giant charged the warboss. Sabretusks on the right flank started chewing up goblin wolf riders who failed animosity on turn 3. The sabretusks fighting the boyz rolled like champs to hit, but couldn’t muster many wounds, and the hunter himself dropped the ball. One sabretusk took a choppa to the face, and the hunter fled and was run down after losing to the boyz by 2.

Back in the mega combat the night goblins threw the nets on the ironguts, and the tyrant only managed 1 wound on the trolls. The last irongut and bulls also rolled poorly, and both units fled and were run down after losing the combat by 4. The giant tried to smash the warboss with his ball and chain, but only inflicted 1 wound. The warboss did 3 in return, but the giant held.

Orc turn 4, after movement:

Pursuing the hunter had put the boyz squarely in front of the maneaters, and they charged in with a WAAGH move, avoiding the dreaded fear test. The nasty fanatic was not through with them yet, and bashed down another hand of orcs, only glancing the maneaters. Back in the collapsed middle the trolls went stupid for the rest of the game, while the remaining units maneuvered to deal with the yetis, hunter, and sabrecats.

In combat the boyz and BSB took down a maneater with minimal losses in return, but the ogres held. The warboss finished off the giant on the right flank.

Ogre turn 4, after movement:

On the left flank the ranked gnoblars barely failed a charged against the exposed side of the orc boyz. On the right flank the yetis charged the goblin chariot just peaking out from behind the woods, and the chariot fled off the table. In combat the maneaters were beaten and broke, getting run down by the boyz.

Orc turn 5, after movement:

The warboss finally called the WAAGH, giving him the push needed to bring a charge home on the hunter. The yetis suffered a casualty from shooting and fanatic hits, and fled. The night goblins in the middle proved tougher than their gnoblar counterparts, and after the warboss dispatched the hunter, the game was pretty much set. We played it out to watch the sabrecats torment goblins all over the right flank, but in the end the losses were cosmetic.

The big combats in turn 3 were full of crazy dice rolling for better or worse on both sides, but in the end, it was the static combat resolution of banners and ranks that brought home the win for the orcs. Not that anyone needed reminding that this is the Ogres key weakness, but there it is. Thanks to my opponent for an exciting game with lots of strange maneuvering and wild action.


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