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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dogs of War vs Vampire Counts 1500 pts battle report

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

Ouch, a very nasty massacre ! (nicely summarised by turn/phase)

source : oldworldonline.proboards41.comcredit : Arguleon Veq3-Mar-2009

Dogs of War army list 1500 points

Paymaster: 82 Points
Great Weapon, Pistol, Crossbow, Heavy Armour, Shield.

Mercenary Captain; 52 Points
Morning Star.

Hireling Wizard: 60 Points

Heroes Total: 194 Points

20 Pikemen; 250 Points
Heavy Armour, Standard, Champion,Musician.

20 Pikemen; 230 Points
Standard, Champion, Musician.

10 Braganza’s Besiegers: 185 Points
10 Crossbowmen: 80 Points
8 Duellists: 82 Points Pistols, Champion.

Core Total: 807 Points

15 Paymasters Bodyguard; 180 Points, Full Command.

4 Lead-Belchers; 230 Points, Thunder-Fist.

Special Total - 410 Points

Cannon; 85 Points

Rare Total: 85 Points

1496 Points

86 Infantry [21 Crossbows, 9 Pistols],
4 Ogres,
1 Cannon.

Vampire Counts Army list

(edition 6 Vampires)

Blood Dragon Thrall;
2 CC Weapons, +1 Attack, +1 Strength, Killing Blow [Blood Line Powers].

Extra Level, Book of Arkhan, Spell Familiar.

Wight Lord;
Barded Nightmare, Lance.

20 Skeletons, Full Command.
[Joined by Thrall and Necromancer].

20 Grave Guard, Full Command.

7 Black Knights, Full Command, Banner of Barrows,
[Joined by Wight].

Black Coach.

6 Dire Wolves.

Boris Todbringer, his lands once again under threat from the Beastmen armies that had been put down during the Storm of Chaos now had a fight on another front to deal with. A Blood Dragon coven, hidden deep within the Middle Mountains had gained a lot of strength whilst the forces of the Empire were battling the Chaos forces during Archons crusade. They were now striking at will across Middenland but the Elector Count had few state troops to spare in order to combat them. Digging deep into the provinces coffers the count sent one of his most trusted nobles, along with a bodyguard of some of Middenlands finest Halberdiers to recruit a mercenary army that could halt the Blood Dragons rampage. This would allow the state troops to continue to battle the renewed Beastmen threat. Providing the Mercenary army was victorious….

Terrain; We played on a 6x4 table. On the right of my deployment zone was a large hill, with Braganza’s unit and the Cannon on top of it. My Leadbelchers in front of the hill. Just to the left of my hill was my Duellists, to the left of those my Pikes with Captain, then my Pikes with Wizard, then my Paymasters Bodyguard, and my Crossbowmen on my far left. I deployed my battle line about 6'' back from my deployment zone. There was a small temple in the middle of the table and a small hill on my left in the enemy deployment zone.

The enemy had a Black Coach, Black Knights and Zombies on my right flank. In the centre the main Skeleton unit and on my left the Grave Guard and Dire Wolves.

Magic; My Wizard got the first spell in the Lore of Light, the Necromancer had Vanhals Danse Macabre, Hellish Vigour and the Raise Dead spells.

Turn 1 - DoW:

Winning the roll to go first the Cannon crew loaded their small calibre Tilean Cannon and aimed at the Black Coach. They lit the fuse....nothing happened. The Cannon Commander promptly slapped the young Tilean loader across the back of the head for having let the fuse get damp. It would be fine by next turn.

The Estalian Crossbowmen [having deployed slightly further forward in order to get first turn shots if if i won roll for first turn] fired on the rotting Dire Wolves, bringing 3 down.

On my right Braganza’s unit fired on the Black Knights, kicking one from his saddle, the skeleton riders body smashing against rocks as it landed.

Turn 1 - VC:

The line all advanced forward, the Necromancer rose 6 units to the Skeleton unit, which I let go in order to dispel the bound Book of Arkhan to stop the Knights charging my Leadbelchers.

Turn 2 - DoW:

The Cannon let roar, the shot landing a fraction in front of the Black Coach, it hit a patch of soft ground, deadening the bounce, but not enough to stop it crashing through the Coach and destroying it.

The Leadbelchers added to the noise and cloud of black acrid smoke now covering the hill and let loose with their Leadbelchers Cannons at the Black Knights, killing 5.

The Estalians on my left flank fired again on the Wolves, killing 2. The Paymaster carefully aimed his Crossbow and dispatched the last of the Dire Wolves.

Turn 2 - VC:

The Black Knights charged the Ogres as the rest of the Undead battle line continued to advance. They hit 6 of their 7 attacks and then continued to wound with all 6. Two Ogres fell to the ground, ancient rusted lances having pierced their gutplates. The Thunderfist and other surviving Ogres tackled 2 of the Knights off their horses, but it wasn't enough. The Ogres broke and were run down by the ghastly Knights, who ended their pursuit on top of the hill to the right of Braganza’s unit.

Turn 3 - DoW:

The Wizard again failed to cast any spells. The Cannon crew turned their weapon to fire along the flank of the remaining Black Knight and the Wight Lord. An easy shot. But once again, the Cannon failed to fire...

The Crossbowmen on my left fired on the Grave Guard, killing 2, the Paymaster shot down another.

Turn 3 - VC:

The Undead moved up again, hoping to use magic to reach combat this turn. The Zombies managed to get a charge on Braganza’s Unit with Vanhals Danse Macabre. The Veteran Crossbowmen, obviously not getting paid enough for this battle to put much effort in, decided to walk off the table and leave the fighting to those used to doing battle for less than a fortune [fled as they were outnumbered and failed their fear test]. The Cannon Crew [also caught by the charging Zombies] held their ground, but were dragged down by the brainless Zombies.

Turn 4 - DoW:

The Middenland Paymaster could see things were getting away from his hired swords, it was clear they were having troubles holding out due to the terrifying nature of their enemy. In order to try and boost their morale, he and his retinue of Middenheim Halberdiers charged into the enemy’s elite Grave Guard. The Estalians instantly took heart from this and joined the charge, crashing into the flank on the enemy unit.

The Pikemen repositioned slightly, ready to receive the enemy’s charge.

The Halberdiers crashed home, smashing the heavily armoured monsters to the ground. The unit Champion, the Paymasters own personal bodyguard crushing the leader of the grave guard unit himself, whilst the Paymaster killed another. 1 Halberdier was killed but the magic holding their enemy together began to fail, with 7 more crumbling into dust. With the battle now right back in the Dogs of Wars favour.

Turn 4 - VC:

The Necromancer sensing something was needed to swing the battle back in his favour, drew heavily on the winds of power. Casting Hellish Vigour on the charging Skeleton unit he was with as the other undead units manoeuvred off the hill.

The magically enhanced Skeletons hit the Pike unit, given unnatural speed by the twisted Necromancers dark arts they ducked and darted under the Pike wall, cutting down the surprised Tileans. The Blood Dragon roared his challenge with the Tilean Champion accepting. But he was cut in two, not a match for the might Vampire before he was enhanced with Hellish Vigour, he stood no chance once the monster was.

The Pikemen fled off the battlefield and the Skeleton unit carried on into the front of the second Pike unit. The Duellists, seeing their Captain killed and the Pikemen being slaughtered, panicked and also fled off the battlefield.

The Paymaster, unaware that his main unit had been crushed and his hired commander had fled, continued to fight on. Hacking down more Grave Guard.

Turn 5 - DoW:

The Pikemen received he charge, but most of their Pike thrusts bounced harmlessly off the shields off the enemy. The Blood Dragon again issued a challenge and another Champion stepped up. The Vampire easily parrying the mortals clumsy blows before slamming a dagger into the eye socket of the ill fated Tilean. The Pikemen courage began to falter, even the sight of the Paymaster close by, with the keys to their fortune was not enough to hold them. Fleeing right off the table [failed two attempts on Ld7].

Turn 5 - VC:

The Paymaster now realised he was doomed, the Vampire threat added to the troubles of Middenland, already weakened by renewed Beastmen raids, it would be up to the brave warriors of Middenland to hold them now, the Count should have known better than to put his faith in mercenaries. He decided to sell his life dearly, he and his loyal bodyguard attacking the Grave Guard with all their might. Smashing more to the ground. The Skeleton unit, charged the rear of the Paymasters unit, dark magic helping them to reach combat. The Vampire began to cut down the stern Halberdiers.

Turn 6 - DoW & VC:

The Halberdiers were cut down to a man, whilst the Estalians, with nobody left to pay them, fled the field of battle, hoping to at least keep their lives.

Result - Loss to the Dogs of War

Massacre to the Vampire Counts.

It was all going pretty well, the first couple of turns were great although the Cannon kept letting me down as my guess ranges were always spot on. At the end of my turn I was very much in control and thought it would be plain sailing from then on out, despite my abysmal rolls for the Cannon and Fear tests on the hill. But it wasn’t to be. My inability to pass any Ld tests required, coupled with Fear sent most of my army packing. d**ned coward Mercenaries!. My Pikemen, usually reliable, and today they both fled. I was proud of my Paymaster and his Bodyguard, the loyal men of Middenland/Middenheim the only models with any courage on the battlefield. The opponent using Hellish Vigour to crush my first Pikemen unit was very influential. If the Skeletons hadn’t broke them that turn, they would have been charged in both flanks by the Duellists and the other Pikemen. The Vampire Count was my main problem, I had nothing that could deal with him and he just rampaged through my lines.

Next time, I shall have to try and slow the enemy down a little to get more shooting in. In the past I’ve usually included a unit of Norse Marauders to do this, I’d send them off at the enemy and use them as a speed bump. My 2000 point force has a general on Pegasus with a Brace of Pistols to slow the enemy up. I may now use my Light Cavalry in my 1500 list.

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