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Sunday, 1 March 2009

High Elves vs Ogre Kingdoms 2000pt battle story

warhammer fantasy narrative battle report :-

"The tyrant bellows his war cry (“Dinnertime!”) and charges my white lions."

(a well detailed story report that makes up for a lack of photos/maps)

source : : Silas71-Mar-2009

High Elves 2000 point army list

Elendriel – Archmage, lvl 4, annulian crystal, dispel scroll, ring of fury
Farendil – Mage, lvl 2, jewel of the dusk
Mithrandel – Noble, army standard bearer, dragon armor, shield, barded steed, helm of fortune, sword of might

10 archers
20 spearmen: full command, lion standard
15 phoenix guard: full command, war banner
14 white lions: full command, standard of balance
6 dragon princes: champion, musician, amulet of light
Lion chariot
2 phoenix claw bolt throwers
2 eagles

Ogre Kingdoms 2000 point army list

Tyrant: heavy armor, handguns
(kin–eater, siegebreaker, daemon killer scars)
Bruiser: ASB, heavy armor, rag banner
Butcher: bang stick, fistful of laurels
Butcher: dispel scroll
3 units of 3 bulls: light armor
20 gnoblars
8 gnoblar trappers
4 iron guts: standard, war banner
4 iron guts: standard
3 iron guts: standard
3 leadbelchers,
2 maneaters: cathayan longswords

Scenario: Pitched Battle

Bonus objectives: kill the enemy general, seize an enemy table quarter, posses an army standard (yours or your opponents), bonus point for netting all objectives.

My trusty camera battery died, so this report is text only. Our table had a ziggurat (hill) in the left corner of John’s deployment zone, and a spawning pool near the center. He deployed leadbelchers, bulls with a butcher, and his gnoblars back here. In front of them was a forest. He dropped his war banner iron guts with tyrant, and the other big iron gut unit beside it. He places his bruiser behind them in a unit of bulls. Near the middle of the table were two pieces of wall and on their right he deployed his small iron gut unit with butcher, and his last bull unit. His trappers deploy in the trees near his deployment zone.

I deployed an eagle on either flank. My white lions deployed in the center, with phoenix guard w/Mithrandel to their left, then spears with Elendriel to their left, and the lion chariot to their left. To the right of my lions were my bolt throwers and archers, and the dragon princes sat on the right flank. Farendil hung out with a bolt thrower crew for most of this game.

Turn 1:

The ogres surge forward, leadbelchers marching around the far side of the forest, gnoblars and bulls making for the gap between the forest and the pool. Elendriel suppresses the ogre magic phase. My white lions and phoenix guard advance, while the lion chariot maneuvered for a flank charge. A combination of my ring, fury of khaine, dark hand of death, and missile fire killed two of the tyrant’s bodyguards, but the ogres pressed on. The dragon princes road forward to face the ogres, one eagle flew to support him, the other flew back to march block his bulls, gnoblars, and leadbelchers.

Turn 2:

The tyrant bellows his war cry (“Dinnertime!”) and charges my white lions. While I brought the standard of balance to deal with undead and daemons, it would serve me well here too. His iron guts and bruiser/bull unit move to support the tyrant. The leadbelchers advance more cautiously; the gnoblars bicker and generally annoy the butcher behind them. The trappers hurl a handful of scrap at the lion chariot, nearly destroying it! On the very left the bulls back up a bit, looking nervous about facing the new and improved dragon princes. The white lions strike with great speed and kill an iron gut, but the survivor and tyrant kill several lions in return. The lions hold the line!

The dragon princes do charge the bulls, slaying one and sorely wounding a second, and run them down. My eagle had flown to divert the charge from his butcher/iron guts, but they panicked when the bulls were run down! The lion chariot slams into the last iron gut and kills him, and is then sundered in turn by the tyrant. It’s not enough to tip the scale of the combat, and the tyrant panics and is run down by the vicious white lions! Most of my magic is countered, but Elendriel’s ring fries two of the bruiser’s bulls.

Turn 3:

The leadbelchers finally clear the trees and see the rear of the spears. His trappers scuttle out of the forest, pulling out fistfuls of sharp scrap metal. The bruiser’s bulls and the iron guts tandem charge the white lions, who must receive the charge. The butcher and iron guts on the right flank rally, while the bulls keep lumbering away in a panic. On the left the butcher’s bulls move by the gnoblars and make for the spears.

Magic is uneventful, but shooting is thunderous as the leadbelchers kill five spearmen! The battle is fierce and bloody, and while a few iron guts die, many more white lions do, the last few stubbornly, stoically, refuse to run.

Elendriel gestures to her left, and the spears turn in precise ranks to face the oncoming bulls. The phoenix guard leaps forward to assist the white lions, but they remain tantalizing out of reach. My leftmost eagle charges after the fleeing bulls and routs t hem from the field. The dragon princes charge into the iron guts, killing one of them but losing twice that number. Overcome by fear (or shame at their lackluster performance) they flee the combat and the battlefield entirely. A hail of bolts slays a leadbelcher. The white lions are cut down at last, but the bulls and iron guts are both at half strength now.

Turn 4:

The bulls with butcher charge the spearmen, with the trappers piling in on the side. The bulls get hung up in the forest, so their charge is a trifle short. The gnoblars, to their horror, have run in on their own! The bruiser’s bulls and the iron guts both charge the phoenix guard. His leftmost butcher uses toothcracker to shatter every bone in the eagle’s body, killing it. The leadbelchers reload. The gnoblars are cut to pieces and chased down by the uncharacteristically bloodthirsty spears. The phoenix guard absorbs the charge from both units, cutting down an iron gut and a bull, and handily winning the combat. Both ogre units are cut down as they turn to run.

At this point, I take a moment to remember my objectives. The general is dead, and I have a battle standard on my side. I need to hold an enemy table quarter to score full points. The right quarter is held by the butcher and iron guts, and I have nothing left to even reach them. The left quarter has gnoblars and bulls in it. My phoenix guard turn and start moving to the left, while my spear elves swing closer to the leadbelchers.

Turn 5:

The butcher’s bulls turn and face the oncoming phoenix guard. The leadbelchers throw caution to the wind and charge the spearmen. One is punctured by the spears, and the survivor runs for it, Elendriel’s spears in hot pursuit.

The phoenix guard charge into the butchers’ bulls and do just that: butcher them. Elendriel orders the spears forward so he can unleash khaine’s fury on the gnoblars. Seven gnoblars die, and they panic. A bolt thrower brings down the the fleeing leadbelcher.

Turn 6:

With no ogres around to tell them what to do, the gnoblars make a dash for freedom and flee the field. Elendriel marches the spears forward and secures the table quarter for the Asur.

Victory for the High Elves ! 12/12 pts

John was a great opponent, with a nicely balanced army. He got a little unlucky with some die rolls and a few charges. Ogres do struggle against high elves with all of our attacks and their weak armor. I was also shielded from fear due to my army construction.

Ragnar and Jim finished their games early, so we stepped out for subs. I broke open the wine (it was past noon, after all) and got ready for my next match of the day.

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