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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Beasts of Chaos vs High Elves 2000 point battle report

warhammer fantasy battle tournament report :-

Ouch, a very nasty massacre ! (nicely summarised by turn/phase)

source : : Silas728-Feb-2009

High Elves 2000pt army list

Elendriel – Archmage, lvl 4, annulian crystal, dispel scroll, ring of fury
Farendil – Mage, lvl 2, jewel of the dusk
Mithrandel – Noble, army standard bearer, dragon armor, shield, barded steed, helm of fortune, sword of might

10 archers
20 spearmen: full command, lion standard
15 phoenix guard: full command, war banner
14 white lions: full command, standard of balance
6 dragon princes: champion, musician, amulet of light
Lion chariot
2 phoenix claw bolt throwers
2 eagles

Beasts of Chaos 2000 pts army list

Beastlord: undivided mark, chaos armor, great weapon, crown of horns
Bray shaman: lvl 1, 2 scrolls, lore of death
Wargor: great weapon, heavy armor

Beast herd: full command, 14 gors, 8 ungors w/shields
Beast herd: full command, 12 gors, 8 ungors w/shields
Beast herd: full command, 12 gors, 8 ungors
15 Khornegors: full command
6 chaos hounds
3 tuskigor chariots
3 minotaurs: great weapons
8 centigors: champion, musician, shields
Dragon ogre shaggoth: great weapon, light armor
Chaos giant: mutant monstrosity

Pitched Battle

Objectives: kill a model that generates power/dispel dice, hold more banners than your opponent, kill your opponent’s highest point unit/model, bonus point for getting all three.

Most of the middle of the board is filled with forests, with a gap between two of them. My archers and bolt throwers went here, spears on the right, phoenix guard on the left. The white lions were left of the phoenix guard. An eagle perched on both flanks, with my lion chariot and dragon princes weighting my right flank. My goal was to funnel most of his army through the pass. The white lions could hold one forest, and the phoenix guard should be able to hold everything else until my cavalry could save the day.

Turn 1:

The white lions run into the woods, the phoenix guard advancing behind them. Elendriel and Farendil walk forward on their own, with the spears advancing behind them. A fiery blast penetrates the shaman’s magic defense and kills 2 centigors, and fury of khaine seriously wounds a chariot. The archers and bolt throwers kill two more centigors, which is enough to panic them off the battlefield. A good start!

The beast army dashes forward, hooting and mooing. The Khornegors and two chariots rush towards the gap, the beastlord’s herd and giant moving up on the left. The shaggoth runs up and hides behind the forest, facing to the right. The bray shaman taps into the raw power of Chaos and four archers are irresistibly gripped by the dark hand of death, falling lifeless to the forest floor.

Turn 2:

An eagle and lion chariot charge his hounds. The hounds flee and continue to do so on his turn, leaving the field. The other eagles flies over to march block the giant. Here’s the battle field after the movement phase.

the choke point...

Farendil roasts four khornegors, while Elendrial calls the flames on the phoenix on the beastlord’s herd. Three gors and three ungors are consumed. One bolt thrower kills three more ungors, while the other destroys the wounded chariot.

The wargor ambushes with his herd, but gets lost and comes in randomly in my left corner deployment zone.

We should have taken that left turn at Alburquerque...

That’s a long way between him and my fire base! His minotaurs and herd shift to the left to support his shaggoth, while his center hovers just out of my charge range.

elves, throw down your weapons!

The shaman pays the prices for tapping the raw power of chaos and miscasts, taking a wound for his troubles. Cory then realizes he doesn’t have any dice left to dispel the flames…

Turn 3:

Mithrandel charges out of his unit at a threatening chariot. The phoenix guard advance to within an inch of the khornegors.

beasts, come and get them!

My lion chariot turns to threaten the oncoming beasts, while the dragon princes patiently wait for the shaggoth to be dealt with. The flames of the phoenix roar hotter, killing the shaman and more gors, but not burning any ungors. The shaggoth is the money unit for this scenario, so Elendriel and Farendil concentrate their magical attacks on him. They do five wounds to the great beast, but the archers take credit for the kill with a well placed arrow in it’s ear. The bolt throwers switch their fire to the beastlord’s herd, which is getting very close. Almost all the ungors are dead now. Mithrandel dishes out three wounds to the chariot and breaks it. The overrun misses his herd, but does seriously wound my eagle.

The beasts leap to the attack: khornegors into the phoenix guard, giant into the white lions and the beastlord’s herd goes unruly and charges the lions as well.

the beasts let the elves have it

His badly damaged chariot rallies. Two gors and five elves die, but the white lions hold. The phoenix guards slash and parry, one khornegor falls, as does the champion in a duel with my Keeper of the Flame. The khorngors are shocked out of their frenzy and make a break for it, the phoenix guard in silent pursuit.

Turn 4:

The phoenix guard and Mithrandel run down the fleeing khornegors. The lion chariot charges the minotaurs on it’s own. The dragon princes move out from behind the woods, and my remaining eagle moves to divert his chariot. With the shaman dead, the elven mages have free reign on the battle field. Elendriel uses her ring to destroy the wounded chariot, and then a fiery blast from Farendil kills enough ungors from the distant herd to panic it! Shooting continues to thin out the ambushing herd, which panics as well. The white lions kill the last gor, but the giant and beastord kill several more. The elves continue to hold. The lion chariot kills a minotaur and grievously wounds a second, but the survivors chop the chariot into kindling.

The bloodthirsty minotaurs charge my dragon princes. The ambushing herd rallies, but the other herd doesn’t and flees the field. His chariot crushes my poor eagle. The dragon princes kill the wounded minotaur, and lose one of their own. They win the combat and run down the last minotaur. The fight in the woods draws near a conclusion; only the standard bearer remains to fight the now seriously wounded beastlord and untouched giant.

Turn 5:

The phoenix guard and dragon princes turn and marched back to the center of the table, Mithrandel joining the dragon princes.

thin out their numbers!

Elendriel destroys the last chariot; Farendil immolates the ambushing herd, killing half their remaining number. Arrows and bolts account for the rest of the herd, with only the wargor standing. The white lion standard cuts the beastlord in two, but is then crushed by a falling giant.

Things are extremely grim for Cory, but he pressed on with what he has left. The giant regains his footing and moves through the forest towards my spears, while the wargor trots forward.

Turn 6

The elves are unafraid of the terrifying giant, but even after casting several spells and launching bolts at it, it refuses to die. The wargor bleats as several arrows bounce off his armor.

the giant attacks with it's most potent weapon...

The giant charges into my spears, who almost manage to kill it before it crushes four of them with a great swing of his club. The spears hold the line. The wargor launches himself at Eledriel, who moved too close in her attempt to avoid the giant. As she cannot rally, she stands her ground and breaks the wargor’s nose with her staff. He knocked her to the ground, but misses his finishing blows. Before he can deal the coup de grace, the battle ends.

12 pt win for the High Elves!

Beasts are another army that struggle against the High Elves. He did have chariots, but I was able to eliminate them one at a time, and keep from getting overwhelmed by the terrain. My formation remained solid, and I used my advantage in the magic phase to my fullest. Cory had just played high elves before my match, so it must have been a frustrating start to the day.

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