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Friday, 27 February 2009

Skaven vs Daemons of Chaos 2000 points

Battle report by a smart Skaven General :-

"At this point my lines were looking overrun, but by keeping a level head I realised it was a bad idea to try to rush units into the combats and I instead focussed on getting into better positions for next turn."

(so Warhammer 7th edition Daemons can be beaten !)

source : underempire.netcredit : The Buoyancy of Water27-Feb-2009

So I managed to beat a Slaanesh Daemon army yesterday, and seeing how quite a few people seem to be having trouble with them I thought I'd post a report in the aim of giving folk ideas on how to beat them. Granted he didn't have the toughest army list going, but still...

2000 point Skaven Army list

Warlord, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Weeping Blade, Warpstone Armulet.

Chieftain, BsB, Heavy Armour, Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat.
Engineer, No pistol kit, Storm Daemon.
Engineer, No pistol kit, Dispel Scroll

40 Clanrats, Full Command.
30 Clanrats, Standard, Musician, Ratling Gun.
30 Clanrats, Standard, Musician, Ratling Gun.
21 Slaves, Musician.
21 Slaves, Musician.
2 Globadiers.
2 Globadiers.
2 Globadiers.

20 Plague Monks, Add. Hand Weapons, Full Command.
20 Plague Monks, Add. Hand Weapons, Full Command.
3 Rat Ogre Packs.

6 Plague Censer Bearers.

2000 points Daemons of Chaos army list

Keeper, Lvl3, Make you charge, Reroll failed rolls to wound, (Maybe something else?)

Slaanesh BsB, -2 to all casting rolls by me.

3x15Daemonettes with full command.
2x5Seekers with full command and banner that makes you hold.
3 Juggernauts of Khorne (slightly out of place...)


...was pretty standard, a hill on my left and a forest on my right, same in his deployment zone. I deployed (from left-to-right): Plague monks w/warlock, globadiers, globadiers, slaves (30 clanrats behind), plague monks behind PCB's, slaves (40 clanrats w/general+BsB behind), 30 clanrats w/warlock, globadiers in forest and rat ogres out on my right. He deployed (again, my left-to-right): Seekers, seekers (juggers behind), Keeper, daemonettes w/BsB, daemonettes, daemonettes.

He got first turn, and took it.

Daemon Turn 1:

Everything moved forward and magic was uneventful. Done!!

Skaven Turn 1:

The left warlock moves into a globadier unit. The left monks and other globadiers head forward with my slaves. Center moves forward slightly and right slaves and rat ogres move forward full speed. In magic, one warlock miscasts and I need to use my dispel scroll to stop his spell and the other kills four daemonettes from the central unit and wounds himself.

I figured that the warlocks wouldn't last long. Coupled with the -2 banner I decided to use both my tokens straight away. My overall goal was to remove a rank from each daemonette unit before they reached me to give me more of a SCR advantage.

Daemon Turn 2:

One unit of seekers and the juggers charge the slaves who pass their fear test so have to hold (damn banner...). The rightmost daemonettes (from my point-of-view) charge the other slaves, who flee. Everything else moves up. Magic takes the censers down to one model. In combat the slaves are squished, the juggers overrun into 30 clanrats and the seekers hit the warlock+globadiers...

Skaven Turn 2:

The censer is forced to charge the Keeper and the central monks charge the BsB's daemonettes. The rat ogres try to charge the rightmost daemonettes, but are out of range, so it's on to plan B on that front... Magic and shooting combine to take the rightmost daemonettes to 5, kill a seeker in combat with the warlock, kill his globadier friends and wound him... It was fun The clanrats hold the juggers in combat and the seekers kill the warlock, overrunning into the ratling gun. The plague monks put a wound on the herald and killed a couple of daemonettes meaning they won and a few more daemonettes dissappeared. The Keeper overran into the monks, but combat there was finished.

Magic and shooting continued my original plan. I decided to attack the BsB with as much as possible, knowing he was squishy... It worked!!

Daemon Turn 3:

The two daemonette units not in combat charged my other unit of 30 clanrats while everything not in combat moved about a little. Magic didn't do much. In combat the ratling was killed. The Keeper, daemonettes and BsB killed a bunch of plague monks, but my deacon could attack back against his BsB, promptly killing him. They ran and the daemonettes reached the big clanrat unit. The two units against my clanrats didn't do well, so lost to my SCR. A few dissappeared from each unit.

Skaven Turn 3:

No charges, everything just moved into a better position. Magic and shooting did nothing much, so on to combat. All three clanrat units either won combat or held easily. My rightmost unit popped the smaller unit and took the others down to no ranks. The general's unit took the daemonettes down from around 12 to 7 and the left unit held against the juggers again.

At this point my lines were looking overrun, but by keeping a level head I realised it was a bad idea to try to rush units into the combats and I instead focussed on getting into better positions for next turn. It is important to remember that daemonettes die very easily, even to clanrats.

Daemon Turn 4:

One unit of seekers tried to charge some globadiers, but I failed my fear test and so I was allowed to flee. This left their flank open to my second monk unit... His other seekers hit the flank of the clanrats facing the juggers. Luckily, the juggers were stopping his Keeper charging the flank of my big unit. Magic was again uneventful. In combat the seekers and juggers easily killed the clanrats, but again he had positioned the seekers so that they couldn't overrun into my big units flank. The big unit didn't manage to finish the daemonettes (stupid general) and the other clanrats continued to win, but not by enough.

Skaven Turn 4:

The monks hit the seekers flank. Although the rat ogres could charge in to help the right clanrats they decided not to as this would have left their flank open to a charge from the Keeper. Magic was gone. In combat the main unit finishes their opponents while the others remain locked in battle. The plague monks killed four seekers before the last one rolled snake eyes for instability

The rat ogres not charging was key. I could see that the Keeper would charge my main units flank next turn and if they ran the rat ogres would be flanked. So instead they moved so that they could charge into either combat next turn.

Daemon Turn 5:

The Keeper charges my main unit in the flank. The seekers move to deflect the plague monks when they win. The juggers turn round. In combat the plague monks finish the seekers and can now see the other unit. The right clanrats win, leaving 2 daemonettes. The main unit looses by 1, so naturally runs away, even with the BsB reroll. They get caught and the Keeper hits the flank of the final clanrat unit.

Skaven Turn 5:

The plague monks charge the other seekers and the rat ogres charge the remaining two daemonettes. The rallied slaves (who I forgot about until now…) make their way towards an unoccupied table edge. In combat the plague monks wipe out the seekers and overrun to contest the quarter with the juggers. The Keeper messes up his attacks and only kills two clanrats. The rat ogres then attack and finish the daemonettes off before the two clanrats that can attack the Keeper (there were four in combat at the start of the turn) attack. 5+ to hit, one hit! 6+ to wound, one wound!! 5+ ward, failed!!! Now that is a plucky little rodent!! The assistance of the rat ogres mean I win combat by a fair bit and the Keeper pops

The rat ogres did nothing all game until this turn. Charging the rear of a unit at just the right moment saved the day. I also started thinking about table quarters sooner then my opponent, so I managed to stop him getting any while I got one for myself.

Daemon Turn 6:

His one remaining unit, the juggers, charge the clanrats in the flank. I of course flee…

Skaven Turn 6:

The clanrats rally, and that’s game!!

End of Battle - counting the points

In the end, all he had left were the 3 juggernauts, one of whom was wounded. I still had 30 clanrats (well, they were above half strength…), 21 slaves, 20 plague monks and 3 rat ogres. Combined with me having more banners and table quarters got me the win!!

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

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