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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ogre Kingdoms vs Warriors of Chaos 2000 points battle report

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

Sounds like a pretty convincing Warhammer massacre !

(very summarised by turn/phase with some useful Warriors of Chaos tips at the end)

source : ogrestronghold.comcredit : SpeedKills12-Apr-2009

This is a battle report under the usual pitched battle rules with 2k armies. The battle is played on a 48" x 48" table with random terrain (D3+1=2 terrains): a Woods and special feature. As you can see we prefer 2 dimensional terrain and always curse because of the difficulties a Hill poses when placing models on it.


The ogres deploy on the left flank a pocket of 2 Hunters with cats, a unit Bulls with Bellower and the 3rd Hunter with cats. In the pocket is a Slave Giant, a Tyrant with Longstrider and another Slave Giant.

The center is a unit of Gnoblar Fighters.

The right flank consists of a 2 units if Yhetees, a unit of Bulls with Bellower and Trappers in the woods.

Chaos deploys on their left flank 2 units Marauders, in the center 2 units of Warriors, one with his general and a lvl 2 fire mage and the other with the special character lvl 2 Nurgle mage (name?). The right flank consisted of a unit of Knights, a hero on daemonic mount and a special rare Chaos spawn (name?).

Turn 1 Chaos:

Everything advances. Done.

Turn 1 Ogres.

The pocket is built by retreating the Giant, the Tyrant and the Fighters. The Yhetees prepare the flank maneuver.

Turn 2 Chaos:

Chaos advances. Due to march block the battle line splits up a bit.

Turn 2 Ogres:

The Tyrant takes out the Spawn and overruns from the table. A Giant tries to deflect the only 3 remaining knights. The Yhetees attack and make the marauders flee.

Turn 3 Chaos:

The Hero charges a Hunter, who flees off the table. The knights fail their fear test against the Giant and stay where they are. The chaos general leaves his unit which is reformed to win back the left flank.

Turn 3 Ogres:

The Tyrant blocks the Hero, the bulls block the last knight. On the right flank, Bulls and Yheetes charge and the Bulls pursue off the table. Her I make a mistake by forgetting to move my Trappers The green dice near the Yhetees (Y) is the counter for Nurgle spell 5 (the one which reduces S and T).

Turn 4 Chaos:

The Hero charges the Tyrant to reduce his S and T to 2. Instead he got Tenderized. The knight(s) charge the Bulls, who flee off the table.

On the other flank the general charges the Trappers. They flee and the Warriors are reformed again. The Marauders don't rally and flee off the table.

Turn 4 Ogres:

The Giant takes down the last remaining knight and all other units regroup for the final showdown.

Turn 5 Chaos:

The Warriors take down the Gnoblars Fighters, whereas the other Warriors get into position to charge the Yhetee. The General wants the other Y.

Turn 5 Ogres:

Slave Giant and Tyrant attack the Warrios into rear and flank. The Trappers do not rally and flee off the table.

Turn 6 Chaos:

The Warriors reform to get the charges into the front. My Y "plop" because T is 0. His general prepares for the last stand. His other Warrios get run down by the Giant and the Tyrant.

Turn 6 Ogres:

All in. The Warriors get eliminated and his general looses to Y and Bulls. My opponent is soo frustrated that he started to eat during the match and I was so embarrassed that the pic is blurred.

Warhammer Battle lesson's learnt, esp Warriors of Chaos tips

What can we learn from this battle? I guess only basics.

1) Chaos is MSU. You must not play large units of warriors. You get outmaneuvered, march blocked and outflanked. The above battle is a prime example. Unfortunately we knew that already.

2) A mighty general with M4 is not good. We knew that either.

3) If you look closely on the pics you might recognize that on the other table a "paper" MSU Knight, Warrior, Warhound army makes short work of DE. Armor piercing is not that good against 1+ AS and a 3D+1 weapon on a chaos general is too much for a DE general.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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