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Friday, 6 March 2009

Skaven vs Tomb Kings 2000 points battle report

warhammer fantasy battle tournament report :-

"The sands shift and boil as another scorpion and a swarm break through the volcanic ash..."

(a short report for a coffee break)

source : : Silas706-Mar-2009

Skaven 2000 pts army list

Grey Seer Z’ym
(dispel scroll, warpstone charm, twisted crown of horned rat, riding screaming bell).
Grrr!: chieftan, battle standard, heavy armor, war banner
Hantus: plague priest, flail
Typhus: plague priest, flail

28 clanrats: standard, musician (the bell pushers)
25 clanrats: standard, musician, ratling gun
25 clanrats: standard, musician, ratling gun
3x20 slaves
3x3 poison wind globadiers
3x5 night runners: extra hand weapons, throwing stars
2x19 plague monks: full command
2x5 plague censer bearers
2x3 jezzails (yellow and red team)

Tomb Kings 2000 pts army list

Tomb king (crook and flail of radiance) leading...
15 tomb guard (full command, icon of the sacred eye)
Tomb prince riding a chariot leading 4 chariots (banner, mirage standard)
Hierophant leading 19 skeletons (full command)
Liche priest with the casket of souls
Screaming skull catapult
4 ushabti
2 tomb scorpions
Tunneling swarms (3 bases)

This featured a special scenario. Each player had three objective markers. You placed one of your markers in an enemy unit. You then had to sack that enemy unit and reclaim your markers. If the unit drops below unit strength five, they drop the marker which can be reclaimed by another US five unit. The person who reclaimed more markers was the winner. Battle points didn’t count, but you got bonus points if you beat your opponent by 300 pts. Robert places his objective markers in my three slave units. I place mine in his skeletons, tomb guard, and chariots.

His undead march silently forward, the chariots leading the way. I let most of his movement spells through, concentrating on stopping the casket and the catapult. In his shooting phase, a screaming skull scatters directly on Z'ym the grey seer, dealing five wounds to him. I roll my regeneration and fail. Every. One. Grrr waves his flag like a madman and assumes control of the army, again. I move forward slightly in the center, and start running fast up the flanks. The bell sounds with a 13, but only 1 catapult crew crumbles.

The wall of chariots thunder towards my central slave unit, while the ushabti hurl themselves at my leftmost slaves. . A tomb scorpion tunnels up, and launches itself into the clanrats on the right. His catapult fires twice, killing thirteen total clanrats in the bell’s unit. His liche priest opens the casket of souls, harvesting a unit of night runners and three clanrats. A combination of incantations, impact hits, and pointy sticks kills eighteen slaves, and the pitiful survivors are ground underfoot as the chariots reclaim an objective. The ushabti make short work of the slaves, and claim their marker as well. The scorpion kills two clanrats, but we do a wound back, and it crumbles to dust.

The skaven launch their counter attack. Plague monks slam into the side of the chariots, and censer bearers swarm the rear of the ushabti. Grr chooses to chase his own tail. The rest of the army presses forward on the right flank, while the left turns to contain the ushabti. The monks kills two chariots, causing the other two to crumble, leaving the prince. The censer bearers kill 2 ushabti, and another crumbles post combat. A ratling gun kills five skeletons.

The sands shift and boil as another scorpion and a swarm break through the volcanic ash of the playing field. The swarms scuttle over and engulf the censer bearers, killing four of them with their virulent poison. The last bearer is cut in half by the surviving ushabti. The tomb scorpion attacks the plague monks, coming to the aid of the tomb prince. A few rats die, enough to produce a drawn combat. His army moves magically closer, the casket harvests another night runner, a unit of globadiers, and a clanrat.

My second unit of plague monks joins the fray, charging in against the prince. Night runners manage to kill three skeletons guarding the hierophant, and a ratling guns blasts one base of swarms. The swirling melee around the tomb prince intensifies; the scorpion is destroyed and the prince and chariot have one would left each.

The prince managed to survive long enough for the tomb prince and hierophant to come to the rescue. The tomb guard charged the flank of one plague monk unit, while the hierophant charged the front of another. The casket opens yet again and claims the souls of four more night runners, three slaves, and a ratling gun. We finally slay the chariot and tomb prince, breaking the big combat into two separate ones. The tomb king and his guards break their plague monk unit, while the hierophant’s unit crumbles a bit. On the left, my clanrats charge the swarms who had claimed the objective markers dropped by the ushtabi. They kill a base worth of them, the rest of them turn to ash, and the markers fall to the ground again. The censer bearers on the right charge into the flank of the hierophant’s unit, and smash the hierophant himself. A tremor passes through the tomb king’s legions, but none crumble.

Another tremor passes through the skeletal legions, and the screaming skull catapult crumbles into a pile of bone. The lone ushabti charges my clanrats, but can’t overcome our numbers and crumbles as well. The other combat grinds on. I manage to get the bell’s unit into the flank of the tomb guard and charge it on the last turn. The impact hits, flank, and combat res from my banners kill the last of the skeletons and tomb guard, leaving only the king alive in the combat. I manage to reclaim both the markers, and win the game with full marks.

This game was an uphill battle from the start, with the loss of my Seer. A few things favored me; VP weren’t an issue, and I did have numbers on my side. I could afford to sacrifice troops to get advantageous positioning. Still, there were a few things I could have done better with: hiding my skirmishers behind my clanrat block as I advanced on the casket of souls. They would have stayed alive until I engaged the casket, and contributed a little more. Robert was a good opponent, and had a nice looking army to boot.

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