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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Orcs and Goblins vs Warriors of Chaos 2000 points battle

warhammer "narrative" fantasy battle report :-

"The Orcs called on their Waagh, the Warbosses unit got a huge roll and were now in charge range of my Knights with Sorcerer Lord..."

(short report with some nice battle story narrative)

source : oldworldonline.proboards41.comcredit : Arguleon Veq07-Mar-2009

Chaos Warriors 2000 pt army list

Magical Onslaught Chaos List

Sorcerer Lord; Barded Steed, Runesword, Blood of Tzeentch, Mark of Slaanesh, Extra Level.

Sorcerer; Extra Level, Power Familiar, Book of Secrets.

Sorcerer; Mark of Tzeentch, Conjoined Humonculous, Infernal Puppet, Extra Level.

Sorcerer; Mark of Nurgle, Rod of Torment, Extra Level.

10 Warriors; Shields, Standard, Banner of Wrath, Mark of Slaanesh.
[Joined by Tzeentch Wizard]

22 Marauders; Slaanesh, Full Command,
[Joined by other 2 Wizards so 6x4].

6 Hounds;
5 Marauder Horse; Flails, Slaanesh.
5 Knights;Champ, Standard,Slaanesh.


Orcs and Goblins 2000 point army list

Black Orc Warboss; Boss Hat, Shield, Heavy Armour, Kickin Boots.

Black Orc Big Boss; Battle Standard, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield.

Night Gobbo Shaman; Extra Level, Staff of Stealin.

Night Gobbo Shaman; 2 Scrolls.

20 Orcs; Shields, Full Command.
20 Orcs; Shields, Full Command.
20 Orcs; Shields, Full Command.
10 Arrer Boys;
10 Arrer Boys;
20 Black Orcs; Shields, Full Command, Banner of Butchery.
31 Gobbos; Spears, Full Command. 2 Fanatics.

Bolt Thrower; Bully.
Bolt Thrower; Bully.

8 Wolves; Bows, Musician.
10 Squig Hoppers;

NOTE - He was about 25 points over but I thought my Warriors totalled 12 with the Sorcerer and my Marauders 24 before the 2 Sorcerers so I was about 25 over too.

Pre Game Thoughts; I was fairly confident with this game, I figured my Hellcannon would play a key role. I should easily dominate the magic phase and with the enemy blocks weakened my small army should be able to win the combats. I had run the numbers on the Orc Unit with Warboss against my Chaos Knights with Sorc Lord, even with the Orcs somehow charging, that combat is still very even and I win in subsequent rounds. My Warriors beat an unsupported Orc Unit too, even my Horsemen should win a combat if I get a flank charge.

Goblins - 1+2. 1.
Chaos - 1+3 for Nurgle. 1+6 for Tzeentch. 1+2+3+4 for Slaanesh. The Undivided Wizard had Burning Head, Conflag and Creeping Death.

The Screamer had heard and smelt them from miles away, his heightened senses, the gift of his patron had detected their stench and heard their foul gutteral language without the need for any scouts. They were an affront to his senses and the worshippers of the Dark Gods had still not forgiven the Orcs for their hand in the defeat at Middenheim. His army bayed for their blood and he would not dissapoint them, he would clear their stain from the land and avenge the worshippers of Chaos.

He donned his screaming mask and joined his loyal knights, he would be the key to this battle. The brutal Orcs although mighty warriors, were base creatures and could not hope to fathom the subtleties of Slaanesh. Their Warboss would come for him, for he was the leader to be struck down in single combat. That narrow mindedness would cost them dear.

Early Game

I deployed my Infantry centrally with a Spawn on either flank of them. The Hellcannon on the left of my Infantry. My Cav all went out on my left flank too, away from the enemy Fanatics on my right flank.

The Orcs went first and only an Arrer Boy unit stalled whilst the other went forwards due to animosity. The Wolves also moved forwards due to it. The Bolt Throwers had a bad first turn and failed to cause any damage.

The Chaos army stayed put and opened up with a magical barrage. 2 Miscasts later and only surviving thanks to the Infernal Puppet, my magic phase had failed. Only killing 2 Squig Hoppers. My Hellcannon landed on the Black Orcs though and killed 2. Making them flee in panic, making up for my aweful magic phase.

Black Orcs rallied. The Orcs continued their advance, a Bolt Throwers not doing very much. The Arrer Boys also didnt do anything to the Hounds. Animosity hit 1 unit of Arrer Boys again whilst the Wolves squabbled. A unit of Orcs on my right flank also stalled thanks to it. The Fanatics were released by my Spawn on the right, wounding it twice.

I manouvered my Knights up my left flank gunning for the flank of the Warbosses unit. My Horsemen charged the Squig Hoppers. My wounded Spawn on my right couldnt quite reach the Night Gobbos. My Magic Phase again failed to deliver, more miscasts later seen the Level 1 Gobbo get his spell off and finish off the Spawn closing in on his unit. I did kill a couple of Orcs and 2 Goblins but that was about it. Another terrible magic phase. My Cannon rampaged on a Misfire and also hit the Squig Hopper combat thanks to Raaargh!. They easily wiped out the Squigs, the Horsmen over ran into the flank of the Orc unit with Battle Standard whilst my Hellcannon couldnt reach. I did kill 3 Orcs but the Battle Standard cut 3 Horsmen down single handedly, I broke and fled into another Orc unit and so was destroyed.


The Orcs called on their Waagh, the Warbosses unit got a huge roll and were now in charge range of my Knights with Sorcerer Lord. The unit that had broken my Horsmen also waaghed into my Hellcannon, but moved over a Fanatic and lost a few of their number. The Gobbos charged my Marauders over a Fanatic, losing a few but reaching thecombat. The Warboss and lads got my Knights and the Wolves charged my Hounds. The Black Orcs moved back up.

The Bolt Thrower shot the Spawn on my left flank. Killing it.

The Gobbos didn't fare well against the Marauders, broke and were ran down. The Orcs against the Hellcannon didnt hurt it but survived thanks to the Battle Standard passing two 5+ saves. The Wolves killed 3 hounds but also lost 2 of their Number and my Hounds held. The Warboss wounded the Sorcerer twice who did 1 wound back, the Orc Champ killed my Knight Champ....I then only got 2 kills with my Knights. My horses did do a further two though but after tallying it up I lost by 2. I fled right off the board. The Orcs restrained. A HUGE blow to my force.

Chaos retain....Order?

My Marauders, still bouyed from wiping out a unit charged the Orc unit now in front of them. My magic, now with the Sorcerer dead actually started to cause some damage, dealing some wounds to the Warbosses unit and killing some Arrer Boys. My Warriors moved to eventually face the Warboss and his Boys.

My Marauders easily beat the Orcs and ran them down. My Hellcannon killed the Battlestandard and ran the last of his unit down. Leaving it in front of the Black Orcs who passed their Terror. My Hounds finally died to the Wolves.

The Orcs with Warboss turned back to face the main battle and headed at my Warriors as the Wolves tried to flank them. The Black Orcs charged the Hellcannon, killing the crew but losing some of their number. The Bolt Thrower that had killed my Spawn in 1 shot, shot down the flank of the Marauders who were over running towards its fellow Bolt Thrower. I failed the lookout sir for my Nurgle Sorcerer and he then also killed 3 other guys from that rank...

My Marauders charged the Bolt Thrower and killed it whilst my Hellcannon continued to chomp on Black Orcs. Magic did more damage to the Warbosses unit thanks to Gate.

The Horde Wavers

In the last few turns my Hellcannon continued to eat Black Orcs, the last Fanatic kept smashing through that combat, hurting us both. On the last turn my Cannon broke and caught the Black Orcs and it only had 1 wound left.

The Warboss again rolled huge on his Waaagh to reach my Chaos Warriors in his last turn. I had moved my Tzeentch Sorcerer out just in case. Thankfully he also charged the rear of my unit with his Wolves, which give me +6 Res when I killed them all. Which meant I drew the combat and held. In my last turn, now striking first, I chopped down most of the Orcs and broke them, sealing my victory in style. My Sorcerers carried on bombarding the Arrer Boys for the last couple of turns, wiping out 1 unit and reducing another below half strength.

At the end of the game all that remained for the Orcs was a Bolt Thrower and a few Arrer Boys. I had an above half strength Warrior Squad, 2 Sorcerers, most of my Marauders and a wounded Hellcannon.

Result - Massacre for the Forces of Chaos!

Post Game Thoughts

A fun and interesting up and down kind of game. My first few magic phases and that Warboss always pulling out that 6 for his Waaagh move to let him get the charge off time after time made things look pretty bad. Especially early when he ran my most expensive unit and Lord off the table. My Marauders tore down the other flank though thanks to lack of Character support on that flank for the Orcs. My Hellcannon also did great. The last turn changed the win from something minor to a big one though. If he hadnt have charged the Wolves into the rear of the Warrior combat it wouldnt have been so bad. The same if he hadnt engaged the Hellcannon in his turn and held off. Both would have seen his Blorcs and Warboss survive and give me a smaller victory.

His Bolt Thrower did a great job, sniping a character out of a unit and killing my Spawn. I do think, however ill fated, my attack on my left flank stalled the Orcs enough for my to dominate my right flank and then bombard the enemy as they come back across for me. Which probably won me the game.

Next game will probs be my numbers heavy list against those Chracians I mentioned.

The Screamer, great Sorcerer of Slaanesh watched with cruel amusement as his mime led his Knights in front of the Orcs massive and powerful leader. His Knights drawing their mighty mounts up before the rag tag regiment of Orcs, hissing curses from Slaanesh, goading the greenskin brutes. The Orcs gave in to their rage and charged. He watched as his mime, a gifted acolyte granted the honour of playing the role of the Screamer himself on this grand stage, was wounded brutally by the enemy Warlord. The mime struck back, mimicking the Screamers fighting style perfectly, cutting deep into the heavily muscled beast before him. His role complete the mime ordered his Knights to fall back, they knew their task well and fell back orderly, drawing the Orc leader further from the battle as it futily gave chase.

With the beast on a lead, his forces were triumphing, the mighty Hellcannon of the Chaos Dwarfs was rampaging amongst the enemy, tossing Orc bodies high into the air as it thrashed in their midst. His Flail Troops, their naked, hairless heads and bodies, slick with blood, continued to butcher Goblins and Orcs, their wickedly hooked flails and nets taking a gruesome tally. An Orc Bolt smashed into one of his trusted generals, the Nurgle Sorcerer fell, a spear sized bolt through his stomach but the Screamer had no doubt the bloated sorcerer of the plague lord would recover, his constitution a blessing from his foul god.

His forces had carved apart the Orcs and only now was the Orc Warboss returning to the main fight. His exhausted regiment having to face an organised enemy, and weather the hail of sorcerous flames that devestated all around him. The mighty beast still struck his elite warriors hard, crushing 3 with a swing of its oversized axe, but with its warriors dying around it, and its energy spent, it had no option but to flee. The Warriors let it run. A lesson to the Orcs that their Gods could never rival those of the Great Pantheon.

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