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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Daemons of Chaos vs Ogre Kingdoms 2000 pt battle report

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"Eager to let the blood flow, the Bloodletters charge the Tyrants unit!...unfortunately realising they're around 2" short, ending their move with a horde of hungry bulls staring them eye to umm...."

(interesting to see how Ogres cope with the ascendant Daemons)

source : : Tyran08-Mar-2009

Ok, well this week I had a 2000pt game Vs a friend of mine's Daemon army. We pretty much play every week, and so far we're pretty evenly matched; Ive won 4, he's won 3, We've drawn 1. Probobly the best part of our games is the challenges between Skulltaker and my Tyrant that so far have happened in every single game, so far the results are; Tyrant 6 - Skulltaker 2, and he seems determined to catch up, anyway we'll get to that in a little while... I played quite offensively with a tried and tested Vs Daemons army, using big units, and even a squad of leadbelchers, against my better judgement...

Ok, the lists;

Ogre Kingdoms 2000 point army list

Ogres (Angry Fist tribe =D)
Tyrant (Heavy armour, luck Gnoblar, Tenderiser, wyrdstone necklace, Giantbreaker)
Butcher (Halfling cookbook, dispell scroll)
Butcher (dispell scroll x2)
6 x Bulls (Full command, ironfists)
6 x Bulls (Full command, ironfists)
4 x Ironguts
4 x Leadbelchers
24x Gnoblars (champion)
24x Gnoblars (champion)

Total - 1998pts

This is a tried and tested list, and has always worked well Vs Daemons. The tyrant and his bulls able to smash aside the strongest battle line. And I know most people suggest bull units of 3, but I tried it, and it didnt work for me, with the Ogres unit strength, after combat, I often found I outnumbered the daemons, which gave me a clear advantage in combat res.

Chaos Daemons 2000pt army list

2x Heralds of Slaanesh
1x Greater Daemon of Slaanesh (level 3)
20 Bloodletters of Khorne (Full command)
20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh (Full command)
20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh (Full command)
5 Chaos Furies
3 Fiends of Slaanesh
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

After setting up scenery, in a pretty regular way, e.g no huge rocks on either players deployment line, we roll for deployment

I roll a 5, while he rolls a 3. Since I have 3 more units overall than he does, I get him to set up first. He puts his Bloodletters to the far right of the board, which I counter with my first regiment of Bulls directly opposite (No tactics needed in this ^^) In a cunning tactic, he sets his Daemonettes in the middle, which I counter with my Ironguts. He puts his second regiment of Daemonettes next to his first, to the right, ahich I counter with my bulls. As for the rest, he places his Fiends and harpies in his far right hand corner, which I counter with my a regiment of Gnoblars, and later my Slavegaint. I I put my last Gnoblars behind my Ironguts, while he (as always) puts Skulltaker with his Bloodletters, his heralds with his Daemonettes, and his Greater Daemon to the left of his Daemonettes. I put my Tyrant with the bulls opposite the Bloodletters, one butcher with the Ironguts, while the other with the second unit of Bulls.

As always in our store, he was at +1 to his dice roll for first turn, since he finished setting up first. I rolled a 3, while he rolled a 6, so it didnt really matter, and he went first.

Daemons turn 1

All his units moved forward, as expected with demons, his fiends and harpies thundered towards the Slavegiant, his Bloodletters moved only a short distance towards the Tyrants unit of bulls, and the Daemonettes moved only 6" forwards, as does his Keeper of Secrets. Magic; He casts Slicing Shards of Slaanesh on my Ironguts, which I only just manage to dispell, and Phantasmagoria, which he fails to cast.

Ogres turn 1

The Tyrant's unit of ogre bulls hold their ground, obviously they have something planned. While the Ironguts and other unit of bulls edge forward only 1" (I know It seems boring, but again, they have their sneaky reasons). The Slavegiant Charges the fiends, and the Gnoblars, move just in front of the Flesh hounds (maybe they'll choke to death on Gnobbly bits?). Magic; I manage to cast Trollguts on the unit of Ironguts, the Halfling cookbook managing to negate the wound, and Trollguts again on the butchers unit of bulls, on a single dice ^^ rolling a 6, which he fails to dispell. with my final 4 dice, I manage to cast toothcracker twice, killing 6 Daemonettes from the unit closer to the ironguts, and Toothcracker on the leadbelchers, all of which he fails to dispell. (For shame Daemons.....for shame...).

In combat, continuing the lucky streak, the Slavegiant rolls 'Jump up and down', passes his 'fall over' test, and proceeds to kill one fiend, and take a wound off another, recieving only 1 wound in return.

Daemons turn 2

Eager to let the blood flow, the Bloodletters charge the Tyrants unit!...unfortunately realising they're around 2" short, ending their move with a horde of hungry bulls staring them eye to umm....gut =/

The Furies charge into the Flank of the Slavegiant, while the Flesh hounds charge the Gnoblars, who have no time to throw their sharp stuff, but hold nontheless. The Daemonettes realise they're a little too far away, so simply move around 6" forward, although the greater demon has no such problem, and charges the ironguts.

Magic; Again he attempts to cast Phantasmagoria, which I dispell with a scroll, as well as Succor of Chaos on his Greater Daemon, which I only just manage to dispel.

In the combat phase The Fiends and Furies combined manage to take 2 wounds off the Slavegiant, while the giant, passing his fall over test yet again, kills the wounded Fiend. The Greater demon manages to cause 4 wounds, 3 of which are saved thanks to the Regeneration given by Trollguts. Thanks to some Slaanesh-y ability (forgot the name) the Ironguts were forced to make a leadership test in order to attack, which they fail >< and so stand around, picking their noses...

Ogres turn 2

Eagerly, the Tyrants unit of Bulls charges Skulltaker and his Bloodletters, while the other Bulls charge the first unit of Daemonettes. The other Gnoblars remain behind the ironguts, while the leadbelchers turn to face the Greater Daemon. The so far quiet Leadbelchers move accross, to the flank of the second unit of Daemonettes.

Magic; Since I've pretty much got off all the beneficial spells I can possibly get, and since - so far - the butchers have all their starting wounds, I spend my entire phase spamming Bonecruncher, of which he only manages to dispell 1, and so I manage to kill another 7 Daemonettes. In Combat, the Tyrant roars his Challenge at a solemn faced Skulltaker, who accepts. Striking first, they tyrant - with Giantbreaker and the Tenderiser - causes 3 hits, which all wound thanks to his now Strength 8 attacks, of which, Skulltaker saves one. Thanks to the Tenderiser, the 2 wounds become, and spill over into overkill (Another win to the Tyrant =D)

In combat, choosing to use their ironfists as shields, the Bulls manage to kill 5 Bloodletters, taking 2 hits back from their unit champion, causing 1 wound. In combat, severely beaten, the Bloodletters are on double one, and roll a 4. If this was any other army, the Tyrants unit could of over-ran, and caused havoc with their opponents battle line, but with deamons, 2 go poof, and the combat ends. Meanwhile, the Fiends and harpies manage to take 2 wounds on the Giant, who then fails his fall over test, but luckily falls directly on top of both his fiend, while also partially covering a Harpie. The harpie dies, but it fails to wound the Fiend at all.

The hounds kill 5 Gnoblars, the unit champion doing none in return. The gnoblars panic and flee, getting run down by the slobbering hounds. The greater demon manages to finish off an irongut, while those remaining again fail their leadership test, and so cannot attack back. They do however pass their panic test, and so remain umm...'fighting' for now (if you could call it that =/ )

At this point we went for a break......we went to Pizza hut and shared a large was nice....mmmmmm...
Anyway, back to the game;

Daemons turn 3

The other unit of Daemonettes finds its charge blocked by a rock formation, and so waits its turn behind the first regiment, the fiend turns itself, and ends its move 2" from the unit of bulls flank, and in prime view of the Leadbelchers. The harpies position around 3" to its rear, while the Hounds turn around, and wait behind the harpies....poor bulls.

Fresh from the Pizza fuel, the Greater demon attempts to cast Phantasmagoria, but miscasts, losing a Wizard level, and a wound. In combat, the Daemonettes cause 2 wounds, both of which are saved by the bulls regeneration, the Bulls kill 5 in return, winning combat, and the remaining Daemonettes, thanks to an unfortunate instability test, go poof! All except the Herald, who manages to keep the bulls occupied for just long enough...

The other unit of Bulls manages to kill 4 Bloodletters, taking 2 wounds in return, and losing a bull. The Bloodletters lose combat, and another 2 disappear.

Ogres Turn 3

There was no magic this phase, as both butchers were in combat, and all units already had spells on them, but in close combat...

The Leadbelchers finally fire on the Daemonettes, with surprisingly no misfires, and 20 shots, of which 8 hit, and 4 wound, 2 of which were saved by the Daemonic ward save. While the Gnoblars fire on the Harpies, killing 2.

The Ironguts (FINALLY) pass their Leadership test, but still manage to cause no wounds on the Greater Daemon, after taking 2 in return, they do however hold their ground. While the Bloodletters cause no wounds on the Bulls, who use their Ironfists as shields, but take 5 in return, destroying the unit, and allowing them to begin their long trek to relieve the other, outnumbered, outgunned, but not outclassed unit of Bulls, who, fail to kill the herald, as only 2 can attack, but instead leaving her on 1 wound. The Greater Daemon finishes off the Ironguts and Butcher, while the other Bulls finish off the Herald.

At this point, with the Bulls surrounded, and the weakened Greater Daemon miles from anywhere, we decide to call it.

Ogre losses
1 Butcher
4 Ironguts
24 Gnoblars
+ 1 bull.

Daemon losses
1 Herald of Slaanesh
20 Bloodletters
20 Daemonettes
+ 3 furies, 2 other Daemonettes, 2 Fiends.

Overall, without really checking the victory points, we call it a draw (we had too much fun to care). We both agreed that Skulltaker would be back for revenge, and that the Tyrant would give his remaining Ironguts a thorough thrashing, if they ever got back to their tribe...

Hope you enjoyed the report ^^

Lynx - Hey, it works on Plaguebearers!

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