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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dogs of War vs Tomb Kings 2000 point battle report

warhammer fantasy battle narrative report :-

"His force was filled out with the necessary supply wagons, pulled by sturdy oxen and crewed by Halfling Cooks..." [Ed. hmmm... hobbits vs the undead !]

(nicely written, interspersed with narrative story line)

source : oldworldonline.proboards41.comcredit : Arguleon Veq5-Mar-2009

Dogs of War 2000pt army list

Pegasus, Brace of Pistols, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Lance.

Barded Steed, Heavy Armour, Crossbow,Shield.

Great Weapon, Heavy Armour,Pistol.

2 Scrolls.

22 Pikemen; Full Command.
12 Crossbows; 8 Duellists; Pistols.
5 Light Cav; Spears.
5 Heavy Cav; Barding, Champ.

18 Paymasters Bodyguard; Heavy Armour, Full Command, Warbanner.
3 Maneaters [Paywagon]; Handguns, Heavy Armour.
1 Maneater; Handguns, Heavy Armour.
4 Leadbelchers; Bellower.


Tomb Kings 2000pt army list

Tomb King;
+1 Wound, 4+ Ward, -1 Attack against him.
Great Weapon, Shield.

Tomb Prince;
Chariot of Fire, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield.

Liche Priest;
Steed, 2 Scrolls.

Liche Priest

Liche Priest [Heirophant];
Flying Cloak, Jar.

10 Archers
10 Archers

3 Chariots;
Standard, Musician, Banner of Undying Legion.

3 Ushabti

19 Tomb Guard;
Full Command, Banner of the Sacred Eye.

Catapult; Skulls of the Foe.
Catapult; Skulls of the Foe.

Pre Game Thoughts

It looks like I will have to take the fight to the enemy, something I hate doing with my Dogs of War as I would not be winning a shoot out. At least I had a few Ogres and Cav to advance on the enemy quickly. I would use my Duellists to try to counter any Scorpion attacks on my Warmachines. The only unit I was even slightly confident in fighting that Tomb Guard with King unit was a full strength Maneater unit, If I couldn't achieve that I would just try to avoid it and kill the rest of the army.

I had a hill in my depo zone and he had a small one with a unit of archers on, on my right flank.

Andrak had spent the better part of 6 months in none stop negotiations with countless noble families across southern Tilea. Trying desperatly to persuade one of them to fund an expedition into the cursed deserts east of Araby, his promises of a massive return on their investments fell on deaf ears. None willing to risk their money in a treasure hunting expedition to such a cursed realm.

Only one noble was willing, a young man who had come into possession of his family fortune, his father dying a heroic death in a far off realm. The youth, filled with dreams of glory, of taking after his lost father was quick to empty his coffers on the condition that he could join the expedition and take up the family Greatsword once again, Andrak had no choice but to accept.

With the money in place he set about recruiting the army. To lead it was the irrepresable Andreas Southernio, riding high on the glory of his recent victories having bought himself a new mighty Pegasus. His loyal Estalian bodyguard, veteran halberdiers of battles against the foul undead who cursed their lands, grim warriors clad in the black wrought metal of their homeland. Ogres from the east swelled his ranks, young nobles of the Empire provided him with heavy cavalry, eager to prove their valour to their families. He called upon rugged old ricter and his ever reliable fast cavalry. A light cannon from cathay crewed by master gunner cha'ksun would provide his force with some mobile artillery. His ever loyal Ogre bodyguard Grimlock was also more than up for the expedition, although battling undead did not appeal to his habit of eating defeated foes.

He also invested in an armoured paywagon, crewed by the finest halberdiers and handgunners money could buy, a symbol from which his men could draw courage, a symbol that would show them that no matter the outcome of the expedition they would be payed if they did their jobs.

His force was filled out with the necessary supply wagons, pulled by sturdy oxen and crewed by Halfling Cooks, their makeshift catapults a fine addition to any force. Soon they would be boarding the pair of Estalian Galeass they had hired and heading south, their crew providing him with crossbowmen and viscious pistol armed ship boarders, the powerful oarsmen would be drilled in pike use when the wind was up and the oars not required, giving him a solid body of fighting men.

Early Game

The Tomb Kings got first turn, the Chariots advanced and then used a movement spell to get further forwards. A screaming skull landed on my Pikes, killed 8 and panicked them.

My Cav tried to charge both flanks of the Chariot unit, my Heavy Cav failed though, my General also charged the front of the unit. My shooting come to nothing and my Hotpot was well out of range so I moved forwards with it instead. The rest of my line moved up with the Leadbelchers stalling behind the failed charge of the Heavy Cav.

In the combat I caused a total of 2 Wounds, thanks to 2 passed 6+ armour saves. I won combat by 1 though and so 1 Chariot died.

1 Scorpion arrived for the Kings but a misfire led to it not appearing but me not getting the points for it. They opened up again with shooting but didn't cause as much damage this time. I concentrated on stopping the Undying Legion banner bringing back that dead chariot. I did 2 more wounds in the combat but my Lord was wounded, I lost but both units held.

In my turn my Maneaters smashed into that Chariot Combat. The rest of my army continued to advance. My cannon hit a Catapult but couldn't kill it. My Hotpot scattered short. The Pikes did rally. The Maneaters smashed the Chariots, the Prince struck back doing 2 wounds to one Maneater. He died through combat res but my General failed the Ld on the curse and his Peg lost a wound.

Closing Forces

A catapult hit my Paymasters unit, killing 6 and making me flee...
1 unit of Archers shot at my lone Maneater, getting 6 hits and wounding him twice...
The other Scorp arrived, landing on my Duellists, killing them and running them down.

My Paymasters unit failed to rally! My army advanced again with my Crossbows trying to charge the rear of the Scorp [they had 2 ranks as well as they were on a hill so I would get a static res of 4] but the Fear test was failed. So my Pikes moved up. My Maneaters, General [who had flown right down the left flank now], Belchers and lone Maneater all opened up on the Ushabti, after some rubbish rolls there was still an Ushabti on 2 wounds with just the Lone Maneater left, and he felled it single handedly with his 2 shots. My Cannon killed 4 Tomb Guard.

The Scorp turned to face the Pikes. The Tomb Guard were healed, shooting wounded my Maneaters, killed the Lone Maneater. The Archers on my left flank hit with 8 out of 10 shots! and killed my Generals Peg.

My Paymasters unit failed to rally again!. My General charged the Archers, hitting the Heirophant!, My Heavy Cav charged the Archers on the other flank. My shooting didn't do much of anything. In combat my General missed with ALL 5 of his attacks!, so he was beaten and ran down, the chasing Skellies hit my Fast Cav, also chasing them off!. My Cav after combat res had killed 9 out of 10 Skellies.

The Scorpion charged my Pikes, I won by 1 but caused no wounds. Shooting further hurt my Ogres.

My Paymasters unit FINALLY rallied as they were nearing the board edge. My Crossbows tried to charge the flank of the Scorp which would tip that combat but failed the Fear test again!. My Belchers charged the Archers, 2 contacted the Heirophant but only caused 1 wound!, I won combat though and a few crumbled. My Cannon finally come good sniping the Liche Priest from the Tomb Guard as he failed his lookout sir roll!. My Hotpot continued its huge scatters though. The Scorp continued to crunch through my Pikes but it was a draw. My Heavy Cav finished the Archers.

The Catapults landed on my Crossbows, panicking them!. The Belchers finished off the Heirophant and Archers in combat whilst the Scorp carried on eating Pikemen but I held.

Closing Stages

My Crossbows failed to rally and ran off the table. My Knights hit a catapult and destroyed it. My Maneaters moved past the Tomb Kings unit, not wanting to fight it, instead wanting to hit the Catapult at the back of their lines. I moved my Hotpot out of the pursuit path of the Scorp for when it inevitably won the combat. It did win the combat and chased my Pikes down but at least the Hotpot was safe.

The Tomb Guard and King turned to face the flank of my Maneaters, now down to 2 Incantations vs my 2 Dispel Dice it was down to 2 Dice Offs to stop that flank charge, I won both and so in my turn my Maneaters were free to charge and kill the Catapult. Ending the game.

Result - Minor Victory for the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts

The first two thirds of that game I was plagued with horrendous luck, I could not pass panic or fear tests, I could not rally even on 9's. Archers were hitting about 3-4 times more than they should. My General missing with ALL 5 attacks on the Heirophant!. Thankfully two bits of luck held it together for me at the end, me sniping the Liche with the Cannon which dropped his magic and allowed me to compete with the 2 roll offs in the last turn to stop the Tomb Guard getting the flank of my Maneaters. If they had done that, the game would have been a draw.

It was a very tough game, I just could not deal with panic and fear, thankfully the Ogres were immune to fear. I managed to hold it together though and scrape the win. I am dreading facing Vamp Counts or Daemons but this was a very fun game to play.

The wind had been good on the voyage south, giving the oarsmen plenty of time to drill with their pikes. The final stretch down the great mortis river allowing them to put their powerful arms to use once again on their oars.

They had already seen off attacks from shallow bottomed boats in the dead of the nights, raining down cursed arrows upon his crews. They had even seen off a boarding attempt by an ancient Pentekonter but their ram was no match for the advanced Estalian ships and the Leadbelcher Cannons of the Ogres had shredded the undead boarders.

The march through the desert was harder still, fierce desert nomads harrying them every step of the way, powerful short bows slaying the supply train oxen and slowing the progress considerably. Their fortunes only changed when in one midnight raid, the young noble Forlan unhorsed one of the nomads with an expert shot with his duelling pistol, taking the man in the shoulder, ensuring they had somebody to interrogate. From the fierce nomad they learnt of the nearest city of the dead and of the oasis and water supplies between them and their target.

With this new information they finally had a solid target and the knowledge of available water along the way made the going much easier, but on the final approach to the city they were confronted by a sight they had all knew they would see, but continued to hope they wouldn't.

The sight of an army of the dead rising from the sand to defend their ancient city.


Andreas knew the battle had commenced when screaming, flaming skulls began to smash amongst his men. Many crashing straight into the tight ranks of his Pikemen, causing horrific damage. The oarsmen, not true warriors despite their drilling with the use of the pike, fled, the young noble Forlan desperatly trying to restore order amongst them, seeing his chance of glory slipping away.

A unit of skeletal chariots stormed out ahead of the enemy force, Andreas, knowing his army needed a morale boost in order to continue their advance into such horrific firepower signalled the charge. Rugged Old Ricter, reading the signs of battle could see what Andreas had in mind and joined him in the charge. They crashed home into the enemy chariots, smashing one enemy chariot to pieces but their foe knew no fear and did not break from the powerful charge. The fighting grew desperate, his new Pegasus lashing out with its hooves to keep the undead charioteers at bay when the thundering sound of the charging Paywagon heralded a brutal end to the combat. The heavily armoured wagon smashed through the light enemy chariots, its veteran crew smashing the survivors with their heavy halberds.

Taking heart from the minor victory the expedition force surged forwards, battle cries on their lips. Young Forlan even managing to rally his oarsmen. Andreas kicked his Pegasus into action heading for a withered robed enemy who seemed to be controlling the undead force. Another screaming skull sailed over his head, he followed its path and was horrified to see it land amongst Andraks elite unit, his heart sank when he seen the grim warrior unhorsed and his normally stoic regiment fall back carrying his body. The destraction cost him, enchanted arrows rained down on him, killing his new Pegasus. The soft sand broke his fall and in seconds he was on his feet again, charging the enemy sorcerer. Pistols blazing his shots flew wide, he closed within a few yards of his target when with a horrifying lurch, the ground fell away beneath him, fist sized beetles swarming over him. The last thing he saw was the grinning skull of his would be target.

Andrak groggily awoke to find the army in chaos, his head still spinning he roared for his men to hold as he watched young Forlan valiantly do battle with an enormous scorpion construct, the oarsmen dying in droves around him. Seeing the battle slipping away he called to master gunner cha'ksun to target the enemy Liche, Andrak had studied this dire foe and knew how best to combat them.

The Cathayan gunner nodded his head in understanding and went about busily slapping his young crew and snapping at them in his clipped native tounge. In under a minute the cannon had roared into life, a perfect shot smashing the Liche to dust. Cha'ksun simply gave a slight nod of satisfaction before readying the cannon to fire once more. The enemy did not begin to fall though, he scanned the battlefield and spotted what had to be another Liche, in front of it Andreas was up to his waist in sand, beetles swarming over him, tearing at his exposed flesh.

Knowing he had to act quickly he sent nearby Ricter and his light cav to order the Ogres to kill the Liche. 3 Massive walking statues blocked their path, the Leadbelcher cannons peppered them with shot, turning 2 to rubble. One still remained though, Grimlock, seeing the threat it posed, stepped forwards, handgun in each hand, and fired at the monster, both shots hitting it clean in its beaked head. Destroying whatever magic held it together. With their path clear the Ogres charged, the leader of the fearsome regiment ripping the Liches head from his shoulders with a mighty bite.

With that the enemy army began to crumble to dust, the beetles tearing at Andreas collapsed into husks leaving a heavily scarred but living general. Their King and its elite bodyguard roared in rage, nothing it could do to stop the collapse of his army. Not wanting it's immortal life to come to an end just yet, the King withdrew, leaving the city, and all its riches to Andrak and his expedition force.

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