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Friday, 20 February 2009

Tomb Kings vs Beasts of Chaos 2000 points

warhammer "blood bath" fantasy battle :-

"The Bone Giant didn't stand a chance" (short & summarised with nice Beasty pics)

source : : Milamber20-Feb-2009

Tomb Kings Army list

Tomb King, Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh
Liche Priest, Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest, Steed, Staff of Ravening
Liche Priest, Steed, scroll
20 Archers, Champion
20 Archers, Champion
5 Light Horsemen
1 Tomb Swarm
19 Tomb Guard, Standard, Champion, Icon of Rakaph
4 Ushabti
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foe

Beasts of Chaos Army List

Doom Bull, *magic weapon*, Mark of Khorne
Wargor BSB, Mark of Khorne
Wargor, stuff, no mark
19 Beastherd (Gors and Ungors), FC
2 Tuskgor Chariots
2x5 Warhounds
15 Khorngors (Mark of Khorne)
5 Centigors
3x3 Minotaurs, Mark of Khorne
3 Dragon Ogres
3 Chaos Ogres

This is a beautiful army, that won best army (comp and painting combined).
Bobby was a great dude and it was nice to have a great game after two not so good or boring ones.

Deployment, left to right from my side:

Tomb Kings: Light Horses with SoR LP, Archers, BG [Bone Giant], TG/king, archers/LP, Ushabti, SSC/LP [Screaming Skull Catapult], TS [Scorp], TS *burried swarm to march block*

Beasts: Chaos Ogres, Warhounds, Minotaurs, Dragon Ogres, Chariot, Beatherd, Minotaurs with Lord, Khorngors with BSB, chariot, Warhounds, Minotaurs, Centigors

Turn 1:

Tomb Kings - I started and moved the archers forward to fire and scooted the 2xTS forward full speed to face a unit of Minotaurs. Shooting sees SSC hit and a destroy chariot and then kill a few khorngors. Archers on left flank kill a minotaur.

Beasts - Everything moves up, no magic and shooting so my turn again.

Turn 2:

TK - No swarm yet. One Scorp charges the minotaur unit in front it while the other charges the warhounds who predictably fled allowing the second Scorpion to redirect into the Minotaurs also. Shooting sees a couple more wounds of the other minotaur unit, but nothing much else. In combat the Scorps smash the minotaurs although one loses 3 wounds in return. I overrun out of charge arcs, but into the fleeing Warhounds who leg it off the table.

Beasts - Moves forwards again. My turn

Turn 3:

TK - Swarm comes up and does block a couple of units. Set up the archers to take a charge from the chariot, beastherd and Doombull/minotaur units. Positioned the TG, Ushabti and BG to counter in the front and flanks. The TS come back together and face the scared centigors. Shooting is gets a Dragon Ogre and the minotaurs on my left flank are downed to 1 wound on one.

Beasts - The chariot charges the archers crumble them down to 6 or so. Everything else moves right up to within charge range now including the beastherd in front of the engaged archers and the Doombull/minotaur unit facing the Ushabti.

Turn 4:

TK - I angle the LH to redirect the Chaos Ogres and shooting the remaining left flank minotaur into the ground. I raise another half dozen skellies in the combat unit to force the minotaurs to charge them as they couldn't wheel past to reach the Ushabti. The TS charge the centigors and make a mess all over the place. Those fellas work well together. I think the SSC blew up here again.

Beasts - Here is my big mistake. I read the rules for crossing obstacles and thought it was straight forward enough but when we referred it to the TO it went the other way. This was huge because it meant my BG was in charge range of the Dragon Ogres in the flank and they would overrun into the flank of my TG. I couldn't believe it. The BG didn't stand a chance and the Dragon Ogres of course hit the TG in the flank at full steam. The Beastherd and Minotaurs charged the archers and wiped them out. I'm pretty sure Bobby felt my pain here and 'forgot' to overrun with those units into my TG also. That one ruling totally screwed my game. The Chaos ogres smash the LH and hold.

Turn 5:

TK - I moved my king over to the corner to lay some smack down on the charging Dragon Ogres. With the help of the magic phase and the Destroyer they are wasted after being knocked down to US4 (no flank bonus) I magically charge the Ushabti into the Beastherd and chariot, but they spectacularly fluff and crumble down to a couple.

Beasts - Chaos Ogres move to face Archers. Ushabti are wasted by static CR again and go down.

Turn 6:

TK - Archers take a couple of pot shots at the Chaos Ogres, but don't make enough difference. TG reform and charge the Beastherd who can't take the might of the king. I pursue to get whole unit and the standard even though I expose my flank to the Khorngors.

Beasts - Chaos Ogres charge the archers and get half points for them. The Khorngors charge the flank of the TG and get them to half points also. I failed to spot the obvious chariot charging my hierophant who goes down like a ton of bricks. I lose a scorp to crumbling.

Result: 9-11 Draw

TK of the Match: Scorps for simply destroying his right flank all by themselves.

A really bloody battle, but I'm happy with how things went. If not for that charge on the BG the result would have been quite different I'm sure. I'm happy with my tactics so far in dealing with the big nasty units (Black Knights, Doombull/Minos, etc)

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