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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Orcs and Goblins vs Skaven 2000 points

warhammer text-based fantasy battle report :-

"Magic blows up the shaman on my left when he used a mushroom"
A short report illustrating the unpredictable nature of O&G armies ;)

source : underempire.netcredit : The Buoyancy of Water19-Feb-2009

2000 pts Skaven Army list

Warlord, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Weeping Blade, Warpstone Armulet.

Chieftain, BsB, Heavy Armour, Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat.
Engineer, No pistol kit, Storm Daemon.
Engineer, No pistol kit, Dispel Scroll

40 Clanrats, Full Command.
30 Clanrats, Standard, Musician, Ratling Gun.
30 Clanrats, Standard, Musician, Ratling Gun.
21 Slaves, Musician.
21 Slaves, Musician.
2 Globadiers.
2 Globadiers.
2 Globadiers.

20 Plague Monks, Add. Hand Weapons, Full Command.
20 Plague Monks, Add. Hand Weapons, Full Command.
3 Rat Ogre Packs.

6 Plague Censer Bearers.

Total: 1994

2000 pts Orc and Goblin Amry list

Black Orc Warboss (General)
No idea about items: he never saw combat...[Ed. that doesn't bode well !]
Night Goblin BsB
2xGoblin Shaman in Wolf Chariot. One had a Scroll while the other had the 'Itty Ring.

2x30 Night Goblins, FC, Nets, Spears/Shields, 3 Fanatics
30 Night Goblins, Bows, 2 Fanatics
8 Spider Riders
Another Wolf Chariot

2xSpear Chukka
10 Hoppers
Rock Lobber
Doom Diver
2xPump Wagon

So lots of chariots to deal with!!


We had a wood to my left and a hill in his deployment zone. From left to right I went: Globadiers, 30 Clanrats, Plague Monks, 42 Clanrats (a bit back), Slaves, Slaves, 30 Clanrats (behind slaves), Plague Monks, PCBs, Rat Orges. Can't remember where the other globadiers went, but they were around. Put and Engineer in each 30 Clanrat unit and the warlord and BsB joined the big unit (BsB at back, of course).

Again from my left to right, he went: Hoppers, Bow Goblins, Shaman, Spear Goblins, Spear Goblins, Chariot, Shaman, Pump Wagon, Pump Wagon, Doom Diver + Rock Lobber behind wagons, Spear Chukkas on hill, Spider Riders next to hill. He put the Black Orc in the Spears unit opposite the big block and his BsB behind the two units.

He won the roll to go first.

Turn 1

He advances very slowly with everything. Warboss unit fails animosity so 5 goblins die!! Spider riders are the only thing to move up quickly towards my ogres. Magic does nothing. Shooting, and my big unit are hit with a rock and a goblin from the catapults!! 11 die, but I easily pass panic (still Ld 10 due to ranks). One ogre dies to bolt thrower fire.

My turn and a plan forms. Only his chariots are any threat next turn so I decide to move everything to deal with those. Globadiers are sent forwards to bait and the rat ogres move up in front of the spiders. Slaves and right most monks move up a bit too and my clanrats move forwards as well. Magic pops the chariot with no shaman. No shooting or combat yet.

Turn 2

Both pump wagons go after globadiers who promptly flee to leave them in front of slaves and monks. His riders squabble. Chariots advance some more and infantry is still slow. Magic blows up the shaman on my left when he used a mushroom and I scroll the other shamans attempt to move a wagon into the monks. Shooting sees two more hits on the big unit, but not enough to cause panic (doom diver got few hits and the partial hits rolls were below average). A notable point was the rock landing squarely on my warlord. I failed the Look Out Sir roll but passed my ward. Phew!!

Time for some combat!! Slaves charge one wagon and monks charge the other. Ogres and PCBs charge the riders looking to break through to his artillry base. The riders are so close to the ogres they don't want to risk fleeing. I move the other monk unit to release fanatics. Six pop out in total and cause reasonable damage to the monks. Everything else jigs about a bit. Magic takes the dead shamans chariot to 1 wound and I think the other kills a fanatic. Shooting sees a ratling gun dissolve another fanatic and I think globadiers dealt with another. In combat the slaves won but the wagon held. The monks dealt with theirs and overran a bit. Unsurprisingly, the riders were demolished and the ogres and PCBs overrun right up to his hill.

Turn 3

Shaman charges slaves that are in combat and the squigs hit the monks in the front. His generals unit tries to squabble again, so more goblins bit the dust. Other movement is minimal. Fanatics cause a bit of damage, but not much. A couple of them collided too Shaman can't do much so back to shooting. Another two hits on the big unit... They get reduced to a rank bonus of +2, but still aren't fussed. Bolt throwers both miss the ogres and point blank range. In combat the slaves hold!! Good old warlord/BsB combo Plague monks get chomped and squigs bounce behind my lines.

Rat ogres charge one bolt thrower and the PCBs charge the other. Clanrats with engineers both turn to get squig in line of sight. Warlords unit shifts to let a ratling see his generals unit and some globadiers move to bomb them. I forget about my remaining monks That would have meant the game wold have been mine in turn four... Magic takes the squigs down to two and hurts his generals unit some more. Shooting pops another fanatic and takes his generals unit down even further. In combat the bolt throwers are paste but the ogres roll 4 for overrun and don't reach the rock lobber. PCBs overrun right past it. Slaves manage to put a wound on the shaman and continue to hold.

Turn 4

Things advance some more. Squigs charge the big unit in the back. Magic is again shut off. Shooting sees the doom diver hit the big unit and take it to +1 rank bonus while the rock lobber aims for my right most clanrat unit but scatters. Not much happens in combat. The suigs loose and flee with me restraining pursuit.

PCBs charge lobber and ogres charge diver. Other slaves try to charge his generals unit in the flank but clip his lone BsB instead. Some globadiers move to bait his generals unit and my (once) big unit move backwards out of charge. Clanrats move about a bit and I remember my monks this time. Magic and shooting combine to pop the last chariot and massively reduce his generals unit. In combat the lobber and diver are smashed, the PCBs moving back to the middle while the ogres move towards the quarter I don't have anyone in just now. Slaves are rubbish and his BsB holds (killing two). Finally, my slave kill his shaman but have so few ranks that they loose and run.

Turn 5

Waaagh! time. Doesn't do much though... Generals unit charges globadiers who flee out of range while his other (nearly untouched) spear unit charges my generals unit. The shaman chariot and pump wagon charge my rightmost clanrats. Magic and shooting are non-existant. In combat impact hits kill a few clanrats before the engineer takes the last wound from the pump wagon. The rats hold easily. My warlord challenges and up steps his champion. The plucky goblin hits and wounds, but 3+/4+ saves easily stop it. The warlord mashes his head in (+4 overkill ). He loose but outnumbers and with the general + BsB nearby they don't go anywhere. The BsB sticks around too.

Counter attack time!! My leftmost clanrats charge the goblins fighting my general in the flank while the PCBs get the BsB. The ogres move into the table quarter to contest the archer (who have been rubbish and not worth mentioning all game). Monks can't see anything so they move to claim the quarter that had the artillery in it. No magic since the engineers are in combat. Ratling gun fire pops another fanatic and take his generals unit to 9 strong (including the orc). The globadiers were still runnng around, but I don't think they did anything. Combat saw the chariot loose and get wrecked and (unsurprisingly) the goblins in combat get demolished. Not even the general + BsB can keep them fighting, so banner for me. The PCBs put a wound on the BsB before I roll four 6's on five dice!! Because of the suicide PCBs I loose combat. The PCB flees while the slaves hold.

We have to stop there because folk are waiting for our table, but my opponent said he would end it there anyways... So, he killed:

1 x plague monks
1 x PCBs
1 x slaves
Half strength for my main unit

Overall I think around 400pts. I got:

2x shaman
Half strength BsB
Half strength spear unit
1 x Spear unit
1 x spider riders
1 x hoppers
3 x wolf chariot
2 x bolt thrower
1 x rock lobber
2 x pump wagon
1 x doom diver
1 x banner
2 x table quarter

Don't know how much it is but it's a lot more then 400pts!! [Ed. Victory to the furry critters !] Was a realy good game where we kept each other on our toes throughout. Very happy with the way I played, with my early strategy working really well. Loving the list too!! Hope you enjoyed the read.

Cheers, Dave

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