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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Empire vs Skaven 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"The right most Steam Tank manages 4 steam points and rams into the warlord unit..."
(nice report, brutal "all eggs in one basket" armies)

source : warhammer-empire.comcredit : Gazzor10-Feb-2009

Empire Army List - 2250 pts

1 Arch Lector
Sword of Might, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Von Horstman's Speculum, War Altar 295

1 Steam Tank 300
1 Steam Tank 300

1 Great Cannon 100
1 Great Cannon 100
1 Great Cannon 100
1 Great Cannon 100

1 Battle Wizard - Level 2
Barded Warhorse, Ring of Volans, Rod of Power 164

1 Battle Wizard - Level 2
Barded Warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll 164

1 Battle Wizard - Level 2
Barded Warhorse, Doomfire Ring, Power Stone 164

5 Knightly Order
Standard, War Banner, Musician 164

5 Knightly Order
Standard, Musician 139,

10 Crossbowmen 80
5 Crossbowmen 40
5 Crossbowmen 40

Skaven Army List - 2250 pts

Warlord: Fell Blade (S10, does D6 wounds), 6+ ward.

3 warlocks with 2 scrolls, 4+ ward, Storm Deamon, Reroll charm, +1 PD item.
3 x 25 Clan Rats.
3 x 20 Slaves.
3 x Ratling Guns
2 Plague Rat Swarms
2 x Warp Lightning Cannons
8 Jezzails
3 x 4 Gutter Runners Tunnel Teams with add hw and poison.

[Ed. Battle of the "filthy" armies ? ;) ]

Here's how we deployed:

Empire deployment

Knights with war banner, green wizard, Cannon, STank, Waltar, Red Wizard with x-bows, cross bows + 2 detachments of x-bows, Cannon, Cannon, Stank, Knights, Blue Wizard, Cannon.

Skaven Deployed:
Plague Rats, Slaves, Ratler, Clan Rats, Warlock, Warp Lightning Cannons, Clan Rats, Warlord, Warlock, Ratler, Slaves, Ratler, Clan Rats, Jezzails, Slaves.
3 Tunnel Team markers placed as shown by the lightning circles.

I wasn't expecting my cannons (Or even my wizards to live for long).

Scarily enough, apart from the second Warp Lightning cannon and 3rd Tunnel team (Replacing some Plague Monks and Censer Bearers), this is the standard army my opponent uses...

Skaven get first turn... :(

Luckily magic is a bit weak. +1 PD item loses him one dice and his storm deamon runs out. No casualties taken so far. Unfortunately his jezzaile manage 2 wounds on a Stank. Not good.

Also the rats are a lot closer.

Empire turn 1:

I manage to cannon snipe 2 jezzails, panicking them off the board, as well as killing 2 ratlers. I hit the left warp lightning cannon twice, rolling 1s to wound it each time...

Magic is pretty good, panicking a bunch of Slaves.

My left Stank [Ed. Steam Tank] takes 2 wounds as it's cannon misfires trying to take out the left warp lightning cannon.

Skaven turn 2

No tunnelers yet, Skaven get closer. left WLC shoots at my war altar. It's only S2, but wounds, gets past the ward (Forgot about 5+ armour) and does 6 wounds. The lector's on foot now...

1 Knight dies to warp lightning. Luckily Skaven lost a power dice again.

Empire turn 2

Stank on left misfires cannon again shooting at left warp lightning cannon. Takes 3 wounds. Has now taken 5 wounds...

Magic is medicore, due to some bad wizard positioning.

Warlord unit is shot lots, down to 10 rats, but doesn't panic.

Skaven turn 3

The Skaven hit home! My right knights + mage are swept away, as is my right cannon. I had totally misjudged the distance I was away from them. My red wizard is fried to death by an irresistable warp lightning cast by the central warlock.
The left warp lightning cannon shoots my right Stank with S8, but the Stank makes it's armour save.

My cross bows flee.

One Gutter Runners unit comes up under my left Stank. They fail to damage it and run in terror.

2 Plague Rat Swarms charge my war banner knights in the front, do nothing, take 5 wounds and crumble to death.

Empire turn 3

The central warlock is cannoned to death, whilst the right most warlock on the hill makes his 4+ ward save against the cannon ball hitting him.

The Knights charge the front of the clan rats with a warlock in. They only wound the warlock once, but kill 2 clan rats for a draw.

The right most Stank manages 4 steam points and rams into the warlord unit. I'd forgotten that the Fell blade did D6 wounds. Ho hum. 8 Clan Rats died, leaving the champ and Warlord, who then did 10 wounds to the 8 wound Stank. A cannon crew panicked away.

Skaven turn 4

Both other Gutter Runner Tunnel Teams come up. They minced the fleeing crossbowmen and cannon crew and overran into my green wizard.

A S10 shot from the left warp lightning cannon blew up my other Stank.

Empire turn 4

My Lector charged the Gutter Runners. He killed 2 in combat, but they killed the green wizard. The Lector held.

Rest of game:

Lector beat up the Gutter Runners and was set to charge the Warlord when he was cut down by a S8 shot from a warp lightning cannon. The 2 cannon crew crew on my right decided to run back to Nuln. [Ed. LOL]

The end.

Post Mortem:

Ah well, could have gone better. We both had some very bad luck, so that cancelled itself out. The real difference was that the Skaven had a good solid plan and used ther strengths well, whereas I failed to manouver my army properly or use my units to support each other properly. There was no reason not to deploy my entire army beheind the hill and shoot him to death from afar.

The tunnelers are one thing you can't plan for as they have an effective 18" 360 degree charge arc, so can kill any war machine or wizard they want once they emerge. Plonking tanks on top of the tunnel markers only works 1/3 of the time.

Despite being mullered I've take a lot of positives from the game, like how I need to better support my units and anticipate enemy march block zones better.

I was expecting to be mullered, by a list that was pretty much designed to take me out. And I wasn't disappointed in that respect. And with some better play and better luck on my part I could have got the win.

I may tweak the list a bit. Maybe drop one cannon for some fast cav. Also drop some cross bows for a unit of 5 flagellants with prophet of doom. In a little conga line formation they should be able to march block an 8" radius for at least 2 turns, all being well.

Hope you liked the report.

Cheers, Gazzor

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