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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bretonnians vs Wood Elves 500 points

warhammer fantasy battle story :-

"Giles ordered the army to pray for the Lady’s blessing"
(excellent writing style. part of a series - more on the way)

source : : Dark Haven11-Feb-2009

War Journal of Sir Giles de Mer

After assembling my shiny new 1000 point army, my paladin has set off on a quest to restore honor to his land in the troubled dukedom of Mousillon. Many years ago Mousillon shone like a light in the dark and was the epitomy of knighthood. Alas, it has faded.

My army will try to restore its glory and redeem it in the eyes of the lady, by fighting 100 battles on a personal campaign. Hope you all here at the Round Table enjoy this thread as it covers the epic tale of Giles, a young baron from Mousillon, seeking to return the glory that Landuin had brought to Mousillon. You will witness it all, from the most glorious vicotires and the crushing defeats. I now bring you the war journal of Sir Giles de Mer, last heir of Landuin's House.

Malentour was a small oasis in a desert of evil. It was a tiny land, only 40 acres of swamp and dark forests with a small castle in the middle of lake to defend it. There dwelled one of the last true knightly families of Mousillon. They had resisted the evil of Maldred and fought against the tides of undead, but slowly they were pushed back into this little castle at the edge of the wild. Here was born Giles of the Mer family, who are related through marriage to the bloodline of Landuin, Mousillon’s greatest hero. After obtaining his spurs on his errantry quest, Giles was formally given the position of Lord over his small domain. Realizing that his country men would not send aide to him in Mousillon. Giles decided to embark on a quest to drive out all that was foul and unclean from Mousillon and reclaim its lost lands from the other provinces. So that it could once again join the ranks of the noble dukedoms of Bretonnia. His troops were few, but determined and they had the blessing of the lady as well. For as Giles was about to depart on his quest, a damsel of the Lady joined his retinue and gave him visions from the Lady as well as practical advice on being a ruler.

The quest begins, but at the end of the 100 battles will Mousillon be reborn or have its last hope consumed by the darkness within?"

Battle 1 "Showdown in the Wetlands" (vs Wood Elves 500 pts)

Bretonnia Army List

Paladin (Giles de Mer) = 80
w/ Lance, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Sword

Paladin (Jacques du Payen) = 72
w/ BSB, Sword, Heavy Armor, Barded Warhorse

5x Knights Errant = 121
w/ Lances, Heavy armor, Shield, Swords, Full Command

5x Knights of the Realm = 144
w/ Lances, Shields, Swords, Heavy Armor, Full Command

11x Archers = 82
w/ Longbows, daggers, skirmishers, music

Wood Elves Army List

Spellsinger (Lora Forestdancer)
w/ Level 2, wooden sphere. (Casts tree singing twice a turn)

6x Wardancers

8x Dryads

10x Glade Guard
w/ Longbows, Light Armor, Swords

Shortly after leaving Malentour, Giles saw smoke in the distance. A village was burning. Seeking to save the lives of his countrymen and to test his mettle for the long road ahead, Giles ordered the attack. The bandits would pay!

Turns 1-3

Seeing nothing but the burning village, Giles ordered the army to pray for the Lady’s blessing. While this happened the trees began to move as a beautiful voice sang on the wind. With a sharp hiss the cloaked elves let off a volley of arrows but bounced off the armour of the knights. Seeing the group of cloaked elves and hunched tree minions, Giles ordered the archers to attack. With astonishing accuracy (long range, skirmishers) the peasants shot three of the six wardancers down. “Animals.” muttered Lora.

The dryads hide in the trees whilst slowly being moved up the field by treesinging. Again the glad guard unleashed their bows, but this time they shot down three peasants with arrows to the head. Yelling in rage, the peasants fired a volley while spitting curses at the elves. Their volley was deadly, killing all the remaining wardancers.

Turns 4-6

After witnessing the accuracy of the peasants, the elf forces quickly zoomed the field to take the fight to the Bretonnians. Again and again the spellsinger cast treesinging causing the Dryads in their cover to advance further up the field. The ranks of the glade guard silently stalked forward before bringing their bows to bear on the knights, but killing none. Sensing that the time was now, Giles slammed his visor down and lead his knights forward. His friend Jacques unfurled the beautiful banner of Malentour, its rich tapestry of color snapping in the gloom wind. “For Landuin and the Lady, CHARGE!” with that, the Errants slammed into the glade guard and slaughtered four of them for no losses.

Giles led the charge straight into the Dryads and smote 3 of the abominations down while passing a horde of armor saves in reply. After witnessing the awesome martial prowess of the knights, both the glade guard and the dryads broke and were run to ground. With only Lora left, the battle was over as she retreated deeper into the forest.

Result: Bretonnian victory!

On a hilltop overlooking the battlefield and buring village, the Damsel smiled as she saw the young knights raise his lance in triumph. “Perhaps the Lady is right, and Mousillon is not lost.

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