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Monday, 9 February 2009

Tomb Kings vs High Elves 2000 points

The perils of weak battle magic defence :-

Short, sharp and painful - ouch !

(very short report but worth reading for the gamer's experience. we've all been there !)

source : : Atchman09-Feb-2009

My Second Game with High Elves aka BUTCHERED AGAIN!

Well I’ve decided to try and learn to play an “elite” army instead of my usual horde-style army. There is nothing more elite and delicate than a High Elf battle force. I used the models that I had available for the battle as mine are still in transit. It was neat to try and make an effective list from the models I had on hand. My friend Carl left his models at my house, so I decided to use them. I took some advice from folks online and discovered to my chagrin, the I need to play the way I like to play instead of what seems nice on paper.

Using only the models I had on hand, here was my list:

High Elves Army List

Atchmage, Level 4, Ring of Fury, +1 casting dice ( I took fire spells), Dispel Scroll
[I had just changed this out before the game. I did have the Annulian Crystal, and the Gem of Courage]

Level 2, Seer Staff, Dispel Scroll
BSB, Mounted, Dragon Armor and Shield, and the Star Lance
[I swapped this out before the game as well. I was on foot with Dragon Armor, Shield and the White Sword]

Core Troops:
11 Lothern Sea Guard, Musician only
21 Spearmen, Full Command
10 archers

Special Troops:
Lion Chariot
15 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, War Banner
5 Dragon Princes, Banner of Ellyrion, Drakemaster had the Sword of Might
5 Shadow Warriors

Rare Troops:
2 x Eagles
2 x Bolters

I had just swapped out my original choices for some choices from my online friends. I think that my original list would have been better because of the matchup; but I had no idea what I would be facing. The enemy magic threat was pretty heavy and I really wished I had the Annulian Crystal instead of the useless bound spell.

Tomb Kings Army List

Tomb Kraig, Chariot, Armor of the Ages, Golden Eye, Icon of Rulership

Liche Priest, steed, 2 x dispel scrolls
Liche Priest, steed, Staff of Ravening
Liche Priest, steed, Hierophant, Jar, Collar of Shapesh

6 chariots
7 Light Horsemen
8 Light Horsemen

Special Choices:
5 Carrion
5 Carrion
2 x Scorps
Rare Choices:
2 x Bone Giants

Butchered Turn 1:

I setup with the idea of trying to hold with the Phoenix Guard and flank with the Dragon Princes. This was flawed as I put the Dragon Princes too far to my right. My entire setup was silly when confronted with the speed of the Tomb King army.

Butchered Turn 2

My Lion Chariot was destroyed by a single scorpion! It was insanely good luck with four hits and four wounds and not a single save. This allowed the scorpion to overrun into the Seaguard. The Tomb King charged by himself into the Seaguard, which held for a turn, but then narrowly lost the melee (I HATE FEAR), and were destroyed.

Both units of Carrion eventually destroyed my hapless Bolt Throwers.

Butchered Turn 3

I had a chance in the game, but I ran out of magic defense. I moved the Phoenix Guard forward hoping to hold against the Chariot force. I would have held but I failed to dispel the Tomb King’s charge into their flank. I rolled a 7 when I needed a six and the game was pretty much over as the chariots overran into the High Elf mage, the spearmen, and the other mage. My army was utterly destroyed!

Win to the Tomb Kings


I have a LOT to learn about playing High Elves. I should have just castled in one corner and took my chances but I decided to try to fight straight up-wrong answer. High Elves are fragile little guys. I needed to deploy further back to give my magic and shooting more time to work. My other mistake was to change my list. I really missed that other dispel dice. If I would have taken the High Magic I could have taken support spells, which would have helped against the Tomb Kings.

Tomb Kraig just ate me up with speed and multiple castings. My only good luck was that he rolled rather low on his incantations. Otherwise he probably could have won on turn two!

My model limitation really hurt me, but more it was the fact that I changed my characters and their items just before the game started. I should have stayed with my instincts and kept the magic defense high. The White Sword would perhaps have kept the Tomb King from charging my Lothern Sea Guard. I’ll never know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I play elves as well and its amazing how quickly things can turn bad.

Tyrion is awesome against TK = goodbye chariots.

Maybe an eagle with a noble equipped with dragon armour, lance and the reaver bow is great against war machines and support combats with a flank charge etc. You just need to get it there.

The annulian crystal is awesome against magic heavy armies.

Im also not a fan of the star lance. Its a lot of points and you will probably get as many wounds with a great weapon (you're striking first anyway. The take something like the helm of fortune and some other magical gribbily bits.


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