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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Warriors of Chaos (Hordes edition 6) vs Wood Elves 2250 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Chaos Lord on Dragon ?! Uh-oh ! (Hordes of Chaos [edition 6] not Warriors of Chaos)

source : asrai.orgcredit : Gazzor2-Jan-2008

Played vs Gavswine's dastardly Chaos "Horde" last night with my super nice wood elves at 2250 points.

Wood Elf Army List

Treeman ancient with annoyance of netlings and cluster of radiants.
Wizard with stave of Calaingor and dispel scroll on elven steed.
Wizard with 2 dispel scrolls on elven steed.
BSB with Hail of Doom, Magic bow and light armour.

8 wardancers + muso
8 dryads
8 dryads
8 dryads
10 Archers + muso
10 Archers + muso
5 Fast Cav + muso
5 WIld Riders + muso
5 Wild Riders + muso

Hordes of Chaos - Slaanesh / Undivided list

Slaanesh Lord on Dragon, 4+ ward, bindings of Slaanesh.
wizard on tit worm, dispel scroll, power stone.
Bray Shaman with dispel scroll + power stone.

6 Chosen Slaanesh Knights (As seen in the Glass Cabinet) + warbanner
10 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh
Undivided chariot
Small beast herd + champ + banner.
6 Mounted Deamonettes.
5 War Hounds.
5 War Hounds.
6 Furies.

Presumably the rest of the "horde" were waiting to see how the vanguard did.

My cunning ploy was to minimise damage from the dragon as much as possible and try to kill the rest of his army.

Terrain was light. A small wood 12" from the table centre and a small wood tucked into a corner. I added my small wood near to the middle wood.

I castled in one corner, wanting mutual support from units and to try to block landing zones. I placed the fast cav on my other flank, with wild riders in the middle.

Gav placed his deamonettes and Furies down the flank from the fast cav. His chariot and Chosen knights + chaos mage went down the middle, along with his dragon and 1 hounds unit. His beast herds and Chosen warriors + hounds deployed opposite my castle.

I got first turn.

A "devastating" turn for the Wood Elves as 2 units of hounds got shot and panicked off the board. Fast cav advanced within 16" of the mounted deamonettes, wounding 2, but their demon saves stopped the kills.

The Slaanesh turn was quite brutal. Daemonettes charged the fast cav, who fled. Sadly there were just out of arc of my mid wild rider unit. Bah. His dragon advanced in front of his chosen warriors and beast herd to stop a flank charge with my wild riders into the warriors.

I was confident of my magic defence as I had 5 dice and 3 scrolls. He casts Delusions on my war dancers unit, also containing both wizards and my BSB. Two 6s come up... They were set to move towards the board edge, straight into his dragon's charge arc... Oh dear. Maybe I should concede... His dragon also burned a wild rider to death.

Anyway, I moved some archers + dryads in front of the war dancers, so the dragon couldn't charge the war dancers (Lack of landing space), but it could just crush a unit and overrun.

Plan B was to cast lots of tree singings to block line of sight.
6 tree singings later, with 1 scrolled and 3 dispelled, the dragon's line of sight was blocked. I don't know why Gav didn't use his second scroll to stop the last tree singing, get the charge and win the game (900 points in the unit + all my magic dead). Or did I have one left to go? Can't remember.

Fast Cav rally. Wild Riders move behind his Chosen knights to march block them. 2 Deamonettes fall to bow fire. 18 strangle roots from both treemen does nothing to his lord + dragon.

I also charged the 4 wild riders at his beast herd. I manage to wound the shaman, but inflict no other wounds and the 4 wild riders are all killed. Hmmm. Not so good.

Beast Herd fails unruly and passes its terror test to charge my Treeman Ancient.

Lord on dragon lands near war dancers and burns + boils 6 war dancers and 4 archers to death. Characters are safe.

Chariot charges 8 dryads. Chariot fails to do any wounds and loses to outnumbering fear causers.

Furies charge wild riders, killing 2 for no losses. Wild Riders hold.

Ancient rolls rubbish and kills the champ, just, but holds.

Wizards ride out from the 2 war dancers, as does the BSB. Dryads move 1" from the 10 Chosen in order to slow them down (Hopefully). This is helped when the 6 archers on that side kill a Chosen warrior. 1 rank gone.

The 8 dryads who beat the chariot charge the chaos wizard who was on the edge of the Chosen Knights unit. They aim for the worm (No save for it). They only manage 2 wounds on it. Dryads lose to outnumber and war banner. The knights pursue 16", slamming into a dryad unit unfortunately in their way. The knights went from being march blocked and isolated to being very near my main battle line.

2 more mounted deamonettes are shot down, leaving 2.

The wild riders manage to pop the Furies, after losing 1 more man.

Treeman Ancient manages to beat the unit, assisted by the other treeman charging in. The beast herd + shaman flees 7". Treemen get 4" and 6". Bah.

The 2 mounted deamonettes flank charge the 2 wild riders, killing 1. The last wild rider runs and escapes, but is unable to rally.

The beast herd fails to rally.

Chariot fails to rally and flees off the table.

Chosen warriors charge the dryads and kill 1. Dryads hold thanks to nearby Treeman Ancient.

Lord on dragon charges the BSB + archer unit he's with. I had intended that they would flee into a wood, and be over 12" away, but a couple of guys stuck out, leaving the lord a clear space to kill the archer unit + BSB. The nearby mage passes her panic check.

The Chosen Knights beat the dryads and mow them down, pursuing very close to my treemen. At least the dryads killd 2 knights.

Both treemen move to within 6" of both the fleeing beast herd and the Chosen Knights. They are both in base to base.

An attempt to cast the wild hunt on a mage within 4" of the fleeing beast herd is dispelled.

Strangle roots only kills 2 Ungors, leaving enough beastmen to rally.

The 2 mounted deamonettes are killed by shots from my remaining archer unit.

Dryads kill 1 Chosen Warrior, but lose and are run down. My war dancers are out of the way, and the nearby mage passes her panic check.

The 4 Chosen Knights, + attached Chaos wizard, are barely able to wheel out of charge arc of the treemen.

Lord on Dragon breathes on a mage, causing her a wound.
Beast herd + shaman runs off the table.

Both treemen block the knights from wheeling and do nothing to them with double strangle root attacks. A forest had moved behind the knights, further limiting their movement.

My wizards scatter as fast as their Elven steeds will take them.

War dancers move near to the Chosen Knights.

The Chosen Knights charge both treemen. Neither treeman causes any wounds, but they both hold (Phew).

The Lord + Dragon charge my 10 archers. They flee and escape.

My archers fail to rally.

The 2 war dancers charge the chosen knights, but only 1 is within range! Even 2 in would probably be rubbish and would just end up giving up away CR, like burst fleshy balloons filled with squishy red paint. Luckily the one fighting wardancer managed to killing blow the knight he was fighting. The Ancient killed the champion he was fighting and the other treeman killed both remaining Chosen knights.

The Chaos wizard held, even at -5. She was obviously mental.

The Lord + Dragon claimed a table quarter, as did his Chosen Warriors. I was claiming 1 quarter with 2 treemen and 1 quarter with 5 fast cav.
The ordinary treeman and 2 war dancers beat the Chaos Wizard to death. The tit worm popped.

So, there the game ended, with not much left on either side.

Elves: Treeman Ancient, Treeman, wizard, wizard on one wound, 5 Fast Cav. 2 war dancers.

Chaos: Lord on Dragon, 8 Chosen Warriors.

Final result was a 413 point win for the Wood Elves, thanks to 2 captured banners and the Chaos wizard not being sensible and fleeing then rallying.

Lessons Learned:-

Definitely my hardest game to date. I normally stomp my opponents into the dust, so the dragon lord was a good challenge.

I missed two good crossfire opportunities during the game, although neither actually occurred.

I was also slightly sloppy with overrun and pursuit paths, but letting his Chosen Knights get so close to my treeman was part of my ploy to lure them into my trap. Oh yes, indeedy... Muhahahah.

The war dancers are normally a good babysitter unit, but maybe I should try having fewer eggs in the basket...

Slaanesh magic definitely deserves its reputation for being filthy hard. And Gav only rolled up 2 good spells...

I will definitely be using my 6" wood for BSB hiding in future. Aside from life magic, other wood elves and cannons through units in front, he should be safe enough. If something does move in to shoot him, he'll probably survive, leave the wood and laugh as the enemy gets shredded by up to 6D6 S5 magic attacks.

I'm still in trouble vs a Dragon Lord. There's no way I'm going to kill it, and the breath weapon is harsh even if I flee/ block every charge opportunity.

I'm taking on a two steam tank army next week. It's going to be easier than facing a Chaos Lord on Dragon.

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