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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bretonnians vs Tomb Kings 1250 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

"A crackle of dark energy resonated from the Tomb Prince" (nice short story - for the Brets)

source : roundtable-bretonnia.orgcredit : Lunar Camel4-Jan-2008

"Lady Isabelle, I've assembled my host and I'm staring at the sea. What am I suppose to be seeing?" asked Sir Didymus as he turned to his court advisor.

In a matter of fact voice, Lady Isabelle gave her reply. "The tide has ebbed to such a point that the land now sees the sky. Have you not noticed that all around is wet, yet there is a strange cloud of dust in the distance?"

Sir Bardun, shifting in his saddle while re-adjusting his grip on the host's battle standard, muttered to Sir Didymus, "The lady is right. It's almost as a troop is disturbing a desert sand. But this is the shore of the Great Ocean."

As to confirm the Paladin, skeletal troops emerged from the dust. Some rode on skeletal steeds, others appearing as walking statues of ebony. In the center of the force were five chariots of a different age, wrapped in decay. A skeletal figure with an ornate headdress was coaxing the force with the crack of a whip rode on the center chariot.

"Well, it appears those lost souls of Khemri are even more lost than we thought. I thank you, dear Lady, for convincing me to bring my host rather than a few stable boys", Sir Didymus said, his attempt at an apology. "Sir Bardun! Take eight knights to the right flank. I will take the center. Warden Chatelain, your men will advance next to us on the right. I want your halberds to slow their advance less their chariots smash my horses. Bowmen! Secure our left flank. Make sure those stakes run deep for this wet sand won’t give much purchase. Use the lighthouse to guard your left flank. Have the Pegasi wait behind the archers."

"Lady Isabelle", Sir Didymus turned and said in a gracious manner, "Please allow my knights and myself to accompany you to the field."

As the skeletal force approached, the Bretonnian force stood their ground; the knights praying to the Lady for Her blessing, the bowmen readying their arrows, the men-at-arms slinging their shields and readying their halberds. Lady Isabelle could feel arcane energies manifesting. A tremor was felt in the ground left of Sir Didymus' regiment. The earth shook as if some great beast was clawing at the earth below. As the knights awaited some horror to spring from the damp sand, the tremor disappeared, leaving only the curiosity of what it could have been.

After prayers were said by all, Sir Didymus marched forward his regiment and the men-at-arms, making sure the peasants were out front before his knights. All others held their position, awaiting the order to charge by their lord, while the archers let loose a volley of arrows at the undead horsemen. Unfortunately, because of the range, their shots either went wide or bounced harmlessly off their opponents aged armor.

A crackle of dark energy resonated from the Tomb Prince astride the chariot. Lady Isabelle, sensing the urgency of the magic, invoked her own powers to stop the enemy's plans. The chariots and horsemen started to move at an astonishing pace. Lady Isabelle drew on all of her strength to block the spells. Twice was she required to invoke her incantations. As she was overwhelmed by the enemy's third casting, her exhaustion forced her to use the magics she had prepared on a scroll. The undead army came to a halt only a few paces from the Bretonnians.

Seizing on this opportunity, Sir Didymus shouted the order for all units to charge. Sir Bardun led his knights of the realm headlong into the three Ushabti before him. With a guttural war cry, the men-at-arms hurled themselves at the chariots while being followed by Sir Didymus and his knights. Sir Didymus collided with the five chariots, but kept his attention on the enemy general in the chariot in front of him. The four Pegasus knights flew from their human cover and swarmed on the light cavalry that was attempting to flank their liege. The bowmen fired at the only viable target, a large giant made of bone that was determinedly walking towards their line. Their arrows, though, were no match for its undead frame.

As lances cracked and bone splintered, Sir Bardun lost two of his gallant force as black plaster was chipped and torn. But the Ushabti constructs did not fall and held their ground.

Sir Didymus faired better. The Paladin's men-at-arms destroyed one chariot in return for one of their own being trampled under undead hooves. The knights struck hard, destroying three chariots completely. Sir Didymus, always looking for a fair fight, steered towards the Tomb Prince's chariot for a personal challenge. The contest was quickly concluded as the Paladin struck his attacks home twice. The enemy general tried to match the attacks but could not bypass Bretonnian armor. With all but one chariot destroyed and the Tomb Prince twice wounded, he and his remnant turned and fled. But they were not quick enough to escape the thundering hooves of Bretonnian warhorses.

The Pegasus knights fell upon the light cavalry, which was six strong and accompanied by a Liche Priest. The might of the Pegasi was demonstrated as only the undead priest, barely able to sit in his worn saddle, was left "alive". He immediately fled but could not escape the winged horse's wrath.

Through their sweat and blood, the Bretonnians felt as if they awakened from a dream. The battlefield was empty. The only sign of the conflict was a pile of bones and the multitude of hoof prints in the wet sand with the destruction of the Tomb Prince and his unholy priest. The remnants of the Khemri army fell to dust.

Sir Dydmus scowled as a victory this easy and complete did not feel as a proper challenge to him. "Well, Lady Isabelle, I prithy our future outings along the coast will be more...rewarding", as he turned his host inland and towards home.

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