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Monday, 5 January 2009

High Elves vs Skaven 1500 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Ouch, a very nasty massacre ! (nicely summarised by turn/phase)

source : ulthuan.netcredit : prelude_to_war5-Jan-2009

I liked the Defenders of Ulthuan list over on the GW site. Oddly, it doesn't add up to be 1500 points when I calculated it...maybe it's just me... I slightly altered mine to make it 1500, with some slight changes (addition of Seaguard for example). Overall set-up: 1500pt game on a 4x4 table. No objectives other than annihilation!

Skaven Army List

- 3 units of clanrats (plus 2 ratling guns and a warp-fire thrower)
- 3 units of night runners
- a unit of tunnelers
- 1 giant
- 2 units of slaves
- 3 warlock engineers

High Elf Army List

Defenders of Ulthuan:
- dragon mage (lvl 2)
- noble (bsb; war banner, great weapon)
- 15 seaguard, fc
- 15 phoenix guard, fc
- 10 swordmasters
- 2 chariots
- 1 RBT

Initial deployment

Elf turn 1: Units close with eachother, shooting from RBT misses ratling gun, wall of fire fails to go off.

Skaven turn 1: Skaven kills a swordmaster with warp-lightning.

E2: Elves Charge!!! Wall of fire cast on slaves. Swordmasters charge the giant, inflicting 3 wounds but suffering 4! They flee from the giant.

S2: StormDemon bound item kills off 3 more Swordmasters as they run. Emerging tunnelers charge and kill the RBT crew (which had killed nothing). Giant charges Phoenix Guard in the flank!*

E3: DragonMage casts Fiery Blast on a Rating Gun, killing it. Chariots charge Night Runners on the flanks, while the Phoenix Guard unit manages to kill the Giant (courtesy of the Noble BSB with great weapon to be exact)

S3: Warlock Engineer kills the Dragonmage with warp-lightning! The stunned dragon watches over its former master's charred remains and is immobile for the rest of the game.

E4: Chariot on left flank charges a unit of clan rats but loses CR and is run down! Phoenix Guard charge and run down the right unit of Clan Rats. Chariot on the right flank destroys unit of Night Runners.

S4: More warp-lightning from skaven mages manage to kill 4 Phoenix Guard, while their warp-fire thrower misfires, setting the crew ablaze.

E5: Seaguard, in combat with clanrats manage 5 wounds - but they save all of them!
S5: Seaguard break and flee.

E6: Phoenix Guard charge and kill the Ratling Gun, overrunning into the last remaining Mage. He runs off the board. Seaguard rally.
S6: Clanrats and gutter runners charge seaguard but they hold.

Ended up being a solid victory for the elves! MVPs were the Phoenix Guard and Seaguard (although I never had the chance to shoot with the Seaguard). Worst elf units were the RBT (taken out turn 2 by tunnelers, not inflicting a single wound) and Dragon Mage unfortunately (Magic or combat? torn between the two!) I'll have to get the Dragon Mage into combat earlier to keep him safe from magic attacks/shooting. He did throw lots of dice in the magic phase, and it took the combined dispel dice of all three Warlock Engineers to contain him - def. a lot of fun.

My Skaven opponent's reaction to SoA was that it didn't play a huge factor (I rolled pretty poorly) but he could see the potential for some ridiculous results. Overall though he felt is wasn't over the top.

As this may end up being my tourney list for an upcoming RTT, I'm looking for suggestions on it. I'd like to keep the Dragon Mage (despite his poor performance in this game) b/c it's a model I don't often get to use. Otherwise I thought I might make the BSB noble a Reaver Bow + great weapon toting noble instead, putting him with the Seaguard instead of the Phoenix Guard, to give them more punch in ranged and close combat attacks.

*At this time the Giant ended up falling, inflicting a wound on itself. At the time, it was in combat with the Phoenix Guard - does combat end as a result of the fall, and the Phoenix Guard are no longer considered in combat? Or are the giant and Guard still in combat? We weren't sure so we rolled for it, resulting in their remaining in combat. I think that's right as the book states self-inflicted wounds from a fall count towards CR...

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