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Friday, 2 January 2009

Ogre Kingdoms vs Skaven 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Two Warp Lightning Cannons - too beardy ? (short and snappy in a ratty type of way)

source : underempire.netcredit : nightlord skizit2-Jan-2009

Today I had a game against an Ogre Kingdoms army, this is the first time I have ever played against them and was really shocked at what they can/cant do...

Skaven List (the writer's army)

warlord, weeping blade, heavy armour, warpstone ammy, enchanted shield

the twins...
2x warlocks, 1 with 2 scrolls, 1 with daemon and extra token

bsb, heavy armour and banner of the swarm

3x25 clanrats, stand mus
1x 25 clanrats, spears, stan, mus
4x 20 slaves
24 SV, full com, warbanner
2x2 giant rat packs
2x 4 tunnlers w/pison

Ogre Kingdoms Army list

...was a tyrant with tenderiser and a ward save
2 butchers
1 hunter, w/kitties
2 units of 5 bulls w/ironfist, stand mus
1unit of 4 iron guts, stand mus
5 leadbelchers
1 bull rynox rider

I depoyed in the checker formation, with one unit of giant rats on each flank and a Warp Lightning Cannon on each flank one of which was behind a forest....
he spread his force out along the entire table edge (not that there was much..)

Ogres got the first turn and did an all or nothing run towards me, he didnt get any gut magic off as for some reason he was using 2 dice to cast 3+ lvl spells ???

Skaven turn saw me move my slaves fwd and with a little wheeling to allow me to get flacks off when he eventually charged, i got warp-lightning off twice killing an ogre in each unit of bulls,and taking a wound or 2 off another, my cannons were also extremly devastating against him thanks to the d6 wounds, and killed 2 more ogres in each unit and 1 iron gut, also killing his hunter and the kitties ate his flesh! (they acctually do that lol!)

His next turn he charged a unit of slaves with his Rhinox cavalry and i opted to hold as to flank with CR the following turn if they held...which they did!, they won combat by 2 and he stayed, he got trollguts off on his bulls and his leadbelchers killed off 6 giant rats on the left flank and they ran off the board, taking nothing else with them, that was his turn.

My Skaven turn saw me move another unit of slaves to receive a charge from his remaining 2 ogre bulls w/ a butcher and 2 ironguts with the tyrant. I charged a second unit of bulls with 2 units of clanrats in the front. I then proceeded with magic and warplightning killed the rest of the bull unit (well, the butcher wasnt too happy and ran away from the fighting never to rally again).

The shooting phase was also great again and i shot into both combats killing 2 ogres in combat with the 2 unit of Clan Rats and the Rhynox in combat with the slaves only taking 2 slaves with him. The static combat res of my Clan Rats was too much for the ogres as they only killed 2 rats, they ran and i ran them down freeing the entire flank.

In his turn he charged the slaves but they fled as the CR unit behind had exposed its flank (it didnt run far enough on the pursuit roll)... that was everything in his turn.

In my turn i moved a unit of Clan Rats to receive a charge from the tyrant and 2 remaining iron guts if my magic didn't kill them. Indeed, the magic didn't them as I miscast and caused all remains in play spells to end, including his ! haha. :)

My tunnelers finally emerged and ran to the rear of the leadbelchers to halt them getting any closer (they had no real impact on the game). 1 of my Warp Lightning Cannons aimed through the slave unit and at the tyrant,.....i then rolled 16" for range and a misfire.....and a 1...! Oh well, it had already paid for its points more than once the second cannon couldn't see anything as there was a building in the way.

In the Ogre's turn the enemy charged my unit of Clan Rats, got 8 kills, and a stand. I lost only by 2 thanks to having the BSB in the unit, i rolled a double 6 but i got the re-roll thanks to the BSB and stayed, he turned his lead belchers around and fired at one of the units of gutter runners, he got 3 misfires and 25 shots! killed 2 of his own Ogres ["ouch !" Ed.] and 4 gutter runners!(i found it so amusing)

My turn now and it was the last as i flanked with my Storm Vermin on his remaining unit and killed 2 ogres thanks to my warlord with the fellblade ! I won combat by a crazy 14! he rolled for insane courage on the tyrant and rolled a 3! so close, i ran him down with the Storm Vermin and that was game over.

It was real fun as it's really only the first game I've had with the army and i think i'll keep it the same although people were calling me a beard for having 2 WLC...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did the warlord have a weeping blade or a fell blade then?

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