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Friday, 12 December 2008

Dark Elves vs Vampire Counts 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Planned and "executed" to perfection (a fairly summarised report by a top tactician )

source : : Xocer12-Dec-2008

Dark Elf Army List

Dreadlord on Dark Steed
-Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
-Hydra Blade;Pendant of Khaeleth; Potion of Strength
Hag Queen
-Cauldron of Blood
Master, BSB
-Heavy Armor, SDC; Soulrender;2 Null Shards(MR2)
Sorcerer;Lvl 1;Dispell Scroll;Dispell Scroll

25 Spearmen; Full Command; Warbanner
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
3 x 5 Harpies

20 Black Guard;Full Command;Ring of Hotek;Banner of Hag Graef
7 Shades;Great Weapons

2 RBTs
1 Hydra

The Vampire Count Roster(from memory):

Vampire Lord on foot; lvl3; Master of Black Arts; Lord of the Dead; Black Periapt; (other gear)
Vampire on foot; lvl2; Lord of the Dead; (other gear)
Vampire on Nightmare; lvl2; Avatar of Death (HW/Shield); Book of Arkan; Balefire Spike? (maybe)
Necromancer on Corpse Cart; Unholy Loadstone; Invocation;

I'm sure there were some Dispel Scrolls in here, maybe 2, but I don't usually keep track of these since I have no real magic.

10 Ghouls
20 Skeletons; full command; magic stick of some kind?
20 Skeletons; full command; magic stick of some kind?
2 x 5 Dire Wolves
3 Fell Bats
15 Grave Guard; full command; magic stick?
4 Blood Knights; Standard (might have been Hatred)


I've added this section, since it's often critical when facing Vampires to know what their spellcasters have rolled up in order to see how it will effect the game.

VC Lord: Invocation; Raise Dead; Van Hel's; Summon Horde (?)
Foot Vamp: Invocation: Raise Dead; Wind of Death
Mounted Vamp: Invocation: Raise Dead; Wind of Death

So, only one caster with Van Hel's to worry about, but plenty of zombie summoning action. No magic missiles or curse of years, which is good news for me since my army does well in combat, but can be vulnerable at range.

Army Deployment

I aimed to push up the middle once I knew where the Vampire infantry would be. I need to cut down the casters before the zombie summoning overwhelms me, and bait the Blood Knights on the right flank into my Black Guard, where I can handle them fairly easily.

Top round 1

I win the roll to go first, and off I go, only the harpies really hanging back because they are useless against undead outside the Ld range of my general, and could be easily Van Hel's charged if I overextend them. Shooting this round was pretty irrelevant. Killed a few models that came back during the VC magic phase.

Bottom round 1

The VC advance, which gave them some room to summon. A Dire Wolf screen jumped in front of the Blood Knights while the Varghulf jumped ahead on the flank. The magic phase healed a few dead Grave Guard and summoned some bulk into the frontmost skeleton unit, and brought up a new units of Zombies to the right of center.

Top round 2

Time to force some combats. My Cauldrong give the Black Guard +1 attack and the Hydra and Black Guard push ahead towards the Ghouls and Blood Knights. During the shooting phase a put all the necessary firepower into killing off the Dire Wolf screen in front of the Blood Knights, and bruise the pride of the small Ghoul unit.

Bottom round 2

The Blood Knights are forced to charge the Black Guard, and the Varghulf joins them for support. The Ghouls charge my Hydra. Despite my best efforts and some bad dice rolls from Richard, a unit of Dire Wolves flanks the Hydra via Van Hel's. Fortunately the bad dice stopped much else from happening during the phase, and I was able to burn my last scroll against the Book of Arkhan giving the Blood Knights ASF. In combat Richard's dice were not with him in the Hydra/Ghoul fight. He was only able to kill 1 handler, and the Hydra inflicted enough damage to make the fight a draw. In the more important combat, my Dreadlord chugged his Potion of Strength and with the aid of the BSB killed off all 4 Blood Knights and wounded the Vampire Hero. The Varghulf also took a pair of wounds, but between them the Vamp and Varg took down 7-8 Black Guard. That left the undead taking another 1/2 dozen wounds in combat res, and they disappears in a blast of necrotic energy; Black Guard overrun big into the summoned zombies.

Top round 3

The Cauldron of Blood braces the Hydra with a ward save, and my Spearmen advance to protect the Black Guard, anticipating they will be flanked shortly. My Harpies try to clear the dogs off the Hydra, but fail the fear test to join the fray. In the Hydra combat the undead fail to kill the last handler with some poor rolls from the dogs, and the Hydra proves too tough with 4+/4+/5+ saves against the ghouls. I think the Hydra killed the necromancer off the cart this turn. The Black Guard, as expected, turn the zombies into dust and overrun out of charge arc of the undead.

Bottom round 3

The undead turn to address the Black Guard in their rear, while the Fell Bats finally charge into my backfield at a RBT with Mage attached. With both remaining VC casters in range of the Ring of Hotek, and a few rolls of less than 7 from Richard on 2d6, the VC were unable to dance into the Black Guard rear. In combat the Hydra and handler finally overwhelmed the deadites, after the handler picked up the slack and pounded down 2-3 dire wolves to help the Hydra out, making both VC units disappear. The Fell Bats were able to wound the Sorcerer on the RBT, but died in return.

Top round 4

8 points of static combat resolution slam into the flank and rear of the first Skeleton warrior unit, with the Spearmen augmented by the Cauldron of Blood with +1 attack. The Black Guard turn to face the remaining undead units. Carnage ensues, but the Skeleton unit is not wiped out completely.

In the bottom of turn 4 the Vampire Lord makes one last chance to join the fray during the magic phase, but ends the phase on a miscat from the Ring of Hotek. With the skeletons and Grave Guard about to vanish, leaving the VC Lord alone and surrounded, the VC chose to retire from the field of battle. 19-3 Victory for me, because there was no undead BSB available to kill for the last bonus battle point.

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