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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Beasts of Chaos vs Chaos Daemons 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Those chariot masters need to keep a tighter rein ! (these players seem to be seasoned pros)

source : : Beastlord Karankawa13-Dec-2008
Note: Hordes of Chaos edition 6 army book

The following is my account of the 2007 Lonewolf Indy GT held in Dallas, TX from August 17th through August 19th – at least to the best of my abilities to remember all the great moments (and those not as great as they should have been!).

Below is the list I wanted to try out (the list I spent several weeks worth of late nights painting on to touch up and revamp models that I painted some 10 years ago – I estimate that I painted over 1500 maggots for the event as well as sculpted new swords for everyone).

Chaos Daemons Nurgle DL List -

Father Nurgle
Maggotus - Daemonic Herald with Spell Breaker
1 x 21 Plaguebearer unit with Icon / full command
1 x 14 Plaguebearer unit / full command
1 x 4 Nurglings
1 x 3 Nurglings
2 x 3 Plagueriders

Opponent - Ben – Skaven colored Doombull / Beastmen

Beasts of Chaos Army List-

Doombull with Sword of Might with 7 minotaurs with great weapons
3 x level two Bray Shaman with Death magic and three dispel scrolls
2 x 3 Minotaur units with great weapons
2 x 4 Minotaur unit with great weapon
2 x Herds with full command (used to keep the Bray Shaman safe)
3 x 6 Chaos Hounds
2 x Beast Chariots
1 x 6 Furies
2 x Spawn

Scenario – Pitch battle (for the rival Herdstone)

Summary - As with many of my games, it started out rough. Ben and I have been playing grudge matches for the better part of close to 10 years now – he always taking the low road and cheating blatantly in every game where as I claimed the high road and cheated much less. The evil beasties were able to set up any number of charges against my relatively slow moving shambling horde. The herds held on tight to its shaman charges (2 in one herd on the right and 1 in a herd on the left). Through out the game, they attempted to pepper the poor Daemons with magic missiles, some finding their targets, but most being accepted / dispelled.

The mighty Doombull and his unit then ran aggressively across the board to the middle of the battlefield, behind its hounds though. Each hound unit positioned itself in such a manner as to afford the trailing units the best counter charge possible though. Flanking his position were his other two units of minotaurs. The two beast chariots were to the left of the all the minotaurs and also moved up aggressively. The furies took to the sky and quickly moved to march block as many units as possible.

The Nurgle Daemon legion surged forward in a tight mass – the two Plaguebearer blocks held Father Nurgle and Maggotus safely inside. A Plaguerider unit was tasked to help protect the flank of each block of Plaguebearers and a unit of Nurglings was used to help protect the flanks and rears of each Plaguerider unit. I found early on that you want as many units as possible to be able to use the Herald’s Instability Re-roll ability.

The Doombull general then barked his commands out to his hounds – they stood firm and waited for the Daemons’ charge. The chariots were ready to strike as well as the furies for supporting attacks. The beast magic continued to pelt units, but to no significant effect yet.

With the Daemon charge though, the hounds were crushed easily, but the flanks of the Daemons were guarded carefully. The beasts then crashed in with a thunderous counter charge. The furies and one chariot slammed into the left most Nurgling unit, but the Daemons took minimum damage from impact hits before slaughtering several furies and wounding the chariot. The furies then “popped” and the chariot fled back next to its wing mate – the one that failed its fear test…twice…and refused to charge in an save the day. The right most Nurglings faired well also. They were charged by a large minotaur unit to the front, took some damage, but removed a minotaur from play. In the middle, the remaining minotaur units (one of which had the Doombull), attempted to destroy the smaller Plaguebearer unit, and damage was done, but the unit remained…taking a minotaur down as well.

It was after this that the “4th Quarter” Daemons came into play. The fleeing chariot failed to rally, and fled through his “wing mate”, destroying him, and then fled through the left most herd, destroying several ungors, but not enough to take a break check. Those units in combat remained in combat with no significant break checks failed (a lone minotaur took off, but that was all). The right most Nurglings continued to take spell damage and march toward the herd in front, but wily beasts continued to drop back and avoid confrontation.

The final blow came the next turn when Father Nurgle and his Plaguebearers entered the fray and pounded enough minotaurs into the dirt that it forced the Doombull and his minotaurs to turn and flee – hoping to avoid death – but death was not to be avoided. They fleeing units were pounced upon and destroyed with successful pursuit rolls.

This game was one of the more lopsided games I had over the weekend with everything said and done, but Ben was more than happy to have this experience on Friday rather during actual tournament time.

Result - Max victory points and the all-important taking the coveted HERDSTONE from the evil fiend.

Unit of the match? The Nurglings did very well – holding up everything that came at them. If the chariot on the left had passed one of its fear checks, it may have been a little different.

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