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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tomb Kings vs The Empire 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

A very hard fought Warhammer pitched battle (a long but enjoyably detailed battle report)

source : : Atchman11-Dec-2008

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t played my Tomb Kings army since I got tired of getting bombed week after week by Tomb Kraig’s Twin Skullz O’ Death. Normally the purpose of our Game Nights is to play friendly games and use our skills to make up for any shortcomings that are in our lists. We try to be reasonable and just have fun. Sometimes we do going into “tourney prep” but after some bad experiences by all of us in the last year, we’ve kinda sworn off tournaments due to burnout and what being so competitive does to our otherwise fun night of the week.

Last night my friend Racticas (Sean) came over for a game. Neither of us had a set army ready to play so we took a minute to put our forces together.

Tomb Kings Army

Nerf King, Spongeking Squarebase, Great Weapon, Golden Ankara (4 plus Ward Save), Armor of the Ages, Cloak of Dunes
Hierophant, Skeletal Steed, Hieratic Jar, Dispel Scroll
Liche Priest, Dispel Scroll
Icon Bearer, Icon of Rakaph
20 Skeleton Warriors, Full Command, LA and Shields, Banner of the Undying Legions
20 Skeleton Warriors, Full Command, LA and Shields
14 Skeletons Warriors, bows
5 Light Horsemen
2 Tomb Swarms
3 Chariots
3 Carrion
3 Ushabti
2 Scorpions
Boner, the Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foes

As you can see it was a pretty friendly army. It would have been actually decent with a Tomb Prince or additional Liche Priest on a Skeletal Steed. I try and keep the magic low in my Nerf Kings builds so that the other guy has a lot more fun and the game is more tactical. Normally, I have just three characters in the Nerf Kings builds, and just spend the points on more troops.

The Empire Army

Templar Grand Master, Sword of Power, Laurels of Victory
Warrior Priest, Barded Steed, Dawn Armor, Sword of Might
BSB, Barded Steed, Full Plate Armor, Banner of Sigismund
Scroll Caddy
Helblaster Volley Gun
Great Cannon
5 Outriders
5 Pistoliers
25 Swordsmen, Full Command
Det: 10 Handgunners
Det: 10 Halberdiers
25 Spearmen, Full Command
Det: 10 archers
Det: 10 Free Company
5 Vanilla Knights
5 Vanilla Knights
5 IC Knights, War Banner and Full Command
5 Knights, Full Command

Again a pretty nice list, though competitive. I would have probably dropped a few of that big unit of archers for the Steel Standard to get the Grandmaster into melee ASAP. Not too much of a fan of static shooting detachments either, but they did have a nice role in the battle since his plan was to hold with the infantry and flank with the cavalry. It just turns out my plan was the same, except it was Boner, his little Shubbie buddies, and Spongebob Squarebase (the Tomb King).

T1 - Tomb Kings Turn One

My pre-game pix were too blurry so I just posted after I moved on turn one. As you will read I didn’t really have a plan! I should have just used a Tomb Prince and dropped the silly Icon Bearer. It turned out I didn’t really have a good unit to put him in; thus to the poor planning.
I moved the Skeleton Light Horse up to shoot at the Pistoliers. The Chariots angled a bit, the rest of the army moved up. Seeing the Outriders, the Handgunners, the Great Cannon, the Helblaster AND the Pistoliers, Boner (the Bone Giant) hide like a gurl behind the house out of LoS. I moved the Carrion forward hoping for a turn one charge on the Handgunners.
My magic pretty much did nothing with most of the stuff dispelled. My Catapult missed badly. My guessing was really off this entire game. I was overthinking it.

T2 - a better view of the Carrion near the house

T3 Grand View of the Battlefield
Note the Reiksguard Knights standing by to help with the tunneling units.

T4 - The Empire responds and TK turn

The Outriders moved into the woods to fire at the Empire troops. His MAGIC killed my hapless Carrion! He only had a caddy and I blew the dispel roll despite having four dice. My dice were cursed this entire game! My chariots moved back, but I couldn’t get them away from the Warrior Priest’s Knights. My scorpions came up right where I wanted them. The first one did great taking out the Helblaster. The other would spend most of the rest of the game fighting a stupid detachment. In a normal universe with average dice, this shouldn’t have happened but this is the bizzaro Atch universe where dice suck all the time.

Boner destroyed the Pistoliers, which had ambled too close. I revealed my flying Tomb King for the first time to try and take out the Outriders. I used both of the Kings incants, the Hierophant’s AND the Hieratic Jar. The Empire blew all of its magic defense, including both scrolls to stop it!
My stupid catapult misfired and couldn’t fire for two turns. I won’t mention it anymore since it either misfired or failed to hit the entire game. DRAT!

Turn 5 - a better view

T6 - Middle Turns

The Empire destroyed the hapless Chariot unit. If I would have had a Tomb Prince, I think I could have easily held there, but I trusted the Icon Bearer to help me this game. (dumb, dumb). I charged a unit of Skeletons into his Grandmasters unit.

Remember the Outriders? They not only held my Tomb King after he charged, BUT reduced him to a single wound before being destroyed! OMG! What was this with my dice? I finally moved the Ushabti forward to threaten the Empire. Boner moved around the trees. I used magic to charge the Handgunners in the flank but they fled.

T7 - The Ushabti get “stuck in”

My skeletons held out against the Grandmaster despite hitting me with EVERY SINGLE SWING from his Grandmaster! However it was my turn for revenge.

T8 - No scrolls!

With nothing to stop me, I charged the Bone Giant into the flank of the BSB’s Swordmen and the Ushabti into the front of the unit! This melee lasted a few turns with my dice BONING me again and again and his dice being perfect! I hit his BSB twice and thought I could get some wounds on him, but he rolled both armor saves on a five plus! Eventually though the Ushabti killed him.

T9 - The fight goes on!

I used my reform banner to form up the archers to fight the IC Knights and the Warrior Priest. My skeletons where holding out against the Grandmaster’s unit. The Scorpion held out against the Knights, while the other Scorpion FINALLY finished off the detachment but died to the Swordsmen.

T10 - The fight keeps on going and going!

The Grandmaster finished off the Skeletons and was looking for more targets. The Reiksguard Knights moved on top of the Tomb Swarm. I rolled ones about four times in a row!

T11 - The IC Knights destroy the Skeleton Archers

My poor archers died leaving on the Icon Bearer, he would die the next turn. The biggest mistake I made in the this game was to fail to move the other unit of Skeletons away from them.

That was the last Last Picture of the Game!

Sorry I took so few shots but the game was REALLY intense!
The Swarms came up and killed the Great Cannon with a nice scatter roll. Boner and the Usahbti finally destroyed the Swordsmen and then the Spearmen! The Vanilla Knights were ran down and killed by the Tomb Scorpion. My Tomb King, Spongebob Squarebase over SEVERAL rounds of melee finally killed the Vanilla Knights. He did get rid of the Outriders and the Vanilla Knights, but I thought he could have done so much more with some average dice rolling.

I lost my other Liche Priest on turn six from the Warrior Priest and the Knights. They killed about half my army. I fed his two hammer knight units most of my little stuff, but my Usabti, Light Horse, Tomb Kings, Scorpions, Boner, and the Tomb Swarm revenged them destroying all of the static parts of his army!

When we first counted it up I had a very minor victory, but I had forgotten to give him half the points for my wounded Snotlings! This brought it back to a well earned Draw!

Result: DRAW

Warhammer Battle Summary:

I must say my list may have been too friendly. However my dice hated me the entire game and I MAY have thrown some here and there. I thought that with some average dice I could have blown through his units faster and responded to the other threat of the Knights. I really need a Tomb Prince, even he had nothing but a Great Weapon instead of the Icon Bearer. Maybe I should have tried the Banner of the Hidden Dead?

It was a well fought game that is a fact!

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