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Monday, 29 December 2008

Bretonnia vs Warriors of Chaos 1500 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Ouch, a very nasty massacre ! (nicely summarised by turn/phase)

source : librarium-online.comcredit : Tones29-Dec-2008

After having my Chaos army for about a month I finally got the oppurtunity to play it against my friend's Bretonnians. He's not the best player, and just generally likes to charge, but it's still concerning as those lances hurt, and I had never played my army before.

Warrios of Chaos Army list

Exalted Champion: GW, Helm of Many Eyes (with marauders)
Bray Shaman: Lvl 2, LoS (with Herd)
Mounted Sorcerer: Lvl 2, MoS (alone)
24 Marauders
5 Marauder Horsemen
5 Chosen Knights: MoS
2x 5 Warhounds
5 Furies
1 Battle Herd
3 Minotaurs: GWs

Bretonnian Army List

1 Paladin in 7 Grail Knights
1 Paladin in 9 KotR
1 Damsel in 11 KotR
9 KotR

Bad army, I know.

There were five pieces of terrain. On the two flanks were two woods on the left, both equidistant from each other and the board edge. A hill to the right in the middle and heavy terrain in the dead centre. There were two alleys to get through.

Deployment: I put the Herd in the forest to the far left, then the Giant, two squads of hounds and the Minotaurs in the middle. Then for the other point the Knights and Horsemen were off on the side, with the Furies behind them. And in the alley were the Marauders. He deployed only his Grail Knights on my left flank, and then far over on the right were all three KotR.

Magic: I rolled Tittilating Delusions, Enrapturing Spasms. And Creeping Death and Unseen Lurker (perfect Shadow spells vs Knights). He got protection from missiles.

First Turn (Chaos Warriors)
Movement: I moved everything up. The furies jumped onto the hill, the Horsemen behind them, and the Knights slightly to their left. Moved the Marauders slightly up into the alley. Moved the Sorcerer up.
On the left I decided to move the minotaurs up. Went up quickly with the hounds, and the Herd went further into the forest.
Magic: Fizzled.
Combat: None.

First Turn (Bretonnian)

Second Turn (Chaos Warriors)
Movement: I flew the Furies up, march-blocking two squads of knights. The horsemen started going over the hill, and the Knights went to the left at the bottom, waiting for the Knights to charge up the alley. On the other flank I moved the herd up again, and moved the hounds just within the Grail Knight's range.
Magic: Fizzled
Combat: None

Second Turn (Bretonnia)
Movement: He turned his rightmost knights to face my furies.
Magic: Cast his protection from missiles. I let him.
Combat: None.

Third Turn (Chaos Warriors)
Movement: I flew the Furies to the other side of the Knights, march blocking the two squads again. I did silly things on the hill with the Horsemen, trying to keep them out of charge range. I took a gamble and moved the Marauders in charge range of what I hope was now only one squad. On the left my Herd moved up again, out of their charge arc, and I moved my hounds closer. The other squad of hounds finally exited that difficult terrain.
Magic: None.
Combat: None.

Third Turn (Bretonnian)
Movement: He charged his middle squad of the KotR into the Marauders. The right squad turned to face the horsemen, the left squad failed a charge on the Marauders. The Grail Knights didn't take the bait.
Magic: None.

Combat: Having Helm of Many Eyes I swung first, killing two knights. His Knights hit back and managed to kill a mighty 1 Marauder! I hit back and killed another knight with my marauders. Though I win combat he stays where he is.

Fourth Turn (Chaos)
Movement: I charge the Chaos Hounds into the front of the Grail Knights. I move the Beast Herd almost all the way up to the Grail Knights. I charge the KotR that are in combat with my Chosen Knights. I charge the right KotR (the ones facing my Horsemen) with the furies.

Magic: Finally, I manage to send his leftmost KotR off to a point right in front of my Minotaurs, past the middle terrain feature. I then cast Unseen Lurker on the Herd and they charge the flank of the Grail Knights.

Combat: I completely decimate his KotR with my Knights, Marauders and Hero. I overrun with my Knights. The Furies manage to do a wound to the KotR, though they do two in return. I roll, and take two further wounds, leaving two furies.
As for the Grail Knigths, I just hoped to hold him until my Giant gets there. In the end, I kill two grail Knights with my Herd and one with my Hounds. In respone they wipe out my hounds. They win combat by one. I hold, but they reform up against my Herd.

Fourth Turn (Bretonnia)
Movement: He moves his KotR further towards that point.
Magic: None.

Combat: His KotR again fight at my furies, though fail to cause a wound. I kill one more KotR. I lose combat, fail my Ld by 1, and have one fury left. The Grail Knights kill a huge number of the Herd, who then flee. They are allowed to flee, knowing they would not rally.

Fifth Turn (Chaos)
Movement: I charged the horsemen into the KotR and started to move everything up into a better position. I charge the Minotaurs into the flank of the KotR. I move my Giant to face the Grail Knights. He could not escape their charge next turn.
Magic: None, though I stupidly forgot to end the Delusions.
Combat: My Horsemen and the fury together managed to do one wound to a KotR, taking none in return. Trying to kill at least the fury to save face, he does two wounds to it, but both are saved! He breaks, and the lone fury runs them down! The Minotaurs kill three KotR, but they hold, only just.

Fifth Turn (Bretonnia)
Movement: He charges my Giant.
Combat: His Grail Knights do 5 wounds to my Giant, and I am quietly confident. But his horse does one more, and I spit and curse. He stupidly overruns towards my knights. The Minotaurs deal three more wounds, and his squad is broken and destroyed.

Sixth Turn (Chaos)
Movement: I charge my Knights into his. I charge my Minotaurs and the other hounds into his Grail Knights.

Combat: The Knights and the Minotaurs all but wipe out the Grail Knights who flee, and have the pleasure of being killed by my Knights.

In the end... Warriors of Chaos army left alive:
3 Characters
23 Marauders
5 Chaos Knights
5 Horsemen
1 fury
5 hounds

Bretonnians still living...

Result: Massacre for Warriors of Chaos !

A great game. His problem was he played it too safe, allowing my support units to get into great positions to disrupt him. If he had just charged he would have surely done huge amounts of damage. I was particularly impressed by the warhounds and furies. Warhounds are just great for their points, and the furies really performed brilliantly. I thought the daemonic ld tests were awful, but not breaking really paid for itself. I think he was cursed by some severely bad dice rolling as well, but I enjoyed the game.

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