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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

High Elves vs Orcs and Goblins 2250 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

"...all that is left of my trolls is some bloody pulp." (a good game, well reported on)

source : underempire.netcredit : Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull30-Dec-2008

High Elves Army List

Archmage lv4, book of hoeth
Commander, bow, some armour
Commander, bow, some armour, fury of khaine

20 Spear elves, full command
20 Sword masters, full command banner of sorcery
10 Bowmen
10 Bowmen
5 Silver helms, full command
5 High elf fast cavalry.
2 Chariots
2 Reaper bolt throwers.
8 Scouts.
1 Eagle

We decided to play on a 6x4” table. I won the roll to choose the table side and to set up, so I placed my first unit. But my opponent won the roll to start the game but he said I could start.

Blugnot's - spells where Brain Bursta and foot of Gork
Nazgud's - spells where Gaze of Mork, Bash ‘em Ladz, Gork’s Warpath and WAAAGH!

Orcs and Goblins Army List - not specified

Orc&Goblin Turn 1

Animosity: my whole right flank rolled a six for animosity so they moved up. Also my trolls passed their stupidity.

Movement: my entire army moved to the enemy.

Magic: Blugnot tried to cast Brain bursta but failed, Nazgud tried to cast Gork’s warpath and I roll total power, and I kill 6 scouts and they pass there panic test.

Shooting: My two chukka’s missed their target.

Combat: None

High elf turn 1

Movement: The scouts marched and placed them in front of my savage boar boyz and hoped that they would charge next turn. And then he moved his silver helms a little bit. And a chariot charges a wolfrider unit but they flee. And his eagle lures out my fanatic’s on my left flank, one fanatic goes trough it and the other one go in the direction of the forest. I do 6hits and the eagle is no more. And he also charges with his chariot on his right flank my wolfriders and I hold my ground.

Magic: He gets one extra power dice from the banner of sorcery. His archmage cast Curse of arrow attraction and he rolls a double so it is casted with irresistible force, then he cast flames of the feniks on my goblin unit with my shaman. Once again irresistible force and he kills 14 of them and they fail their panic test and flee 8inch and come out behind my orc unit with double choppa. And then he kills one troll with the fury of khaine.

Shooting: He shoots with everything on my troll unit and after 20 bow shots and 12 shots from the bolt throwers all that is left from my trolls is some bloody pulp.

Close combat: His chariot kills my wolf riders and he overruns and lures out my fanatic’s and he both fanatics go 8” and the chariot gets destroyed by the lunatic’s.

Orc&Goblin: turn 2

Animosity: Only my savage boar boyz fail there animosity and my goblin unit behind it.

Movement: My boar chariot on the right of my goblin unit charges his fast cavalry. My wolfriders rally and move 8inch, my night goblins with Blugnot rally. Then the rest of my army advances.

Magic: Blugnot doesn’t cast any spells and Nazgud doesn’t roll high enough, why do you take then magic eh. And even worse I forgot to dispel flames of the feniks of my goblin unit.

Shooting: One chukka hits and does a wound on his chariot..

Combat: My boar chariot rolls 6 impact hits and they all die from this. And I overrun in the hope that I get of the table unfortunately I roll only 5”.

High elf Turn 2

Movement: his only remaining chariot charges my boar chariot, and I decided to not flee because I need to roll 13” to get out of his range. For the rest his characters move a bit around.

Magic: He kills some more goblins with flames of the feniks and they fail their panic test and the run of the table. Then his archmage try to cast curse of arrow attraction but he miscast and I may cast a spell as result, I choose Waaagh but he dispels it with his remaining power dice.

Shooting: His shooting kills only 4 wolves and 2 orcs with double choppa..

Combat: None

Orcs & Goblins Turn 3

Annimosity: My orcs with double choppa roll a six and they move 5” forward. And my savage orcs fail their animosity again.

Movement: A lonely wolfrider charges one of his bolt throwers. And the rest of my army advances.

Magic: I cast Waaagh with total power and my entire army moves around 8” inch forward and my savage boar boyz charge his scouts. And one of my fanatic’s goes trough the combat and kill my wolf rider and one crew member. And one fanatic kills 2 silver helms.

Shooting: none, my crewmember had left their warmachines.

Close combat: none.

High elf turn 3

Movement: He advance here and there a little bit, and his silver helms charge my savage boar boyz. His remaining chariot charges also my goblin unit.

Magic: He casts flames of the feniks on my orc unit with double choppa and he kills some of them.

Shooting: His shooting kills a lot of orcs from my unit with shields but they pass their panic test.

Close combat: His chariots does 2 impacts and kills two goblins, and then his horses and crew kills 2 more goblins. I win the combat by one and the chariot hold his grounds. His silver helms kill one boar boy and win the combat by one and they flee, luckily for my they stop just in front of my orc unit that contains my great shaman.

Orcs and Goblins Turn 4

Annimosity: My orcs with double choppa roll a 6 and move 6 inch forward to his bowmen.

Movement: My orcs with double choppa charge his bowmen, my black orc big boss general charges a his bolt thrower. And my savage boar boyz rally.

Magic: Nothing special that I remember.


Close combat: The double choppa orc’s win combat against the bowmen and I over run in his swordmasters of hoeth (the unit that contains his archmage). Then it is time to use my black orc I choose double choppa and I roll 3 one’s on my to hit roll and a one to wound, and the bolt thrower crew wins because their outnumbering, and then the unbelievable happens my black orc breaks from a crew from a warmachine luckily he escapes far enough.

High elf Turn 4

Movement: His remaining silver helms charge my remaining savage boar boyz, and his spear elves charge my unit with double choppas in their flank, and his bolt thrower crew charges my black orc but he outruns them.

Magic: He tries to cast but he miscasts and the magic fase ends.

Shooting: He shoots some orcs from my choppa shield unit.
Close combat: his spear elves kill some orcs from my double choppa shield unit. And then 2 orcs swing their choppa and kill the archmage, and then my orcs die fighting. Well at least they got me 300+ points by killing his archmage. And his silver helms destroy my savages.

Orc & Goblin turn 5

Annimosity: None.

Movement: I charge my last chariot into the rear of his spear elves and rally my general, and my 5 remaining orcs from my choppa/ shield unit charges his last bolt thrower.

Magic: I cast Gork’s warpath and he can’t dispell it. I kill 2 silver helms, 6 bowmen and do one wound with on his chariot with it.

Shooting: Once again my chukka’s miss their targets.

Combat: I do 4 impact hits and I kill 4 spear elves, then my boars kill a spear elf and then my crew kills one spear elf so I win combat by one but the elves hold their ground. And my orc unit kills the last crew member.

High elf turn 5

Movement: He moves his commander from his spear unit to the rear and his 2 bowmen and commander charge my choppa shield orc unit.

Magic: none

Shooting: none

Combat: He destroys my chariot but he doesn’t overrun. And his bowmen and commander do nothing and I win combat by two and he breaks from combat but I can’t run them down.

Orc and Goblin Turn 6

Animosity: I decide to call a waaagh, my goblin unit rolls a six and moves 5inch to the rear of his spear elves, my general moves to the crew member from his reaper bolt thrower that are some where in the middle of the table. And then the unit of my great shaman rolls a one and a night goblin unit also.

Movement: my night goblins charge the rear of the spear elves, I hold my breath when I roll my fear test but I make it on a 4. My general charges his crew. My 5 orcs charge his fleeing bowmen and then another nigh goblin unit charges his silver helms.

Magic: none

Shooting: A chukka does 2 wounds on his last chariot.

Combat: My goblins kill one spear elf and he kills none in return and he breaks from combat, my black orc big boss kill his bolt thrower crew, and my night goblins break the silver helms.

High elf Turn 6

Movement: He rallies his silver helms and he charges my night goblin unit who decide to run and fight another day and then he charges my general with his last chariot.

Magic: none

Shooting: none

Combat: He does three impact hits and wounds1 time and I save it, then he fails to do any hits with his horses and crew, and then my general swings with his great weapon and kills the chariot.

Victory Points

Orcs & goblins : 2003 victory points
High elves : 1485 victory points.

Difference: 518pts

Result: Minor victory to Orcs and Goblins Army

Conclusion: well I made some small mistakes like forgetting to dispel the flames of the feniks, but all in all I’m quite happy of the performance of my army.

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