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Monday, 1 December 2008

Beasts of Chaos vs Tomb Kings 1000pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

In Warhammer the only thing you should fear is fear itself ! (short and sweet)

source : librarium-online.comcredit : Tones1-Dec-2008

Beasts of Chaos Army List

1x Wargor: HA, GW
1x Bray Shaman
2x Battle Herds
1x Ambushing Herd
2x Warhounds (1 in Ambush)
2x Beast Chariots
3x Minotaurs
6x Furies

Tomb Kings Army List

Tomb Prince: GW
14x Tomb Guard
10x Skeleton Archers
3x Ushabti
3x Chariots
25x Skeletons

Terrain: On my side of the table there was a forrest nearing the middle and another on the right. On his side (from my perspective) there was a hill on the right and a forest a bit off to the left of the middle.


Tomb Kings: He had his ushabti on the hill, as were the skeleton archers and the heirophant. At the bottom of the hill to the left were the skeletons, then the tomb guard and then the chariots.

Beasts of Chaos: I had my Chariots, hounds and furies on the right, one beast herd and the minotaurs in the middle, and another battle herd off in the left forest.

Turn 1 (Beasts):
Movement: I ran the left herd through the forest, everything moved up slightly, and I ran my furies off to the far right.
Magic: Dispelled.
Combat: None.

Turn 1 (Tomb Kings):
Movement: He moved his chariots off around the left forest on his side. Everything crept forward slightly.
Magic: Dispelled.
Shooting: His archers fired and killed one fury.
Combat: none.

Turn 2 (Beasts):
Movement: I charged his archers with my furies, hoping to overrun into his heirophant just behind. I blew the Bray Horn and the two squads came on, both behind the hill. I moved the left battle herd around into the forest on his side. Everything else stayed just out of his charge range.
Magic: None.
Combat: My furies only did two wounds, and received one in return. They lost, and failed instability, wiping them all out. A poor effort!

Turn 2 (Tomb Kings):
Movement: Realising the chariots were in a bad place, he turned them around. He moved his Tomb Guard towards my left Beast Herd. He moved his skeletons up to face my ambushing Beast Herd. The Heirophant edged away from the ambushers. The Ushbati moved further up.
Magic: He moved his Tomb Prince into combat with my left Beast Herd.
Shooting: He shot at my hounds, and they fled.
Combat: His Tomb Guard ran into my Beasts, doing very few wounds. I did one or two in reply. He lost, and one Tomb Guard crumpled.

Turn 3 (Beasts):
Movement: I tried to charge the skeleton archers with my ambushing herd, but they failed. The Hounds also failed charging this unit. The two chariots tried to charge the Ushbati, but only one passed. The middle Battle Herd charged his Tomb Guard.
Magic: None.
Combat: With the dismal amounts of chargers getting in, I wasn't happy. The Chariot killed one Ushabti, but taking two wounds back it lost combat and fled, with the Ushabti in hot pursuit. The other combat went exceedingly well. I got the Tomb Prince down to one wound, and the squads was nearly wiped out. I won by a lot, but he made a great test and lost no Tomb Guard.

Turn 3 (Tomb Kings):
Movement: He charged my ambushing herd with his skeletons, and they fled off the table. The Ushabti charged my other chariot, and it fled, failing its leadership test. The Chariots charged into the left combat.
Combat: His Tomb Guard and Prince and chariots held their own, but still lost combat. Nothing crumbled, but I was worried. And the right flank wasn't looking great, and they were a way away.

Turn 4 (Beasts):
Movement: I charged my Hounds into his Heirophant, and they passed their test!
Combat: They ripped him to shreds. The Tomb Guard and Prince were wiped out.

Turn 4 (Tomb Kings):
Crumblng: The Chariots crubmbled, one ushabti crumbles, the Archers vanish, 9 skeletons die.

At this point he called the game.

Battle Result: Massacre for the Beasts!

A really fun game. Playing Undivided mortals up to this point I really see how Fear is just so good against low Ld armies. With Ld 7 half of my charges will fail, so half of my combat power is diminished. I was just lucky Undead aren't great at winning combat, particularly against Chaos. And if they do, they rarely outnumber, so auto-breaking wasn't a big issue in this game.

What was interesting is that charges and magic did very little in this game. All my magic was dispelled, as was almost all of his. And on the charge every army went badly. The only exception were my hounds (God love them).

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