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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ogre Kingdoms vs Wood Elves 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Flee and counter tactics - should Ogres really run from puny Elves ?!
(a passionate battle report)

source : : Xtapl30-Nov-2008

Took my Ogres out for another spin last night. My army was:

Tyrant 296
Heavy Armor
Fistful of Laurels (reroll one failed break test)
Wyrdstone (5+ ward)

Butcher 180
Dispel Scroll
Tooth Gnoblar
Skull Mantle (-1LD penalty LD tests by bearer and unit)

Butcher 185
Tooth Gnoblar
Dispel Scroll

3 Bulls 127

3 Bulls 127

3 Bulls 127

3 Ironguts 204
Standard and Muso
War Banner
Lookout Gnoblar

3 Ironguts 159
Muso and Standard
Lookout Gnoblar

3 Ironguts 154
Muso and Standard

2 Leadbelchers 120

2 Leadbelchers 120

Gorger 75
Gorger 75

My opponent’s army, from memory, was:

Highborn on Horse
2 level 2 Spellsingers on Horses
3 units of 8 Dryads
10 Glade Guard with Champion
12 Glade Guard with Champion
2 units of 7 Glade Riders with Champion
7 Wild Riders with Full Command
13 Wardancers with Champion and Musician

His level 2s rolled up 1-5, and 3-5. He switched 3 for 1, so that was two Treesingings and two Regens per turn. Deployment looked like this: (click to enlarge the battle maps)

He won the roll off for first turn, and decided to go ahead and take it.

Wood Elves TURN ONE

Some pretty cautious forward moving, with nothing really decisive going on. I suspected I was about to be deluged with S3 bow fire, which can be pretty annoying en masse. The magic phase was going along well, dispelling his first spell, unit he managed to IF Regen onto the Glade Riders. Bleh.

The bows were, in fact, fairly accurate, killing a Leadbelcher on the right and wounding one on the left. Anyone who says S3 shooting is useless is crazy.


Time to get in place for the flee and counter! Bulls and LBs moved out hard, getting ready to run away with all their might. Ironguts lumbered forward cautiously, ready to run in as the second wave.

Magic was pretty uneventful, although I did manage to get +1T and Stubborn on the Tyrant/Guts, and wipe out two of the middle Glade Guard with the bangstick.

Then, here's a fun thing: my left LBs totally misfired on themselves, rolling two misfires in a row, and killed one of themselves. Awesome.

Wood Elves TURN TWO

Just the one declared charge, with the Dryads failing the charge range on the Bulls at left. Everything else was based around maneuvering things so they could shoot me.
His magic phase was quick, as all of his spells were either dispelled or scrolled.

The shooting wasn't as bad this time. The left GRs totally missed the lone Leadbelcher. The middle Glade Guard did one wound to the Bulls, but the GRs totally failed to wound them. That, hopefully, would come back to haunt him. The Glade Guard missed the Bulls on the right, and I'm not entirely sure why that was his target choice.


CHARGE! All three units of Dryads were going to get ganked this turn, although I was pretty sure the Dryads in the center were just standing there to bait me so that the Wardancers could flank charge and wipe out my Butcher. I was hoping the Bulls could crush the Dryads on the hill, pursue far, and get in the way of the Butcher's unit's flank. The other Dryads? Well..they were about to get up close and personal with a Thundermace. Quietly, a Gorger snuck onto the table and crept up vewwy vewwy quietwy behind some Wild Widews. Ha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a.

All my magic got dispelled, except Braingobbler on the Glade Guard, which they passed anyway.

My Leadbelcher killed three Glade Guard at left, which wasn't bad at all, all things considered.

In combat, the left Bulls pummeled 4 Dryads, took 2 wounds in return, won and ran the Dryads down - just not far enough to get in the way properly. The Butcher's unit did 2 bull charge wounds, then the Ironguts went ape feces and slaughtered Dryads left and right. The last two fled, but the Guts couldn't catch them.

The Tyrant thundermaced only 2 Dryads (Bleh...I didn't even get to Thundermace properly.). The Guts kicked in 2 more, and then the Dryads fled like hell. Couldn't run fast enough to catch them, either.


Hey, guess what? The Wardancers slammed into the flank of the Butcher's unit. There's a big fat shocker. Wild Riders tried to get out of the way of the crazy, slobbering psycho just behind them, but can't go far enough. Everyone else got into "shooting me" position.

Now, if I could just keep the Spellsingers from doing anything useful... Nope. IF Regen off on the Wardancers. Dammit. That was twice I had been burned by stupid IF...
Then, the Glade Riders got angry and killed two Bulls. Bleh. At least the Glade Riders on the other side couldn't wound the Gorger. Meanwhile, Glade Guard wiped out 2 Bulls from the center unit and one from the right unit. This list with all this shooting is annoying, even at only S3. I'm just saying.

Of course, the left and center Bulls panicked. Fortunately, the Bulls at right stayed put.

In combat, the Wardancers did four wounds, but Ironguts have heavy armor, btches! A few lucky 6s later, and the WDs have only done one wound. Unfortunately for me, they also ended up saving the one wound they took back and won by 1. With an extra bit of leadership in the area, the Butcher's unit stayed.


All right. Time to tie up the Wild Riders forever! The Gorger charged the rear of the Wild Riders. For fun, the Tyrant charged the Dryads, and the Bull and the LB at right charged the Glade Guard.

Some bad dispelling allowed me to get +1T/Stubborn off on the Butcher's unit and other Guts. So far, so good.

The Leadbelcher at left was tired of just standing around, and his boomgun killed 4 Glade Riders.

Then, there was combat. The Gorger killed two Wild Riders but took two wounds. No worries there. Whittle them down while they're held in place. Word.

The lone Bull and LB killed 2 Glade Guard, helping them win by 1, but the elves held.
I had to save my Butcher's bacon. He waddled his fat backside down the line and challenged. I was thinking, "No way he accepts. Send the champ to the back and take your chances with a bucketload of attacks against my T5/no save." Instead, he accepted, and my Butcher made him pay by killing the champion. The overkill tipped the combat to me, and an untimely 8 later, the Wardancers broke, and only fled 5! Hooray! Eat them for breakfast! Of course, we only pursued 3. :)

Oh, and yeah - the Tyrant MAULED the Dryads.

Wood Elves TURN FOUR

Sometimes, the dice can be really fickle. For example, when your Wardancers roll a 10 to rally. Then a 12 to flee. Off the table. Yowza.

Even better when your Glade Riders then also panic and also flee off the table.

I believe the word "demoralized" would have been appropriate to use here. I think my opponent was thoroughly demoralized when that happened.

Most of his magic phase was spent dispelling Toothcracker on the left Butcher's unit and on the Tyrant's unit.

The Glade Riders totally failed to do anything against the Guts, and the Spellsingers couldn't wound the Gorger.

Then, the Ogres killed one Glade Guard, but the Glade Guard held again. Meanwhile, the Gorger took another wound and killed two more Wild Riders. Gorgers rule. :)


Everyone in place to kill us some Spellsingers? Awesome. Let's have some fun.
I started off with the Butcher killing 3 Glade Riders with Braingobbler. Seeing what the table looked like, my opponent conceded. I offered to finish the turn; lots of things could happen. The Glade Guard could free up, the Wild Riders would almost certainly finish off the Gorger and they could come around and make something happen with some lucky dice, but truthfully, I had the game in the bag.

I'm loving me some Ogres. I hadn't ever really given them enough credit before, but I'm growing to gain quite a bit of respect for them...

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