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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Beasts of Chaos vs Skaven 1000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Very, very (!) decisive ! (a very quick, no nonsense read)

source : librarium-online.comcredit : Tones16-Dec-2008

Right after my game against the Tomb Kings I had a thousand point game against Skaven. Same guy as last week, but he had doubled the size of his force. Much to my irritation, he refused to take his rattling guns and Warp Cannon after destroying a Lizardmen player with them. I wanted to see how superior the Beasts really are! But alas.

Beasts of Chaos Army list

3 Wargors with GWs
2 Battle Herds
2 Ambushing Herds
2x 5 warhounds (1 ambushing)
1 Chariot
3 Minotaurs
6 Furies

Skaven Army list

2 Chieftans w/ various things
2x 30 Giant Rats
25 Clan Rats
3 Rat Ogres

Having no real flank protection he used the board well, holding up in the left corner between a hill and some heavy terrain. Across he had the rat ogres, giant rats, clan rats the two giant rats.

I had: 1 battle herd on the left, the minotaurs to their right, then the other battle herd, and the hounds and chariots to the right. Furies out on the right too.

Turn 1 (Beasts)
Movement: I fly my furies up over the right. Everything else moves forward.
Combat: None.

Turn 1 (Skaven)
Movement: Move everything forward.
Combat: None.

Turn 2 (Beasts)
Movement: After calling the ambush I pass all leadership tests, so now his army is surrounded.
Combat: None.

Turn 2 (Skaven)
Movement: He turns one squad of Giant rats around to face one ambushin herd. One is far enough away for him not to worry about. He has to push forward at the front, and he does so.
Combat: None.

Turn 3 (Beasts)
Movement: I charge one Beast herd and the Hounds into the Giant rats. I move the other ambushing herd into a line behind his army. At the front the Chariot, Hounds and Battle Herd charge his clan rats.
Combat: I rip apart his Giant rats at the back, and overrun into the back of his other giant rats, who are also whipped in combat. They flee into the chariot which is now in combat and are destroyed. The Clan Rats, what with impact hits and my GW wielding general, are rendered limb from limb. They flee into my herd and are destroyed.
Leadership checks! Across the board the only thing that passes leadership are the rat ogres. Everything flees backwards into the arms of my ambushing herd. Three whole squads are destroyed.

At this point he called the game.

Result: Massacre!

Shame this game didn't go longer, and I really wanted to face those guns! As it was he was completely out-manouvered. He didn't want to go forward, fearing all the GWs, and he couldn't stay back because of the ambushing. So not only did he have to split his army, he had to open them up to concentrated attack. His rear giant rats got ganged-up on, as did his clan-rats. After that a few bad Ld tests and he was gone. I look forward to facing those guns, though!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice one. For beeing a skaven-player myself, reading this hurts...

A note: if you didn't miss something, his list was illegal. Because clanrats are a mainstay unit. This means, he can't use 2 units of giant rats, if there is only one unit of clanrats...

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