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Monday, 15 December 2008

Ogre Kingdoms vs Tomb Kings 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Don't forget what your army is capable of ! (a basic textual report for a short read)

source : librarium-online.comcredit : Tones15-Dec-2008

In the verdant fields of Lustria two unwelcome armies ran into each other in a clearing in the forest. The Tomb Kings had come to this land in the hopes of stealing an ancient artifact that drifted far across the sea, now in the hands of the Lizardmen. The Ogres, led by their mighty Tyrant, have crossed the sea in the hopes of finding the legendary hole on the other side of the world, where the Maw chewed its way from north of Cathay.

Ogre Kingdoms Army

Tyrant: Great Weapon, Wyrdstone Necklace
Butcher: 2 Dispell Scrolls
Butcher: 1 Dispell Scroll, Bangstick
5 Bulls: AHW (with Butcher w/ 2 scrolls)
5 Ironguts (with Tyrant)
3 Bulls
3 Bulls
2 Leadbelchers
2 Leadbelchers
24 Gnoblar Fighters
8 Trappers
2 Gorgers

Tomb Kings Army (roughly)

1 Liche High Priest
1 Icon Bearer
1 Liche Priest
10 Skeleton Archers
10 Skeleton Archers
12 Skeleton Heavy Horsemen (2/ Liche priest)
20 Tomb Guard (w/ Standard Bearer, High Liche Priest)
4 Ushbati
2 Tomb Scorpions
2 Screaming Skull Catapults

We were fighting over a deserted old mining facility. There were two pieces of terrain of note. In the middle on the right was a small barracks, and on the left was a mess hall. The rest of the terrain was wide open.

Textual representation of Battlefield :-

Tomb King's Deployment positions (from left to right):

Catapult - Catapult
Cavalry - Archers - Tomb Guard - Archers - 4 Ushbati

Leadbelchers - 3 Bulls - 5 Bulls - 5 Guts - Gnoblar Fighters - Leadbelchers - 3 Bulls
Butcher w/ Stick
Scorpion (later)..Scorpion (later)

Ogre's Deployment positions (opposing lines)

Turn 1 (Ogres):

The Ogres trundled forward, unaware of what they may face, never having fought the undead. The Fighters began to bicker, and made the Butcher march around. Everything else marched forward. Nothing more need be said.

Turn 1 (Tomb Kings):

The Cavalry edged slightly forward, and the Ushbati marched up, as did the Tomb Guard. Magically, the Tomb Guard skipped forward again. Amazingly, the Catapults both tried to fire before we expected. Thankfully the Butchers sensed magic in the air and dispelled it using their scrolls. But the Catapults fired again, though both missed their marks.

Turn 2 (Ogres):

One of my Gorgers snuck in behind the right catapult, salivating as it walked right next to them. The Leadbelchers moved forward (everything stayed mostly as it should), and fired a huge volley into the Ushbati, bringing 1 down. The Butcher let fly with his Bangstick and finished off a second Ushbati. Many other spells were attempted, but to no avail.

Turn 2 (Tomb Kings):

The Horsemen screamed forward, as did the Ushbati. The Horsemen charged my Trappers, who fled. They pursued, cut them down, but ended up mere centimeters from both my Belchers and Bulls, but they went too far, both side flanks were exposed to the units. They smiled, waiting for the oppurtunity to charge. The Belchers on the right fled, but were also cut down. But, as on the other flank, the Bulls were now in charge range of their rear flank. Some bad news was that the right Scorpion arrived, charging my Butcher. They each did two wounds to each other (though I forgot that Butchers were immune to poison, dammit!), and stayed where they are. The Undead catapults again supernaturally fired. The one on the left misfired, and blew itself apart. The right one succeeded, and hurled two shots between my two hammer units. One Bull and one Irongut fell to the massive stones.

Turn 3 (Ogres):

On the left both units charged the Cavalry, tearing them to pieces in the pincer attack. On the right the Ogres charged the Ushbati, leaving one on one wound. The two Hammer units moved further up the middle, though were out of charge range of the Tomb Guard. The Gorger ripped through the catapult crew on the right.

Turn 3 (Tomb Kings):

Fearing the worst, the Tomb Kings charged my large Bull squad. Thankfully, few wounds were done, and both squads stayed in combat. The Ushbati was torn apart by my Bulls, but the Scorpion and the Butcher again managed to deal a wound to each other, though they stayed where they were. The other Scorpion arrived, charging my Gnoblar, cutting them all down.

Turn 4 (Ogres):

The Scraplauncher had been whitling away the left-most archers, and this turn it finally finished them off. The Gorger charged the right-most archers and ripped their bodies to pieces. Amazingly, the Tomb Guard ripped through my large Bull unit, and slammed into my General's unit.

Turn 4 (Tomb Kings):

The Tomb Guard threw themselves at my Tyrant's unit. They cut and weaved and diced. Though my troops did more wounds, the Tomb Guard won combat. The Tyrant (though I forgot about my Bellower which would have kept them there), uncharacteristically fled from the onslaught, terrified that for each wound applied, a Tomb Guard was resurrected. They were also cut down.

For the remaining turns we simply ducked and weaved, not really managing to do anything. Some units entered combat, but did nothing. In the end, it was a draw, him with 50 more victory points. I was absolutely amazed how he turned around the game with his Tomb Guard. I was almost certain to wipe him off the table after turn 3, but such is the decree of the dice Gods. It was a very fun game, and I really enjoyed it. Next time I'll remember my rules better (kept forgetting to do my Gut impacts as well!), which would have swung the game into a Major Victory for me. Oh well!

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