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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dogs of War vs Dwarfs 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Cry havoc and let slip the Dog of War ! (medium length, non nonsense battle report)

source : bugmansbrewery.comcredit : Gortrek17-Dec-2008

Okay, so i haven't played dwarfs in a long time now (since about February) but i happened to have a chance to play against dogs of war recently.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings (that comes with the territory of a dwarf) and on with the army lists.

Dwarf Army List

Lord Skorri
Ro Cleaving
Ro Speed
Ro Resistance
Ro Stone
Mro Challenge

Master Engineer Drozeg
Ro Stone
Mro Spite

Runesmith Gortrek
Ro Stone
MRo Flight
Ro Cleaving
Ro Speed

Dragonslyer Skrod
Mro Swiftness
2 Ro Fury

15 Longbeards
Full Command
Ro Battle
Ro Stoicism

10 Thunderers

10 Hammerers
Full Command
Ro Battle
Ro Stoicism

Ro Reloading
Stalwart Rune

Bolt Thrower (1 of 2 special)
Mro Skewering
2 Ro Penatrating

Bolt Thrower (2 of 2 special)
Mro Immolation
2 Ro penatrating

Grudge Trower
Ro Accuracy

Organ Gun

Organ Gun

Dogs of War Army list

Sword of Striking

Merc Captain
Sword of Battle

28 Duellists (3 squads, 10, 10, 8)

20 Pikes (with merc captain and paymaster)
Full Command

20 Pikes
Full Command

Bazzros lost legion (i think thats how you spell it)
Full command


8 Heavy cavalry

5 Light Cavalry

20 Long Drongs Slayer Pirates!!!!!!

Army Battlefield Deployment: Dwarfs

The thunderers go on a hill to my left of the board. In front of them go the Dragonslayer, hidden from view of his cannon by a large rock. The king and his Hammerers go beside them facing the slayer pirates. The longbeards and Gortrek go just right of the centre to the left of a marsh near the board edge. Now, thats all my ainfantry set up so its time for the warmachines. 1 organgun on each flank (tge right flank has the organgun just behind the Longbeards and the left has it to the right of the thunderers) The bolt thrower with MRo Immollation goes on the right, on the very edge of the table with its brother bolt thrower nearby to the left of the organgun.the grudge thrower goes right at the far back of the table edge with the cannon in front of it. Master Engineer goes with the Grudge Thrower.

Dogs of War:

Pikemen and slayer pirates go on the left (my left) facing the slayer and Hammerers. The cannon sits at the back on a hill, in the centre, behind the pikes with his two characters and The Lost Legion. Both cavalry units deploy on the right facing an organgun. Duellists are equally spread out - 1 on the left, 1 on the right, and 1 in the middle.

Turn 1: Dwarfs: Opening Salvoes

Dwarfs win the roll off so i decide to go first, little to no movement (only moving the runesmith and unit slightly and the dragonslayer runs to the pikes beside his king marching onwards to the pirates). On to shooting: Cannon fires first aiming for the paymasters unit, its a good guess (right on the paymaster) but the gods are fickle and it scatters a whole 10" bypassing the whole unit. Ok, so the cannon missed but the grudge thrower can still hit him. Another good guess, landing with the whole on the unit champion and catching the two heroes in the blast, scatters again missing the unit completely, re-roll misses again. Oh dear, it isnt going well. Still, i have two bolt throwers in range, despite needing 5s to hit the first hits bazzaros lost legion, taking out 5 guys with one bolt. The other fails to do anything. Fearing what happens next i hand over the tapemeasure

Dogs: The Initial Surge

My opponent launches everything forward closing the gap between us. The cavalry on the right are getting awfully close though the only unit in for a next turn charge is the light cavalry (the heavy falling behind). On to shooting and his cannon targets mine but he guesses badly landing the shot behind the cannon but still has a chance to bounce into the grudge thrower, fearing the worst i watch as he throws the artillery dice for scatter: 2", that sets hhim up for a 4" bounce right over the Grudge thrower and ME. Bounde: 2", i relax a little knowing i still have at least one more shot.

Turn 2: Dwarfs: Where Did The Cavalry Go?

Movement: again, not much, just a minor move with the runesmith to deny him a flank charge with the lost legion, the cannon moves, i am not letting him get two warmachines in one shot, and the king and dragonslayer move out and are in charge range of the (both middle and left) duellists, slayers, and pikes, but this is all part of the plan. Shooting: Cannon Fires at his one but the scatter takes me behind it again. The grudge thrower targets the lost legion landing a grudge inscribed rock right in the middle of the unit. Luck is finally looking out for me and i land a hit, killing another 5 pikes and putting a wound on Bazzaro himself. Thunderers kill 6 duellists threataning the slayer and the flee from the superior weapons. The organgun on the left targets the slayers and kills 4 of the dwarfs, with the other on the right targeting the light cavalry, rolling an 8 aand killing the lot. Bolt thrower in the centre targets the pikes with the Paymaster, failing to hit while the other kills one duellist on the right flank.

Dogs: Thats That Plan Out The Window.

The first order of the day is for me to pull my ace out of the bag: Master Rune of challenge. The duellists end up fighting the Hammerers leaving the slayers with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs. He charges his paymaster into the longbeards and Runesmith, and the pikes on the far left charge the dragonslayer, with all the charges done he moves his cavalry down to be in charge range for next turn and the duellists next to them move towards the organgun. The Lost Legion move behind the pikes to try to target the organ gun with the crossbows next turn. Cannon targets mine again but fails to do anything.

Combat begins with the Dragonslayer killing 5 pikemen. Onto the duellists, they attack, get one hit, and do no wounds. The hammerers hit back, killing 9. The last one flees and i overrun into the slayer pirates. Now for the main battle - Gortrek challenges and the unit champion accepts followed by the Longbeard champion challenging and his merc captain accepts. The captain attacks with 5 or so attacks and does noting, nothing at all. Champion attacks back with 2 attacks and wounds twice! Runesmith gets hit once and saves hits back and kills. The rest of the battle raging about them and the paymaster and unit kill 3 longbeards for 5 deaths back. Sadly they hold.

Turn 3: Dwarfs: Newfangled Better Than Old?

With nothing to move i go straight into the shooting. The thunderers target the fleeing duellists, killing them all. The cannon targets his, again doing nothing. The grudge thrower targets the lost legion scattering out of range twice. Both bolt throwers target the duellists on the right flank and the organgun kills all but two heavy cavalry. Now, without further ado we move onto assault. The hammerers and slayers fight with me losing two mighty warriors to them losing the slayer pirate guy himeslf and 3 pirates. The Dragonslayer kills another 4 pikes, before finally taking several to the chest and being killed. The longbeard champion challenges and his paymaster accepts, and the runesmith challenges and his merc captain accepts. Champion and paymaster trade blows but both their armour save them. The runesmith and merc captain wound each other once. The pikes dont kill anyone and lose several of their number.

Dogs: It all goes Downhill.

Not much moving, the lost legion navigates around the combat right in front of them so they can flank charge me next turn, and the two remaining duellist teams move up in front of my organgun. Cavalry charge my secret weapon. Onto shooting, his 21 odd duellists shoot at my organgun killing one proud dawi and putting a wound on the weapon (jammie 6 that was), his cannon fails to do anyting. In assault the cavalry kill the crewmen of the cannon and it explodes! taking the lot of them out (12 hits on two cavalry? not nice, especially at strength 6) The slayers are reduced to 3 and i lose no one. Gortrek challanges his merc captain and the Champion challenges his paymaster. The pikes kill 1 longbeard and are reduced to 8 in return. The merc captain dies under my runesmiths weapon and his paymaster takes a wound from the champion. He still manages to hold!

Turn 4: Dwarfs: Sensing Victory.

I decide its time to finish these foolish dogs of war. No moving. Shooting and my cannon finnaly manages to destroy his. The grudge thrower kills another 5 lost legion with the bolt thrower killing 2. The organgun annialates the duellists killing 11. The nearby master engineer shoots the other squad (they strayed just withing his range) killing 2. The thunderers reduce the pikemen on the left flank to just two. The lost legion hold as do the pikes. "I swear too much". My hammerers finish off the Slayers. The Runesmith challenges his paymaster, who accepts, and dies. The pikes he was with kill 1 longbeard and lose all but 2. They still hold!

Dogs of War: Oh Dear

He passed all his checks for the paymaster dying. The lost legion charge my longbeards and the pikes on the left charge my thunderers. I stand and shoot, finishing them off. The duellists (8) charge my organgun crew. Shame you can't stand and shoot a war machine. He has no shooting left so we move onto CC. The duellists dont kill anyone and two die to my Dwarven hammers, axes, whatever crewmembers have, the duellists break. The lost legion do nothing and the 2 remaining pikes also do nothing. My logbeards kill 4 of the lost legion and the runesmith kills the two remaining pikes. The lost legion break and flee 9" i pursue 12-1 11" ovverrunning them and leaving the cannon crew and the fleeing duellists left on the table.

Gortrek walked over to Skorri "That was close for a while"
"What do you mean, we crushed those foolish manlings. It turns out the fabled slayer pirates that we saw before the battle started were just halflings high on some kind of drug" Skorri replied
"My lord, many of your kinsmen were killed on this flank, the explosion was Drozeg's rune when their cavalry charged Grobek and his crew." Gortrek told him
"Hmm, We shall feast to their memory tonight, and to the fact that these manlings will never tresspass in our lands and steal our gold again" He said
"My lords" Drozeg said as he walked up
"Yes?" King Skorri asked
"The rest of them are gone, they ran away." He said.
"Good, we make for home" King Skorri said, walking away

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