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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Bretonnians vs Dwarfs 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Can you spot the illegal entries in one of the army lists ? (a friendly, entertaining read)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : cbrown19d30-Oct-2008


Forced to give and accept challenges
Rerolled all failed to hit and wound rolls
Destroyed magical weapon on I think a 5 or 6
Had a 1+ armor save

Master of wood and stone

One spell rallied a fleeing unit, I am not sure what the other did.

Battle standard
+1 combat resolution not sure if anything else

Pegasus mounted
I don’t think he had anything else

22 x men at arms
Spear and shield
Full command

26 x longbow men
Full command

9x knights of the realm
Lord and damsel w/ unit

7x knights errant
BSB and damsel with unit

9x grail knights


Shield and weapon
Master rune of swiftness
Rune of cleaving
Rune of cleaving
Rune of resistance
Master Rune of Gromril

Joseph Bugman

Dwarven handgun
Great Weapon
Master rune of Cragg
Rune of cleaving
Rune of speed
Master Rune of gromril

Great weapon
Master rune of Gromril
Rune of shielding
Rune of resistance

22x warriors
Weapon and shield
Full command
Lord was with this unit

10x thunderers
Full command
Thane was with this unit

10x thunderers
Full command

16x long beards
Great weapons
Full command
Throwing axes
Rune of battle and rune of stoicism

Grudge thrower
Rune of penetrating
Rune of penetrating
Rune of reloading

Rune of reloading

Organ gun


I set my warriors on my left flank with a unit of 10 thunderers and the grudge thrower behind them. In my center I had my organ gun and then my rangers were just to the right of that. On my far right flank I had the thunderers with thane on a hill and the canon was between the thunderers and rangers. There was a hill with forest on my middle. The right was fairly open and the left flank had a bit of a choke to it. He deployed his archers on my left flank. His grail knights and men at arms were on my left towards the center and his other two units of knights were on my right flank.

Turn 1

He prayed for his blessing.

I opened up with my grudge thrower. I took out his Pegasus mounted paladin on the first turn. Cannon took out a couple of his knights of the realm. Nothing else was in range and I held my line.

Turn 2

He advanced his grail knights forward keeping them screened with the forest covered hill. He did the same with his men-at-arms. His two units of knights on my right flank advanced. His damsels attempted to cast and I was able to dispel his successful spells. He shot my warriors with his archers and I lost one.

I took no movement and fired my grudge thrower hitting his grail knights and killing one. Fired my cannon and hit his knights errant and killed two. I fired my thunderers but I was out of range

Turn 3

He advanced his units and was now within charge range. His knights errant had a banner that allowed him to add 1d6 to his charge distance. They succeeded in charging my thunderers on my right flank. He got his master of stone off with irresistible force and I lost one crew member from my cannon. I dispelled the Mather of wood. He shot my warriors again and took another one or two out. In close combat my thunderers lost a couple in the charge but my thane hit him back very hard in a challenge. I lost combat but made my leadership roll.

I fired my grudge thrower at his archers and killed four. My cannon over shot thanks to a nice 10 on the arty dice. I shot his knights of the realm with my organ gun and killed four. His ruby goblet then activated. Basically his unit could only be hit by magical weapons or by a str 6 attack or greater on a roll of a two only. I moved my rangers forward three inches and then threw my axes and killed two more. I was pretty confident at this point that my unit of rangers would be able to crush his remaining unit and then reinforce my thunderers. It didn’t work out that way though.

Turn 4

He declared charges for his Knights of the Realm and Grail Knights. The Knights of the Realm made it to my rangers and his grail knights got my warriors. He moved his archers four inches forward and fired at my thunderers on my left flank. He was not able to do anything. He tried a couple of spells and I was grateful I brought my runesmith. His rolling was not very good, but what did get through I had pretty good luck dispelling. We went to close combat and fought the rangers first. His lord declared a challenge and bugman accepted. He was cut down the first turn. The rest of the unit attacked and I lost two more rangers. I swung with the rest of my unit and knocked one down. Combat was a draw. My warriors held their own, only losing three, and my lord killed his champion in a challenge. I lost combat and held the line. The fighting continued on my right flank with my thunderers finally getting the upper hand and forcing him to flee. I rolled to stand my ground and made it.

I opened up with my grudge thrower and killed a couple more of his archers. I fired my cannon at his fleeing unit and misfired. I rolled a five on the misfire and all was well. I fired my thunderers at the fleeing knights and didn’t get any wounds. I fired my organ gun at them and finished the unit. My warriors started to get the upper hand in combat and we won. He made his leadership. My rangers and his knights exchanged swings, killed some, but fought to a draw.

Turn 5

His archers fired on my thunderers and I saved the wounds. His men-at-arms had been constantly marching towards the combat. They had been placed poorly and were trying to get to the fight. His grail knights killed several of my warriors and my lord killed one of his. He lost combat but made his leadership. The rangers were in trouble. They threw no wounds but took several. I lost combat and failed my leadership. He ran me down and wiped out my single most powerful unit on the board. All he had left though was his lord, a damsel and a standard bearer in the unit. The over ran but did not make it off the board as he had hoped.

I fired my grudge thrower at his archers and killed some more. I had him down to 15 archers at this point. My grudge thrower really paid for itself this game. My cannon grape shot his unit with the lord and they made the ward save. My organ gun fired and I rolled a misfire. Lame. I moved my thunderers on my right flank to pursue his lord and then dove into close combat. My warriors with lord finally beat his grail knights down and forced them to flee. He rolled horrible on his flee and I ran him down. I have never before seen my dwarves run 11 inches. Well I rolled a twelve but the only got to move 11. His men-at-arms were right there in my warriors right flank though and I knew I was going to get charged. That was the end of my turn.

Turn 6

He shot my thunderers with his archers and killed one. He charged my runesmith with his lord , damsel and knight. He also charged my unit of warriors with his men-at-arms. My runesmith took one wound and was unable to give any back. I lost combat but made my leadership roll. The warriors were charged on the flank that my lord was on. I killed three of his men but I lost combat by one and made my leadership.

I once again fired my grudge thrower at his archers and killed three more. My runesmith threw no wounds and took none and I made my leadership roll. I killed three of his men-at-arms and drew in combat.

He then conceded the loss. It was a great game and we both had a lot of fun. It restored some of my faith in my forces. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

John said...

Nice report, nice to see someone getting good results with the Grudge Thrower. Just one thing you used the MR Gromil 3 times, you can only use a MR once per army. Rule of Jealousy

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