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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Chaos Daemons vs Vampire Counts 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

So they're not invincible afterall ! (chatty, friendly writing style and lessons noted)
source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : Tizz30-Oct-2008

Chaos Daemons
BLOODTHIRSTER w/ Obsidian Armor, Firestorm Blade, immortal fury

Herald of Khorne Battle Standard Bearer with Great Standard of Sundering
Herald of Khorne with Armour of Khorne on Juggernaught

17 Bloodletters w/Fc (skulltaker here)
17 Bloodletters w/Fc (BSB Herald here)
12 Bloodletters w/ musician
5 Furies

7 Flesh Hounds w/ Karanak

2 Bloodcrushers with blood reaper (Jugg Herald here)

His list (roughly)
Vampire Counts

Maxed out Vampire (even combat and magic)

Vamp (barebones)

20 Sketons
20 zombies
2x10 Gouls
Corpse Cart

2x20 Grave Guard
15 Grave Guard

Black Coach

Scenery was kinda dense, made the middle somewhat bottle neck with allys between trees on the far sides.

I had the three units of Bloodletters in the middle with Flesh Hounds and Bloodcrushers on either side with my Bloodthirster far left and Furies far right.

He had skeletons in the middle with GG and Zombies on either side, then gouls out from there, then coach , vargulf, and 15 GG on the right while other gouls on the left. all characters and cart were behind the line.

He picked ore of Heavens with his vampire lord (who knew all the spells) but I decided to use my Standard of Sundering on his vampire magic (he was at -2 to cast the entire game, muahahahaha)

The Battle Begins
He goes first, does nothing, raises sketons

I go second? (i have 5 units? haha) marched everything forward, realizing that being 6 wide i was going to be in a crunch to get everything through. Flesh hounds and Bloodcrushers were slowed down by scenery, not that it really mattered. Thirster and Furies flew up their respective sides.

He moves up his 4ish inches, corpse cart gets in right next to skeletons on the left, botches most of his magic though does bring the 20 skeletons up to about 35, turns vargulf and gouls to face furies

My two I charge with two bigger letter units, on barely hits the cart, the other partially into the skeletons (3 in contact, 1 of which is skulltaker). Crushers charge right gouls in rear, hounds charge left gouls, thirster flies around aimlessly, but ends up behind his line. Furies distract vargulf.

In combat I take out the cart like its nothing and persue into the skeleton unit as well (2 touching, bsb herald and champ hah) Needless to say I end up winning combat by like 15, love it. Crushers take out few gouls unfortunately for me, they dont do anything. Hounds dont fair well either, barely winning combat.

His turn three he charges right GG into my exposed Bloodletters, vargulf into flank of crushers, GG into other flank, barebones vamp into the front (sounds bad, huh?). Left GG try and get a grip on where my Thirster is going, but fail. He raises some gouls against the hounds and the rest are skeletons. Combat shows the true power of Khorne though. hounds kill more of the gouls (but not enough), skeletons/GG still lose combat by like 13, and crushers take one wound and win combat (no joke) BY 9!!! GG get taken way down, gouls are gone, Varguls saves two wounds due to regen.

My turn three, Thirster charges left 20 GG, furies charge coach. Thirster doesnt fare well and loses 3 wounds due to combat res, furies do nothing and pop from combat res, hah. Hounds demolish gouls, crushers crumble everything on them because they win combat by a ridiculous amount again, though take two wounds (herald dies). GG and Skeletons crumble from combat res (only 2 skeletons left, damn)

His 4, raises a few more skeletons and tries to Comet of Casandora me!!! it goes off, i take like 4 wounds, easily shrug-off-able. Skeletons finally crumble, Thirster take out the rest of the GG and it's pretty much game from here on.

Needless to say it was a complete massacre by Khorne. What I think surprised me the most was the fact that 2 bloodcrushers and a herald stood off being flanked on BOTH sides with a vampire in the front and still ripped it up in combat. The Bloodthirster was able to take on an entire unit by himself. Bloodletters doing insane ammount of damage. Standard of Sundering makes vampire magic useless.

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