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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ogre Kingdoms vs Vampire Counts 1000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Neat flanking battle (short easy reading)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : RagePreacher29-Oct-2008


4 Bulls with full command led by Bruiser,
4 Bulls with full command led by Butcher,
2 Leadbelchers
2 Leadbelchers
1 Gorger

10 Graveguards led by a Vampire
1 Corpse cart with a Necromancer
20 Skeletons
20 Zombies
5 Fell bats
5 Dire Wolves
2 Cairn Wraiths led by a Banshee

Scenario played was Flanking attack. My opponent felt that he would be a a real disadvantage as the flanker and so I played as the flanking attacker.

Vampires setup with the Grave Guard in the middle with their Skeletons on one side and the Zombies on the other. He then played his wolves on a flank and the bats on the other. The Corpse Cart was kept safely behind the GG unit.

Ogres setup the Bull units side by side in the middle facing the oppoents 3 blocks of troops (skeletons, Grave Guard, Zombies). The leadbelchers were kept in reserves to come in flanking. The plan was to have them walking and fire, then next turn charge into the flanks, while the bulls charge in the front. The Gorger always sets up in reserves as per their bloodscent rule.

Turn 1 (Ogres):
I win first turn and decide to go first (I do not want to give the Vampires more time to march block me or to raise units). I march the bulls forward and cast some magic. I manage to get off a trollguts (Magic resistance(2) and regeneration) on my unit with the butcher as well as a bonesnapper (2d6 str 2 hits) on his wraiths, killing one.

Turn 1 Vampires:
He sends his fell bats and hound on the flanks of each of my Bull units thierby march blocking them. His magic phase is rather ineffective and all he manages to get out is always striking first.

Turn 2 Ogres:
Rolling for reserves one of the leadbeltcher units come in. I set them up on the flank coming in behind the hounds, walk them forward and open up with the cannons... Baboom I roll 16 str4 hits and totally wipe them out. As for the Bulls, who are out of charging range, they turn slightly to face the wraiths and the bats. The butcher, runs out of the Bulls unit and charges the wraiths armed with his bloodclever. My magic phase is pittyful but I do manage to get off another troll guts on my Butcher (seeing as the original trollguts was cast on the unit that included the butcher, we ruled that when he leaves the unit he does not retain the trollguts. perhaps?). Unfortunately none of my attacks hit rolling al 1s, and 2s. But I do manage to bonesnap one more wraith in my magic phase. Only the banchee is left.

Turn 2 Vampires:
So excited to be hitting my butcher my opponent moves his felbats into combat with the wraiths and the butcher. Then goes on to fight, and so I loose 7 wounds to the banshee's ghostly wail. (Hate those banchees so much!) the fell bats never even have to attack. Oh no I just lost my magic phase and 2 dispel dice. He (as well as myself) then realise that he had skipped all of his other phases (movement, magic, shooting). We chalk it up to learning experience and move on, he said that it wasn't that big of a deal anyhow seeing as he wasn't planning to move anyhow and he has not missile troops. Although he would have liked to summon some more zombies.

Turn 3 Ogres:
Rolling for reserves my Gorger arrives right behind his corpse cart with necromancer. hehehe. The Gorger charges the cast but only lads one wound. All 7 attacks from the cart and necro are shrugged off by the Gorger. I take a turn to reload my Leadbeltchers. Now that I am applying some pressure behind his line I decisde to let my Gorger wreak a little havoc and see if he will recall his bats and banchee to take care of it or turn his units around exposing himself for the bulls to charge in. So the Bulls more in just a little.

Turn 3 Vampires:
The Fell bats do something unexpected and setup across the front of my 2 units of bulls! And wails with the banchee at my bulls, 1 wound. The Corpse Cart and Gorger have at it again and the Gorger kills off the necromancer.

Turn 4: Ogres and Vampires:
1 bull unit charges at the fell bats who are forced to align to me (the charger) because they are skirmishers. This frees up the path for my other bulls unit with the bruiser to charge at the Grave Guard unit. My gorger also charges the GG unit from behind. I issue challenge and kill the vampire. Impact hits kills 2 GG, my bulls and gorger kill 7 more. Combat resolution is 12 for ogres and 3 for the GG, Wiping out the GG.
The bats also are wipied out.

That leaves us with the Vampire army crumbling and with only a wraith and a unit of skeletons and zombies remaining, against my entire army.

Vampire Commander concedes.

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