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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Lizardmen + Vampire Counts vs Wood Elves 1000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

2 Warhammer armies vs 1, watch that Gaze of Nagash ! (short, "slangy" and summarised)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : Zombie38836-Nov-2008

I take, 2 units of Zombies, Necro with all three spells, Scepte de Noirte, and Armour of the Night, Vampire w/ Sword that causes Terror, Black Periphat, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death.

Lizardmen: 2 Groups of Saurus, Scar Veteran, 3 Teryadons

Wood Elves: Eternal Guard, Glade Guard, Dryads, Mage, Wild Riders, Way Watchers.

Turn One:

Wood Elves: Wild Riders move around our flank under cover of woods. Glade Guard move to a hill and shoot three zombies. Way Watchers, (who using skirmish rules set up about 18" from our deployment zone inside the woods) take a pot shot at the Scar Veteran but fail to wound.

VC/LM (Vampire Counts / Lizardmen) : Scar Vet joins a unit of Saurus, and the unit wheels to meet the threat of Wild Riders to our flank. My Necro creates a unit of ten zombies to support this unit. Necro also adds six zombies to the unit that lost three. Terradons move back across the board away from Wild Riders toward enemy mage. TURN ONE HIGHLIGHT: Vampire casts Gaze of Nagash and completely wipes out the Way Watchers (Ed: ouch !). All other forces slowly move forward.

Turn Two:

Wood Elves: Her mage moves into position to try and hurt the Vampire with Fury of the Woods (I can't remember actual name of spell,) but it is dispelled. Wild Riders continue to demonstrate on our flank. She attempts to shoot my Necro with her Glade Guard, but thanks to Armour of the Night, fails to hit with all ten shots.

V to the C/Cold Bloods: Vampire attempts to Gaze of Nagash her mage, but it is dispelled. Scar Vet/Saurus move through difficult terrain to deal with Wild Riders, the group of created zombies with the aid of Van Hel's Danse Macabre move to support the Saurus. Six more zombies are added to the unit that was shot at earlier. All other units move forward. Terradons move halfway across the board and take cover near forest terrain, that blocks the line of sight of her Glade Guard.

Turn Three:

Woodies: Her mage is fearing for her life and moves behind some rubble, tries to use Fury of the Woods on Terradons. It is dispelled. She wheels her Wild Riders to face directly at the Saurus Warriors/Scar Vet, leaving her flank open to the zombies, (but they are out of charge range, and not within 12" of the Vamp.) She shoots the zombies and takes out three more. She side steps her Eternal Guard to support the Glade Guard who have about two turns to go before having to deal with Zombies/Saurus warriors.

Sexy Vamps/Cold as Ice Lizzies: Vamp moves to support Zombies threatening the Glade Guard and attempts Gaze of Nagash at the Eternal Guard, but she uses all of her dice to dispel it. Necromancer Creates a unit of zombies behind the Wild Riders, but fails the Van Hel's roll to get them to charge. Terradon's charge the Mage and deal one wound, then he uses hit and run to fall back to cover of the woods. All other forces move forward. Scar Vet/Saurus/Zombies are just out of charge range of the Wild Riders.

Turn Four

B'stard (ed: tut, tut) Elves: Glade Gaurd is no longer suffering from over half, so takes out seven zombies. She attempts to cast Fury of the Woods, but it is dispelled. Instead of charging the Scar Vet like we think she will, she uses the Wild Riders ability and marches 18" (through woods) back toward her main battle line. The Scar Vet/Saurus/Zombies can not catch up due to the terrain. (NOTE: She later said she did this cause she was afraid the Wild Riders might die. If she only knew how accidentally tacitcal she was, distracting half of our forces.) Dryads move in front of mage to protect.

Unluck/Slow Lizards: He detaches his Scar Vet and tries to catch up but fails. Necro heals six wounds on unit of zombies that has been shot at the entire game. All other forces move forward. Vamp tries Gaze of Nagash at Eternal Guard but miscasts. He loses a wound and a magic level and the spell he was trying to cast. Terradons regroup and take cover behind woods.

Turn Five:

Sons of Branches ! : Takes out a number of zombies with the Glade Guard, but still not under half. Eternal Guard and Dryads move into positions to charge on next turn. Wild Riders, had their flanks exposed to the second unit of zombies who spent the whole game moving across the board, so she wheels them and takes them behind her main battle line. Mage finally gets the Fury of the Woods off and takes out two of the three terradons, but he passes the leadership test and does not break.

Like in the name of all things holy did you move your Saurus warriors through Difficult Terrain the whole game ? (ed: writer's note, not mine)

Zombies charge Glade Guard, but they pass their fear test. Terradon move behind the Eternal Guard. Scar Vet sniffs flowers in the woods (ed: lol). Second Unit of Zombies braces for Dryads. Vampire moves so that if the Necro can hit him with Danse Macabre, he can charge into the Glade Guard's flank, and cause Terror, spook them into the Eternal Gaurd. Before the Necro casts, the Vamp attempts Invocation of Nehek on the unit of zombies that charged. He rolls snake eyes, and dies thanks to the miscast chart. Due to the crumbling effects, the unit of zombies that charge is reduced to two ranks. The zombies bracing for Dryads loose two ranks. The unit of zombies that was created first is fine. The unit of zombies that were created behind the Wild Riders is completely destroyed. The charging zombies then loose another rank in combat, leaving only five measly zombies Only good thing--The one remaining Terradon throws a javelin and kills the mage (ed: the silver lining).

Turn Six:

Has won 270 Victory points by doing nothing: Eternal Guard charge remaining five zombies engaged with Glade Guard. Dryads charge other unit of zombies. Both units of zombies are destroyed.

A single Necro - "Trust me the Saurus will put a hurt on those Eternal Gaurd and hopefully make things a draw": In one last desperate attempt to squeeze out some victory points, he charges his last Terradon into the rear of the Glade Guard. He charges Saurus into the Eternal Guard. I create 12 zombies on the flank of the Glade Guard, one inch away. I roll an 8 on three dice to cast Van Hel's Danse Macabre to get them to charge, (which would have caused the Glade Guard to auto break, due to fear and being outnumbered and rank bounses and flank stuff...) She rolls a 9 to dispell on two dice. The Saurus warriors kill one Eternal Guard..."Trust in the strength of the Saurus, my ass" was muttered. The Terradon kills one Glade Guard, but looses Combat Resolution and breaks off the table.

However, because the Way Watchers were wiped out in the first turn, and the mage was javelined, and because zombies are dirt cheap, we manged a draw on Victory Points. Unbelievable.

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