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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Tomb Kings vs Warriors of Chaos VIDEO Battle Report

A good Fantasy Battle Report from a real Casket of Souls fan. The Tomb Kings are mostly painted although not all the Chaos Warriors are. The battlefield is simple but attractive with good terrain and scenery.

A very thorough narrator, he goes quite quickly (esp during deployment) but if you concentrate it turns out be a very good listen and a close game (it looks like it was decided in turn 6 !)

Note: I think these guys may have made an error in one of the multiple combats but it doesn't seem to detract from the Battle too much or the outcome. See if you can spot where the mistake was made.

PS. Turn you volume down a bit, otherwise you will have "next picture" ringing in your ears.

source :s1PEJOkhZug & cuxaClzu-iMcredit : VaulSC04-Apr-201010:28 mins + 10:39 mins

Tomb Kings vs Warriors of Chaos - Part I (Tomb Kings go first)

Tomb Kings vs Warriors of Chaos - Part II

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