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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bretonnians vs Ogre Kingdoms Battle Report (2250pts) Video

Two well painted Warhammer armies face off in this Fantasy Battle. The battle features an impressive tactical performance by one of the armies.

Detailed and friendly commentary with a lot of insight into the battle reporter's tactics. 

It's always worth creating a quick "cheat sheet" of things you need to remember throughout a game, like magic items, one use items / special abilities and bound spells.

PS. Watch where you position your supporting units in case the enemy overruns !

source :VJAShxYb2wQ & RpK-Vetww-ccredit : 8432160530-Mar-201018:37 mins

Ogres vs Bretonnians - Battle Report part I

Ogres vs Bretonnians - Battle Report part II

1 comment:

Tripper said...

This is such an inspiring battle... OK really used every tactic, terrain piece, and rule at his disposal. I could watch 10 rematches. Visually stunning Bret army, and awesome vid, thanks for posting!

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