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Friday, 22 May 2009

Warriors of Chaos vs Bretonnians 2250 points battle report (pictures)

"The Chaos Warriors all rallied and prepared for the next turn. Seeing the vulnerable BSB, the Chaos General charged them. I knew he had the Runeshield making my Sword of Heroes useless. I chose to flee and of course I rolled an “11” to rally and there went my BSB and an intact unit of Knights." [Ed. that must have hurt !]

(it sounds like the guys at Atchman's club are employing a "league" balancing points system. it sounds like it's got potential, I'll post details in the news section when I find out more).

source : : Atchman22-May-2009

Game Night Battle Report: Bretonnians versus Warriors of Chaos

We have been testing a new set of army guidelines for our Borderwars tournament. In effect you get a baseline rating from the guidelines and then a judge gives you the final score. The judge is important since too many folks try and “break” a checklists style system. However, we’ve found it to be very balanced (since we have no intention of breaking it).

The real benefit of our testing has been that when someone is coming for our Game Nights they simply say I’m bringing a “5” a “10” or whatever and we’ll match up by that number. That doesn’t mean that a “5” won’t play a “10”, but at least both folks kinda know where they stand at the beginning of the game. In our trial “BattleComp” rules, the guy that if the guy that had the “5” beat the guy with a “10” army, he would get the difference in battle points for the tournament.

After reading online about the demise of Bretonnians as a good army of course, I had to get my limited model Bret army out for a try. Mostly it is my old Battlemasters Knights, Battlemasters Infantry, with some old skool Plastic Bret archers from an early box set.

Here is what I took:

2250 pts Bretonnian Army List

Duke Atchman, Barded Warhorse, Wyrmlance, Gauntlet of the Dual, Virtue of Confidence (Can’t refuse challenge, re-roll attack and to wound in a challenge)
BSB Paladin, Sword of Heroes
Paladin, Lance, Shield
Damsel, Barded Warhorse, 2 x Scrolls
Paladin, Pegasus, Lance, Shield, , Virtue of Discipline (no +1 for Outnumber)

8 Knights of the Realm, Full Command (Lord and Damsel here)
8 Knights of the Realm, Full Command, War Banner (Plain Paladin here)
6 Knights of the Realm, Full Command (BSB here)
6 Knights of the Realm, Full Command
25 Peasants, Full Command
21 Peasants, Full Command
2 x 10 archers
1 x 10 Skirmishing archers

Special Choices:
5 Mounted Yeomen

Rare Choices:
3 Grail Knights

127 models

Summary of List:

I was trying to hit the high end of our composition system. Since I took out the magic users basically it allowed me to get a plain Paladin as a booster for one of my lances. I liked the balance of the list. It is not a competitive of an army but in our “fluff fest” as our guys are calling it, it was a great army.

2250 pts Warrios of Chaos army list

Chaos Dave’s Chaos Things

My old foe and one of my favorites Chaos Dave. Normally all of our games end in a draw so it is always a tense game between us.

Chaos Lord, with Chaos Runeshield, leading a unit of Chaos Knights
Level 2, Tzeentch Sorceror with stuff in the Chaos Knights
Level 2, Nurgle Sorceror, in a chariot with the 2D6 Bound spell
Level 2, Slaanesh Soceror, in a chariot

2 units of Slaanesh Marauder Cavalry with throwing axes
2 units of Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, one has the Raptourous Standard

5 Chaos Knights, Full Command

B1 Setup and first Chaos Move

Dave moved first and then went to magic which didn’t do much if anything

B4 This was the Bret setup, Though my Brets aren’t the nicest models they do actually look okay in pictures. I need to base them and get some new trays made for them. I couldn’t find my Trebuchet so the Brets used a captured Orc one.

The Grail Knights, Pegasus, and the Mounted Yeomen are protecting the tower from the approaching Chaos Lord and his Knights (Yeah right).

B5 Chaos Turn 2

The Chaos army destroyed my Mounted Yeomen who tried to stop the attack on the left flank. The rest of the army moved forward to threaten mine. The magic phase again wasn’t much as it was ended by a miscast which wounded the mage.

B7 Bret attack!

On the Bret turn 2 I pretty much had to charge as my magic defense was basically gone. My goal was to try and get rid of one of the mages this turn.

The Pegasus Paladin charged one of the mages in a chariot. The General’s unit charged a unit of Chaos Warriors which fled. The unit with the Sir Plain the Paladin, charged the Warriors with the Rapturous Standard.

I forgot to move my BSB’s unit! I should have backed up a bit, but totally spaced it off! They would pay. I had charged the Grails in there to try and chip down the unit and I MEANT to back off the BSB’s unit and just forgot. The Grails were destroyed but took out a Chaos Knight.

My archers shot some of the Marauder cavalry on the far flank reducing them to one. In the near photo my archer shot down one Marauder cavalry.

In melee I didn’t kill ANY Chaos Warriors! Their armor, toughness and the Mark of Nurgle made them hard to shift. On the other hand I made all of my armor saves too! With my outnumber and the War Banner, they fled! However I rolled FOUR INCHES to pursue! Dave was disappointed when the Rapturous Standard failed to save his unit and it was snatched from them as they fled.

The Pegasus Paladin killed the wounded mage but didn’t break the chariot. His Pegasus took a wound from the crew.

B8 another view

B10 Chaos Counter in turn 3

The Chaos Warriors all rallied and prepared for the next turn. Seeing the vulnerable BSB, the Chaos General charged them. I knew he had the Runeshield making my Sword of Heroes useless. I chose to flee and of course I rolled an “11” to rally and there went my BSB and an intact unit of Knights.

One of the mages charged my Peasants in the flank.

B13 Forgot to take pictures [Ed. What !? ;) ]

My Peasants were destroyed by the Chaos Chariot and mage. The Marauder cavalry have destroyed the Trebuchet. They would go on to break the archers as well (stupid musician)!

The big shift from last turn was that both big lances charged the Chaos Warriors and broke and ran down both units. This time the lances were sharp!

After killing the mage, the Pegasus Captain broke the chariot and ran it off the table.

Chaos Dave needed to get points so he started moving his General for some General on General action!

B12 The Chaos Chariot charged the other lance.

In the magic phase of this turn Chaos Dave threw a Slaanesh spell and killed FIVE of my Realm Knights, which rolled an “11” for panic test and ran off the table-oh dear! If he could break the small lance he is back in the game!

B14 The Realm Knights WERE ready to help out the small lance, but they ran from the nasty Chaos Spell.

The Chaos Chariot found the Bret lance to be a tough target! Only a single knights fell from the charge so they held.


In my turn 5 I moved the Pegasus behind the Chaos Knights. Believe it or not the 20 archer shots killed two of the tough knights reducing them to just three models.

Instead of just ignoring them and winning the game, I went for a big brawl. Everything that could charged.

Out of the picture the final Chaos Chariot broke and was ran down. The archers broke and were ran down by the Marauder cavalry.

The Pegasus Paladin was lethal felling two knights on the charge! Both General’s yelled out challenges! Duke Atchman thrust with the Wyrmlance and hit four times, did three wounds, and with no saving rolls made the Chaos Lord fell dead despite the fact he was toughness 6 with a 1+armor save!

The lance killed the last Chaos Knight and the only the Tzeentch Sorceror and two Marauder Cavalry were the only survivors.

Victory to Bretonnia !

Battle Summary:

Playing with the weaker lists is a lot of fun. I’m not sure you can call a Bret list all that weak in a friendly environment.

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