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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Dark Elf Army vs Bretonnians 2250pts battle report

warhammer tournament fantasy battle report :-

"The hydra didnt like being a large target when the duke went and added another collection of hydra heads to his trophy rack !" [Ed. I guess you can see where this is going !]

(very short and sweet, not a coffee break read because your coffee won't be cold enough !)

source : : Alex West02-May-2009

Ah Dark Elves. Singe had 2250 to play with and had a level 4, bsb, hag on cauldron, unit of cold ones, unit of corsairs, 3 units of dark riders, chariot, furies, hydra and 2 units of 10 shades, 1 with an assassin in.

The shades all hid in the worlds biggest wood which was nicely in the middle of the table. Nice for Singe that is

Its shady in the wood, arf arf.

Whilst singe's army was very avoidance brets have a tendancy to, as someone else described, 'push forward and push the dark elves off the table'. This is basically what happened here with singe baiting and fleeing with the dark riders but running out of tabel and being caught in the end. The hydra didnt like being a large target when the duke went and added another collection of hydra heads to his trophy rack and the chariot didnt very much like the bsb's lance to the face.
The shades were a royal pain in the behind to get hold of but they elected to stand and shoot at 4 errants, killing 1 but forgetting that they are immune to psych on the charge and getting run down allowing the errants to overrun into the level 4.

After a bit of goth elf clearance the brets were starting to dominate the field

A bit of a panoramic shot. The shades to the south ran out the wood, got shot up the peasant archers and decided they didn't like that so ran back into the woods

The sorceress cops a lance to the face whilst the dark elf army plays defend the wood

End result was a major win for the brets. This was the first time i played Singe and it was a great game, really enjoyable. He played like a true gent and i'm sure with some more experience of the list he was using would have reveresed the result.

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