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Friday, 1 May 2009

Beasts of Chaos vs Bretonnians 2500 pts battle report

warhammer fantasy tournament battle report :-

A nasty blood bath of a massacre !

(very summarised but enjoyable with some nice pics of a good looking Bretonnian army)

source : : Alex West01-May-2009

Following vague promises of doing a torunament report i took my camera along to the recent Destruction Derby event, a cracking 1 day event in erm, well, Derby.

It used a tiered system and as i was using Brets i got 2250 to play with which was good!

Game 1 vs Beasts of Chaos

Beasts of Chaos were allowed 2500 points to play with and Dave's army was led by a slaanesh shaggoth. It also had a giant, unit of bestigor, 3 units of dogs, 3 herds, 3 level 2's, 3 chariots, unit of centigor possibly some other bits and bobs!

In Dave's first turn he moved everything forward a bit, nothing too extravagent. Magic pinned a small unit of errants in place, a bit annoying but not worth using a scroll on imho.

In my first turn i moved things forward a bit, being somewhat cautious keen not to close the gap until my archers and treb could get a turn or two shooting in. There were a hell of a lot of beasts after all!

The treb lined up a shot on a herd with level 2 in, hoping i could force a panic check to bring down Dave's magic and remove a potentially annoying unit. Luckily, unluckily for Dave, the trebs shot scattered 6" straight towards the giant, cue a partical hit which wounded and then 6 wounds later the giant was felled! As a direct result of this the herd with the shaman, 2 units of dogs and another herd all ran down the beasts line and off the end of the table! 650ish points with 1 shot, best shot the treb has ever managed!

There used to be quite a few beasts here...

Thats a scary unit to be facing off against!

The rest of the game went into the usual trying to get the charge off on various beast units which went well with the aid of some very good dice!

A beast chariot tries a desperate charge against a lance. Alas for Dave to no avail!

The crux of the game came into focus when the bsb's lance, errant lance and duke charged the bestigor and shaggoth.

In for a penny...

The hsaggoth narrowly avoided ending up on the end of the dukes lance (he had virtue of heroism) but the bestigor were broken and run down effectively giving the game to the brets in a big way.

Some other shots of the game:

Ogres don't want to play with the tincans

The duke was so angry about not adding a shaggoth to his display rack he single handedly ran down a unit of ogres. He is a mean hombre.

Not where i would want to be if i was a bray shaman !

Overall it was a massacre win to the brets. I can only apologise for the extraordinary luck which felled the giant and effectively gave me the intiative from the off but as usual Dave took it with great grace and got my vote for best sport.

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