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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wood Elves vs Dwarfs 2250 pts battle report

warhammer fantasy battle tournament report :-

One of a series of tournament reports from David L

(a no nonsense battle summary)

source : bugmansbrewery.comcredit : David L28-Apr-2009

2250pts Dwarf Army List

Dwarf Lord, shieldbearers, great weapon
MRoSteel, Resistance, Stone, MRoChallenge, Furnace - 286 points

Thain BSB, Strollaz, Guarding - 175 points

shield, great weapon, spellbreaker, spellbreaker, Stone, Furnace - 136 points

Thain, shield, great weapon, Stone - 76 points

10 Thunderers, shields - 150 points
15 warriors, shields, banner, musician - 150 points
24 Longbeards, full command, Battle, Stoicism - 363 points
17 Hammerers, shields, full command, Stoicism - 276 points
13 Hammerers, shields, banner, champion, Battle - 218 points

bolt thrower, engineer, Penetrating - 86 points
bolt thrower engineer, Burning - 65 points
Stone Thrower, engineer, Accuracy, Penetrating, Burning - 155 points
Organ Gun - 120 points

2250 exactly

2250pts Wood Elves Army list

Lord on stag with magic spear, regeneration
Wild rider noble with moonstone
Branchwraith level 1 with cluster
Alter kindred with ward against shooting

4x9 Dryads
9 Wild Riders with noble and flee banner
8 Wild Riders with lord and warbanner
6 wardancers

Wood Elves without shooting make a much more beatable enemy for Dwarfs than someone that fields 30 archers. Getting shot by longbows when I don't have 30 crossbows to shoot back is unpleasant.

Scenario was ants, which start on the center line 24" from each side. They move each compulsory phase and inflict d6+1 S2 hits with reduced armour saves on anything they hit. They cannot be killed.

There are a few piece of impassable terrain around and one piece of difficult near my deployment zone. Only forest on the table was his free one. (cardboard circle in pictures)

I use one impassable to anchor my west, so the thunderers cannot be flanked. Behind them goes the small Hammerers, facing west. I surmise correctly - one Wild Rider unit starts on that side. Warriors go in the middle with Longbeards behind. The warriors are going forward to get in the way, potentially fleeing. Organ Gun there too. Big guns east of that, then the other Hammerers and flaming bolt thrower on the table edge. East Hammerers are set so they can expand frontage out to 15 wide and block anything going around. Lord is with Organ Gun, runesmith and Thain with central artillery.

He has Dryads all over, wardancers in the middle, Treeman in the west middle hiding behind his free forest, wild riders far east and west. Eagle and Alter start east.

I stroll the warriors forward and win first turn. But my shooting does nothing, literally. One pile of ants moves towards his army, the other goes east into a previously open gap between cliffs. He advances, the Treeman continuing to hide in the woods and the Eagle hiding behind a cliff. On my 2, the eastern ants eat his alter kindred. Thank you ants! They will continue progressing east and eventually leave the table. My Stone Thrower then lands a perfect shot on Wild Riders, flattening 5 of them. Other shooting kills a few Dryads.

On the bottom of 2, he launches a triple charge at my aggressive warriors using injured Dryads, Dryads with Branchwraith, and injured Wild Riders. The warriors flee (roll says from the Dryads) and go through lots of stuff, covering a huge distance and barely staying on the table. I would have prefered a shorter flee distance, but getting him to fail 3 charges is great success for that mission.

Treeman comes out, western Wild Riders complete their long run ... the envelopement is beginning.

During Wood Elf turn 2, as my warriors slow him down by fleeing. The Alter Kindred was just east of the Eagle when the ants ate him.

Start of Dwarf turn 3

Turn 3

Fleeing warriors rally. But they have no space to face anywhere.

As I had planned from the beginning, the Dwarf Lord leaves the Organ Gun and joins the western Hammerers. Those Wild Riders (and their general) are welcome to come play! I don't want the Eagle to easily take out my artillery, so the BSB and Runesmith join the Stone Thrower and the Thain the bolt thrower.

Then it's Treeman time. Stone Thrower guesses wrong and misses. S7 bolt thrower hits and does 1 wound. Flaming bolt thrower adds 2 (4) more. Thunderers take the short range shots and get the last wound. Awesome job artillery!! Organ Gun then blows away 4 Dryads, leaving 1 in that unit. He will retire to the woods.

Start of Wood Elf turn 3

Wild Riders charge western Hammerers. Western Dryads charge Thunderers. Ants eat a dryad and wardancer. His east flank shifts east and the central dryads move forward into the difficult terrain, threatening my artillery.

Thunderer stand-and-shoot drops 2 and only 5 have range to make it into base contact. Then the dryads roll poorly, killing only 1 Thunderer. I kill 2 in return and the leadership 10 Forest Lord is not enough to keep them around. Super fighting Thunderers run down the dryads!! In the other combat, the Forest Lord does no better personally, as the Wild Riders can only get through the armour of one Dwarf and I smash 3 of them in return, including the unit champion. With 3 ranks on my side, they flee but escape.

End of Wood Elf turn 3. Picture from western table edge.

Turn 4

He has too many units that cause fear for me to protect the artillery anymore, so the Runesmith and Thain join the Hammerers and the BSB returns to the Longbeards. Longbeards turn to face east. Thunderers continue their 'pursuit' across the table, to claim a table quarter which is worth a bonus tournament point. Warriors turn east, so anything that kills some of my artillery is getting charged by something. Lord's Hammerers continue the 'pursuit' west, now an inch away from the fleeing enemy general.

Stone thrower takes out a couple wardancers/dryads. Organ Gun opens up on the Wild Riders and poofs the unit, although the noble makes his saves.

Start of Wood Elf turn 4. Picture from western table edge.

He charges east dryads at flaming bolt thrower, last wardancers at other bolt thrower, dryads at stone thrower. His general rallies and the surviving noble goes and hides. The dryads autobreak those artillery, but the branchwraith dryads do not pursue far enough to go off the table. One crew survives the wardancers and holds.

End of Wood Elf turn 4. Picture from western table edge.

Clean up...

Dwarf Lord and Hammerers charge enemy general. Warriors charge Branchwraith unit. Longbeards and other Hammerers turn around to look for returning dryads. Organ Gun moves west so the wardancers will not be able to charge it if they kill the last bolt thrower crew.

The Wood Elf general manages to hold this time, while the Branchwraith unit breaks. They nearly die on the eastern Hammerers but are just short. Wardancers take out my last crew.

The branchwraith unit rallies. Other dryads return and move east to avoid getting killed. Wardancers try to run north.

His Wild Riders cannot generate damage with most of his hitting power stuck on my tank-lord. The elves break and flee off the table.

I double charge the Branchwraith unit with Hammerers and Warriors, beating them by a ton and running them off the table.

Victory for the Dwarfs!!

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John said...

Loved it great report, and a very very interesting Dwarf army list

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