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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dogs of War vs High Elves 2000 pts

warhammer custom scenario fantasy battle :-

A great scenario driven battle report written by both army generals
(nice scene setting, an interesting & unique scenario )

source : : Renaissance Homer15-Feb-2009

A turn by turn battle report courtesy of Blagrot Squigbreff and Renaissance Homer.

The Scenario : Messengers

Messengers have the following stats:
M5 WS4 BS0 S3 T4 W2 A1 I4 LD10 4+ Ward Save

Messenger Special rules

Messengers are Immune to Panic, have Magic Resistance (2), count as a single model on foot, may not declare charges (but may defend themselves if necessary), cannot join units, cannot use any army-related special rules (such as The Blessing), cannot march block or be march blocked, cannot trigger special effects (like Fanatics), and must be on a 20 or 25mm base as appropriate to the army. A Messenger may not be targeted by missile weapons/direct-targeting spells if they are within 6" of a friendly unit of US5+ unless they are the closest target (this is a change from normal targeting rules).

Messengers are deployed at the same time as characters. Divide the deployment zone along the long edge into three 24" segments. One messenger must be deployed in each third of the deployment zone.

2000 pts Dogs of War Army list

Mercenary General: Pegasus,HA,Shield,Pistol,SoMight,Talisman 194
Mercenary Captain: Pegasus,HA,Shield,Pistol,Lance 117
Paymaster: Barded Warhorse,HA,EShield,Pistol,Lance,Morningstar 96
Hireling Wizard: Lvl2,Dispel Scroll 120

8 Duellists Pistol 72
20 Ricco 300
20 Pike HA,FC 230
2x5Light Cav Spear,Mus 150
6 Volands (Incl, Voland,Mus,Std) 219

20 Norse Marauders, GW,Shield,FC 230
12 Lumpkins Cocks 132
Maneater, HA,GW 90

Halfling Hot Pot 50

2000 point High Elves Army list

Ambiguous Fangurl Convention

Kuja - Prince w/ Dragon Armor, Shield, Extra Hand Weapon, Guardian Phoenix, and the Reaver Bow (233)
Bakura - Noble BSB w/ Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Shield and Warbanner (146)
Maou - Mage, level 2 w/ Dispel Scroll (155)

20 Spearelves, Full Command (205)
10 Archers (110)
10 Archers (110)

15 White Lions w/ Full Command (255)
6 Silver Helms w/ Shields and Full Command (178)
Tiranoc Chariot (85)
13 Swordmasters, Full Command (225)
6 Shadow Warriors (96)

Repeater Bolt Thrower (100)
2 Great Eagles (100)

Renaissance Homer

Before we begin, some words on tactics and deployment.

Scenarios are unfamiliar territory for me so I spent some time ahead of the game preparing a battle plan. Basically that plan was to use the marauders and regular pikes to create a fake battle front, then drop Riccos with support on a flank, rush the messengers there, and use Riccos as protection and support troops to divert.

The duellists were to fan out and protect the messengers in their midst. Useful troops like Volands were deployed in support of that flank. Same with my shooting and magic.

Maneater was deployed to threaten the chariot. Hot pot straight over from spear block to get some easy range guessing early on.

Thankfully the scenario offered a lot of protection from his shooting.
After the deployment things looked like this...

Mostly my plan was looking good, only the swordmasters a real threat that had to be dealt with head on over on the right side all others would have to do some serious moving to get there.

The game begins.

Over to Blagrot....

Blagrot Squigbreff

Thank you Homer, thank you very much *steps up to the podium*.

The two forests in my Deployment zone and the two hills just outside meant my deployment was a little more scattered then I liked. The plan was similar to Renaissance Homers - I intended to push through just to the left of the wood in his DZ.

The Chariot and/or Silver Helms were to beat up Volands Venators who I didn't like the idea of recieving a charge from and afterwards they could look for flank and rear charges or block for the messengers.

The Spearelves were to escort Kuja and his Reaver bow while getting ready to face the Marauders and normal pikes - both units I felt they could defeat fairly easily, they also got a messenger to escort.

The Swordmasters were to get shot as little as possible while attempting to find someone to fight and Bakura (the BSB) gave them some static CR, with Riccos probably being an ideal target for them, the duelists and light cav not so much.

The White Lions were in the wood to save space and if nothing else presented itself they intended to go Hobbit-hunting, especially since I was fairly sure thats where the mage would end up.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower went for the best LoS I could see with the Pegasus mounted characters the priority target.

The Eagles were spead out ready to play annoyances.

The Archers wound up behind the hills due to lack of anywhere better to put them, at least they could get on top of the hills ready to fire fairly quickly.

Maou (the mage) went in the right-hand archers to add firepower on that flank and the Shadow Warriors had the same job.

Overall I wasn't entirely happy with my deployment but I had a good spread of strong units and most of it was facing targets they were suited to killing.

Renaissance Homer won the roll and took first turn so back to him.

Renaissance Homer

Turn 1:

Nothing much really, moved things in accordance to plan.
Volands set to threaten the elves to hold back, Light Cav ready to get into a good position.

I got off a fireball killing a few swordmasters.
The hot pot killed a few spearmen, despite a scatter.

Still no action in other words.

I was relying almost completely in my plan for the pegasus riders to be able to hunt messengers, and was already feeling some apprehension.
Looking like this he had most of the left flank to run the messengers up in if he just baited the marauders with an eagle.

Blagrot Squigbreff

Turn 1 (continued):

Both sets of Archers marched up onto the hills.

The Swordmasters raced forward boldly hoping to hit the maneater if the fast cav sould be persuaded to die appropriately.

The White lions decided they weren't scared of Volands and also pressed forward, happy to accept a charge if needed.

The Chariot moved to help cover the flanks of both and stay away from the maneater and his big weapon.

The Silver Helms advanced more cautiously, hoping for a shot at the captasus but without straying into range of Volands.

The left Eagle decided against going for the marauders as I thought the fast cav would chase it off and I was fairly sure the spearelves could handle the marauders and instead just flapped wide.

I forgot to move the Spearelves.

Maou managed to cast Shield of Saphery on the Swordmasters.

Shooting from the Shadow warriors killed a couple of fast cav and the RBT killed one from the left hand unit. Kujas reaver bow killed a marauder and I was starting to feel like I would get outshot.

I wasn't happy with the battle either so far, I didn't think I would have any real trouble in the centre but the flanks looked bad, expecially the right. The Swordmasters would have to hustle to get into combat with Riccos since I had failed to kill the light cav and the Eagle was hiding from the pegasus mounted characters so wouldn't be much use for redirects yet.

Renaissance Homer

Aha! Finally some action I thought, and charged Volands at the Silver Helms.
But it was a suspense feint, they were 3/4 of an inch out and suddenly I was into damage control mode.

The Captasus moved to redirect the helms, and I moved the pikes in behind.
Volands would just have to flee if the Lions or Chariot tried something.
My fast cav on the right moved to redirect the Swordmasters, and on the left the Marauders moved up with a baiting screen of fast cav.

The Maneater adjusted to the probable failed charge/move path of the Chariot.
My General meanwhile flew behind the lines to threaten the chariot to move, the archers with a rear charge, and the eagle to get out of the way!

(I can claim any plan I want looking back..)

Ricco and the messengers moved according to plan.

The Hot Pot had another good shot, straight in the middle of the Kitty-killers, but the soup wasnt spicy enough and failed to do more than 3 wounds.
Lumpkins shot with everything they had at them as well, but although the combined might of the Moot tried to panic them with shooting this turn, all wounds were saved.

The pistols I passed out to all my characters did some good, a wound on an eagle and a dead shadow warrior, the shadow warrior might have been the duellists too.

Not looking too horrible yet.

Blagrot Squigbreff

Volands charge had been a little closer than I had expected but they were out and the Lions and Chariot charged in, Volands fled the charge. The Helms went in against the Captasus and he also fled.

I was confident the helms could hold the pikes but I can't remember why I charged the chariot in, given that there was an angry general lurking behind my lines it could have turned to threaten.

The helms didn't need to face the pikes as they failed their panic and swiftly followed Volands, as a result the Captasus was run down and killed, something I was very happy to see.

Finally the Swordmasters charged happily into the flank of the light cav which held.

The lefthand Archers turned to get better shots, the righthand Archers turned and shuffled slightly to shoot at the General on the Pegasus without getting too close to Riccos.

Maou had nowhere to run so just shuffled in the unit and prayed.

The Shadow Warriors also backed off from the duelists and into Los of the Peg.

The right Eagle moved to redirect Riccos away form the archers if needed and the left Eagle moved to threaten the fleeing units and the hotpot.

The Spearelves held their ground again and the messengers advanced.

Magic failed but might have drawn the scroll.

Shooting removed the left side Light cav and some Marauders. I also killed the Generals Pegasus (good) and left him able to charge straight into the Archers and Maou. (bad)

The Swordmasters fluffed and only killed 2 Light cav, fortunatly the survivor fled and Swordmasters pursued far enough to reach Riccos flank.

And yes hindsight plans are great but its slightly worrying how many times I look back at battles and realise I can't remember why I made a move. Maybe I need to write more reports?

Renaissance Homer

Aargh, disaster!
Goes to show how much a little placement fault can do, its obvious from the pics here the light cav gave away a flank charge, but in the game I forgot to zoom in and see, and was trying to avoid a RBT shot.
Result; Blagrot had to patiently show me with a ruler how stupid I had been.

This was gonna hurt.

But, a few light points... The Maneater was now able to charge his chosen enemy. As well as my general being able to charge and cut at a mage. The Duellists also decidedd to charge the Shadow warriors.

Both the right messengers had enough move to avoid the pursuit path of the swordmasters, that was good, but I completely forgot to move the last one, so his chance at making it (was over 30 from his position to the other edge now) was gone.

Thankfully all my units rallied. Volands would have to take a charge, but armour might save them.

In the shooting phase the Hot Pot blew up, just to annoy me.
And Lumpkins tried to shoot an eagle without attaching their arrowtips.

Magic did nothing as it was scrolled by a mage who knew he was about to die.

So for the dreaded combats...

Mage filet on the menu, 3 wounds mean I won but archers hold.
Duellists lose 1 to stand and shoot, 3! more to ASF, and are lucky to kill one back and hold.

In the crucial Sword Vrs Ricco fight my paymaster challenges, and manages to put a wound on the high elf BSB. That does little to help the pikes however as 7 are killed and they flee in terror, just to the board edge.

But light in the darkness, my Maneater chops the chariot to firewood, and hoping for as good overrun into a messenger....fails with 1/10 of an inch.

Not good, I was going to lose my paymaster next turn with all the panics that follow, and my entire line was crumpled.

My mobile hunters both gone.

There was still hope of getting the messengers through, but except that, I felt the most I could hope for was some burning head panics and small vp snatches here and there.

But surrender? NEVER!!

Blagrot Squigbreff

I got a little lucky with the placement of the messenger, I didn't dare flee with the chariot and risk squashing him but thankfully the maneater was just out.

The Swordmasters had restrained to allow me to reach Homers' messenger and the BSB charged in while the Swordmasters chased Riccos and the Paymaster off the board.

The only other charge was the Helms into Volands hoping to finish them off.

The White Lions also moved up to try and reach the pikes.

The righthand Eagle moved to try and block the second messenger and the Left hand one moved behind Volands for no reason I can remember but probably also to hunt messengers.

The Spearelves moved up to get the Marauders attention and the Archers shifted to get a better shot.

The lucky messenger legged it out of Maneater territory and another also sprinted past the fustrated Ogre.

Shooting killed a few marauders and the RBT put a wound on the Maneater.

In combat the Duelists killed a pair of Shadow warriors for no loss but they held as did the Archers despite 3 deaths.

The Silver Helms killed 3 of Volands knights for one loss and chased them off but some eedgit had put an Eagle blocking their pursuit path so they were now in danger of a flank/rear charge from the Pikes. I just hoped the Lions could intimidate Homer into not trying that or that the Pikes were out.

Finally Bakura wounded the messenger, suffered a wound in return and died, giving up the army Standard in the process. I hate dice.

On the whole things were going well I was irritated that I'd got sloppy with the placement of the Eagle and the less said about Bakuras 'little moment' the better, even for someone with a knack for getting characters killed embarressingly .

Renaissance Homer

It could have been worse, only the Halflings fled (a healthy 11 inches) because of the paymasters death, and both messengers looked like they had a fair chance to get off the board now.

I didnt dare charge the Silverhelms because I needed to threaten his middle messenger to stay on the right side of the pikes, and besides with the marauders having to charge (and probably die and flee from) the spears, and White Lions coming up I didnt dare turn my back.

At least Lumpkins rallied.

One messenger got safe out of the eagles Los, and the Banner-bearing one huddled between the edge and the duellists. Either duellists would win and hopefully block Los with their pursuit or the eagle would have to charge duellists as well, and it might even not fit in.

The Maneater helped create a bigger no-go zone for the messengers.

No shooting, but my mage, now having the field to himself, gets of Burning Head on the Silver Helms, the plan; they were to flee through the pikes that moved sideways a bit for that purpose. Two wounds. Only one save....

Unfortunately they make their panic test.

In close combat I was hoping for the archers to lose two, run and panic the Swordmasters, instead they take a wound off my Lord, take 3 back, run, I fail to restrain pursuit and the silly General runs screaming into the Swordmaster flank.
I wonder how long it took him to realize that was a mistake.

Duellists take Shadow warriors down to one, but he holds the stubborn git.

Marauders fluff, are butchered and run down giving the spears a scary 10 inch pursuit. Glad I didnt show my rump with the pikes.

Now looking like this.

Get the messengers through and survive, what else is there to hope for? What kind of luck can get me out of this mess?

Blagrot Squigbreff

The righthand Eagle charged into the messenger (who was still carrying my Army Standard) and contacted the Duelist unit as well.

I judged the Spears to be out of range so they marched into the flank of the Pikes with the Lions marching forward to threaten the front.

The Helms stopped calling the Eagle names long enough to turn and face Lumpins' not-Hobbits. The offending bird flew out of the way in a position to give extra cover to the messengers

The Archers decided they liked the hill and stayed put .

My RBT shot another wound off the Maneater but the Archers discovered they were out of range to shoot him some more.

In combat the Eagle and Shadow Warrior both fluffed it and after the Duelists killed the remaining Warrior the Eagle headed for the hills, would nothing rid me of this wretched messenger!?

The Swordmasters showed willing by swiftly decapitating the DoW General before he could strike but they would be unable to reach any other combat before the end of the game.

Other than the stubborn messengers inability to die this was looking good, I just needed to keep pressing and killing things and victory would surely be mine.

Renaissance Homer

Really close margins again, I declared a charge with my Maneater at the helms, and the grey border around the ruler touched both bases, do they count, do they not?
We rolled a dice for it, well, one of us should have, both of us did, and it became a roll off instead, favour of the Maneater. (Blagrot is a gent)

Then I charged with my pikes because of los from side models. Blagrot contested it but I insisted, and the rules werent clear enough that he bothered probably.

In my defense its the way weve always done it, and Ive never played others. But I admit it was wrong.

Anyway, after a 5.5 wheel they make contact with the Noble and 8ish of his unit, we played it not sliding since it was my preference (Gent I tell ya..) and we already did it with the maneater who was just in by a nano-inch.

Also a messenger ran off the board. The other ran out of eagle Los to run off next turn, and duellists and halflings moved for better positions, specifically to hunt eagles and throw magic at Lions.

My unopposed mage more than made up for earlier lack of performance by placing a burning head through 5 lions. A couple die, and they run!!!

They run far! My pikes are suddenly not threatened at all!

Both eagles are shot down in the shooting phase!

In close combat the maneater does nothing, and takes no wounds so survives on stubborn with his 1 wound.

The Noble only does 1 wound, only wound from spears is saved!
Add some (2-3?) wounds back, more ranks and outnumber and spears check on - a lot.
Break! Flee 4-5 inches... and dies, giving a nice pursuit into a messenger.

Suddenly it looks more promising. I console myself that Blagrot might have charged me if I did a reform with the pikes and a result much the same might have occured.

Except the messenger and well... :(

Blagrot Squigbreff

Ah, that turn was a little bit bad.

The White Lions continued the trend by running away some more. The leftmost Messenger made his way to safety off the board and the Archers reformed slightly in hope of shooting the Pikes next turn. The rightmost Messenger raced forward, unfortunatly he had to step onto a hill to have any chance of escaping.

The Maneater killed a single Helm, clearly the big lug had forgotten which end of the great weapon was for clonking Elves but the brainpower needed to ponder this meant he wasn't concerned by losing combat. The remaining Messenger did what his General and the Spearelves couldn't and valiently stood off the Pikemen, taking no wounds and passing his Ld test.

I couldn't see anything firm to say Homer couldn't charge the pikes in so didn't argue too hard, however with the Lions running I suspect the Spears would have taken discretion over courage and backed off to let the pikes get shot. The sliding mostly came because I hadn't worried about moving the Maneater and I feel silly only arguing rules when they are in my favour. :)

Renaissance Homer

The wrap-up...

Messenger runs off the board with his army standard!
I was a bit confused as to why the RBT didnt shoot at him last turn.

The mage tries to blast the messenger on the hill with a fireball but he shrugs it off. We forgot his MR so he would have made it anyway.

The halflings however strike true with half their arrows and the messenger contract to a pincushioned ball and rolls down the hill like a hedgehog.

Sadly the Maneaters luck ran out and he dies giving the Silver Helms a clear run at the Halfling heroes.

Again 13 attacks are not enough to wound the messenger who stands there like Steven Seagal and slightly shrughs the pikemen away when they strike. He makes his second -4 ld roll too!

Blagrot Squigbreff

I'm not sure why the RBT didn't try as shoot the messenger either, I'd probably managed to convince myself it would misfire given the luck of our messengers so far .

The last turn was pretty simple with the Helms charging into the 'not-hobbits-honest' as my only movement.

The White Lions continued to flee, obviously the fact there were no High Elf characters left on the board meant they felt had completed their duty. Idiots. The Helms killed several of Lumpins troops with the Champion cutting down Lumpin himself before running down the short-legged remnants.

The Messenger was still amusing himself dodging the pikes and took no damage but realising no-one was actually going to come and help him out any time soon, he decided to run for the hills, outpacing the sluggish Pikemen with ease.

After adding in the bonus VPs for the dead messengers, the final result was a minor victory to Homer [Ed. Dogs of War]. Well done mate :gritted teeth:

Apologies for the lack of a final picture I forgot to take one and I can't seem to access the site the miny report is on to steal Homers. Thanks for reading and as before any comments, critiques and compliments welcome, not just about the game itself but about the report as well.


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