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Monday, 16 February 2009

Daemons of Chaos vs Tomb Kings 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"His Herald on Disc flew behind my lines and put my Heiro in his sights..."
(slightly unbalanced battle, Daemons had 100pts less. Some game questions posed.)

source : : Sepulcher16-Feb-2009

2250 pts Tomb Kings Army list

King with the Flail of Skulls, Cloak, Collar
Priest mounted on a steed with 2 scrolls
Priest mounted on a steed with SoR
Heiro on foot with Jar
2 x 25 Archers with command, 1 with BotUL [Ed. Banner of the Undead Legion]
2 x 3 Chariots, banners, 1 with War Banner
6 Light Horsemen
21 Tomb Guard with command, IotSE
2 Scorpions
5 Carrion

2150 pts Daemons of Chaos Army list (Hordes edition 6)

"Woah, no Thirster"
Herald of Khorne on mount with Str 7 flaming attacks (not sure what else)
Herald of Tzeentch on Disc with gift of "I know all spells" and Spell Breaker (Tzeentch lore)
Herald of Tzeentch BSB with flying gift and "I know all spells" (Tzeentch lore)
Herald of Tzeentch with flying gift and "I know all spells" (Beasts lore)

3 x 5 Hounds
Beast of Nurgle
3 Nurgling Bases
7-8 Furies
3 Bloodcrushers
3 x 10 Bloodletters

Terrain was just 2 hills and 2 forests, nice and simple. I set up, from left to right, my Scorpion (red), War Banner Chariots (red), Tomb Guard with King (blue), 25 Archers with Priest(red), Carrion behind (charcoal), BotUL Archers (yellow) with the Heiro behind (white), another Scorpion (yellow), more Chariots (purple), and lastly my Light Horsemen with Priest (purple).

Across from me, left to right, the Demons deployed 5 Hounds (green) 3 Crushers (orange) with Herald on mount (black), 10 Letters (blue), 7 Furies (yellow), 10 Letters (blue), Beasts lore Herald behind (pink) 5 more Hounds (green), Tzeentch Herald BSB behind (white), 5 Hounds (green), 10 Letters behind (blue) and Herald on Disc behind (red), 3 Nurgling swarms (neon green) and the Beast of Nurgle (pink).

Turn 1 went to me and I opted to go first, deciding I'd need as many shots I can get. Not wanting to be charged by the Hounds and Bloodcrushers on my left, I only moved that flank up a few inches. However, my King flew out of his unit and near the forest, ready to charge either his Crushers or Hounds next turn. Both Archer units moved up for range, with the Carrion moving in front, as well as my Scorpion. The right flank moved up, wary of the Beast of Nurgle. Magic saw me charge my Carrion into his Furies, move my right Chariots behind the nearby hill, as well as some Smiting bow shots, but he made all his wards. Shooting, the same thing happened, some more wounds to his Hounds but he made the wards.

Combat went horribly and I didn't even wound, but neither did he. I take a wound to Outnumber.

Top of turn 1:

For his half of the turn, his Letters charged my Carrion in the flank, everything else moved forward, my Carrion march-blocked half his units, so at least they did SOMETHING. His Crushers were marchblocked but his Herald who joined the unit was not in range, we weren't sure if he could leave the unit using his 14" or if he was march-blocked with his unit. We just played it as if he could leave the unit so he zoomed forward with the Hounds. The BSB Tzeentch Herald flew in behind the Crushers and he asked me if it had LOS to my King. I said yes. For making all those ward saves, his magic phase is very uneventful, failing to cast his basic spells, including a Beasts Cowers on my chariots (thankfully). However for his last spell, that Herald who he asked LOS about got an irresistible Bolt of Change on my King. NOOO!! He rolled 9 Str 5 Hits and down went my King, sigh. He did just the amount of wounds needed and then easily passed his Curse Ld test. The Bloodletters dropped a couple Carrion and CR crumbled the rest of my birds. Bad start for me.

Bottom of turn 1:

Turn 2

My left flank was getting nasty, he had 2 hammer units and a nasty hero zooming down the flank. I opted to do a sort of "break out" move with my War Chariots and Scorpion, so I sent them into the Crushers, being that they aren't as Tough as they used to be. Hoping to beat them, overrun, and marchblock for a turn. Also my other Scorpion charged the Hounds in front of it, although I wasn't expecting much. My other Chariot unit opted to not charge his Beast.. with Regen, Ward, and T5 I wasn't going to be doing much - so I moved them up on the hill ready to magic charge his Nurglings. My Light Horsemen moved near the board edge out of the Beasts 12" range and my Archers reformed into a block. Everything else stayed put.

His magic defense was pretty good and all I did was Smite the red Archer unit. But they did absolutely nothing. The magic charge into his Nurglings was stopped. Without my King to throw his spells around he could save his dice for my good stuff. My SoR put a wound on his Beast. In the shooting phase my red Archers tried again at the incoming Hounds and did an impressive 6 wounds. Potshots from the reformed block put another wound on a Hound. Everything else with a bow missed or failed to wound.

In combat, I DID NOT DO A SINGLE WOUND, with impact hits, crew, or a Scorpion. In return he smashed 2 chariots, and crumbled the last, leaving my Scorpion with a wound on it. In the Scorpion vs Hounds I did a wound which was saved and he did a couple, leaving it with 1 wound after CR. My luck went from bad to worse. At this point I knew I was in it for a tie, so I went for points.

Top of 2:

In his half of the turn things setup for charges next turn. His Herald on Disc flew behind my lines and put my Heiro in his sights, doh! His Nurglings charged my Chariots and his Beast pivoted to hit them next turn. In the middle was a general advance, with his Furies flying in behind his Letters and out of LOS to my shooting. His General (Khorne Herald) continued down the flanks and now threatened my Guard, also his BSB flew behind my lines for more annoying magic-ness.

His magic phase was again lack luster, karma for me rolling so poorly before, perhaps? He asked me if his Beast of Nurgle counted as a monster for Beast lore and I said why not. He mentioned the Demon book said nothing and that it was possibly just a large infantry model. We settled on that since it had 4 wounds he could call it a monster. Either way, GW better get a FAQ out (another question we had was if Crushers and hounds could be killing blowed, since they're US 2 but on bigger bases). He failed to cast the spell that would move his Beast into my chariots and lucky for me he didn't get an Irresistble Force on the magic missle targeting my Heiro and I scrolled it. That would've been devastating.

In combat his Nurglings did a single Poison but I managed to save it. I did 3 or 4 wounds in return and when he rolled for Instability the rest of his bases popped, fortunately for me. His Crushers and Hounds easily dispatched both my scorpions. I was losing hammer units fast!

Bottom of 2:

Turn 3

Seeing an opportunity for some points my now freed Chariots charged his Furies and JUST made it. My Light Horsemen moved towards his Disc Herald to harry it with some bow shots. My Guard moved a couple inches back.

In the magic phase I got Smiting off on the red Archer unit. Not sure if this is legal, but I split my shots, 5 at the 2 Hounds in the middle and the rest shot at the Hounds parked in front of the BotUL skeletons. I knocked a Hound off both units. I also Smited the Light Horsemen and did a wound to the Herald on Disc.. suprisingly they're only T3!

In the shooting phase I did another wound to the bigger Hound unit and finished off the last Hound in the middle.

Combat saw me kill every Fury and overrun into the rear of his Letters.

Top of 3:

In his half, he charged my BotUL block with his Hounds. Everything else just advanced. His Letters behind my chariots were a bit too far to get a charge in. His Beast and Beast Herald turned to face my Light Horsemen. His other two Heralds continued to fly behind my lines, meanwhile, his Khorne Herald just sat tight.

Magic was again nullified between my dice and another Scroll.

In the combat between my Archers and his Hounds we drew, but my musician tipped it for me, he lost a Hound to Instability. My impact hits and crew managed to drop 3 Letters and win by enough to see his unit sucked back into the warp, I opted not to overrun.

Bottom of 3:

Turn 4

Not much I could do this turn, just positioning. My Chariots could turn to either charge his Letter block or his Herald, I opted for the Herald (points) and turned my Chariots around to face him. My Light Horsemen moved away from the threatening Beast of Nurgle and reformed. I now tasked the unit to chase his Disc Herald. My Guard just braced themselves for the charges next turn, and my red Archers opted for 1 more round of shooting before I reformed.

In the magic phase I just managed to Smite said Archers, killing 2 Letters and completely forgetting about moving my Chariots into his Herald out in the open, ARG!
In Shooting I picked another 3 Letters off, getting me half points for the unit. I failed to get through the Disc Heralds 4+ Ward with my Horsemen shots.

In Combat his Hounds killed a few Skeletons but my static CR was enough to send the Hounds back to where they came from.

Top of 4:

His turn, his Herald and Hounds went into my Guard. His Crushers and Letters just moved towards my Archers as did his 1/2 unit of Letters. His Beast Herald flew away from my Chariots, sigh, and his Beast headed for my Horsemen again.

In the magic phase, he got 2 of his Boon of Tzeentch spells of (he gets D3 + 1 power dice) and I was looking at a nasty turn of pain. He got a magic missle off on my red Archers and dropped 6. But on his next attempt his miscast and ended the phase - also taking a wound (half points, woot!), WHEW! His plans again foiled to kill my Heiro and magic his Beasty into my Horsemen.

Combat was just a disgrace, without my King in the unit (as per usual), they took alot of casualties and did nothing in return. Losing more to CR.

Bottom of 4:

Turn 5

Well, with my chariots out of place, I could do nothing. I debated whether or not I should reform my red Archers and go help the Guard, but didn't think they'd add much to the combat. Instead they just moved backwards a bit, out of charge range. My Heiro moved to join the BotUL unit, which reformed into a shooting formation. My Horsemen moved after his Disc Herald and my Chariots just turned around.

In the magic phase I was completely stopped from doing anything, except raising a few Skeletons (via the Banner) to the BotUL Archers.

Shooting didn't do anything.

Combat sees all but 1 Guard killed, my champion.

Top of 5:

This ended up being the last turn as it was later than we thought. Nothing could charge so we just went straight to combat, where my last Tomb Guard was slaughtered.

Warhammer Battle Afterthoughts:

After doing VP's it turns out I managed to pull a draw out from that debacle. He was up by about 100 points. But to be fair he was playing a 2150 point list. Anyway, had I known that would've been my last turn I think I would've turned my Archers around and tried to grab some last minute VP's. T3, and only 2 wounds with a 4+ Ward.. they're definitely no Heralds of Nurgle!

I really enjoyed this game, the list was not OTT at all, yet very threatening and competitive, even without a Greater Demon. I'm a fan of 4 Heralds myself, so was pleased to see this kind of list. It was nice to actually have a player who could handle my magic phase for once! But again, my King was missing from the picture, his Incantations would've allowed some of the Priests to get their magic through. And oddly enough, I never got to use the Jar - but without my Heiro's ability to fly - he was never in a good position to use it.

Seeing as how my flying King combo got killed turn 1, I was't able to see if I liked him or not. My Heiro being unable to fly certainly hurt, so I'm still not sure if it's worth the sacrifice - I could mount him but that still wouldn't help much.
And I'm finding myself wanting a SSC in my list more and more, I just don't know what to drop for points. Any ideas from those of you who know my list? I'm thinking of maybe dropping the +1 to hit banner from the Guard for 50 pts and maybe the SoR, but I'm just not sure. Against this list a catapult would've been a huge threat.

My opponent asked me for suggestions on his list, I told him I liked it alot. He suggested getting a unit of Horrors for his Heralds to hide in, as well as a greater magic defense and offense, which I said would be nice. Overall though, I think it's solid. He played a great game, had everything gone normally, he would've had the game in the bag turn 2-3 by killing my Heiro. The dice were a big factor this game, both of us having horrible luck when we needed it most.

If you read this far, thanks!

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