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Saturday, 17 January 2009

High Elves vs Tomb Kings 2000 points

warhammer fantasy battle report summary:-

Nasty, nasty Star Dragon... (some insight into a tournament regular's understanding of WFB)

source : : Milamber17-Jan-2009

Tomb Kings Army List

The Sons of Horus (writer's army)

Tomb King, Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh
Liche Priest, Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest, Steed, Staff of Ravening
Liche Priest, Steed, scroll
20 Archers, Champion
20 Archers, Champion
5 Light Horsemen
1 Tomb Swarm
19 Tomb Guard, Standard, Champion, Icon of Rakaph
4 Ushabti
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foe

High Elves Army List

High Elf Prince on Star Dragon, Dragon Armour, Rerollable 2+ armour save and 4+ Ward.
Noble, Dragonhorn, barded steed, Dragon Armour, etc
Lvl 2 mage, Staff of Saphery, Dispel Scroll
Lvl 2 mage, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand

15 Spearmen, FC (full command)
2x 10 Archers
2x Tiranoc Chariots
2x5 Swordmasters
5 Dragon Princes, FC and Banner of Sorcery
2x Reaver Bolt Throwers
Great Eagle

Deployment, left to right from my side:

TK: Archers, Archers (screen), Ushabti, Tomb Guard (TG), Screaming Skull Catapult (SSC), Bone Giant (BG), Light Horsemen (LH). All "It Came From Below" (ICFB) units burried by bolt throwers and archers.

HE: Spearmen with Mage, Swordmasters, Archers with mage, Dragon, Bolt Thrower, Chariot, Swordmasters, Chariot, Archers, Bolt Thrower

Nasty, nasty Star Dragon...

Turn 1:

Tomb Kings - I win first turn again. SSC shoots and chariot down, archers are mostly out of range.

High Elves - Dragon moves up to threaten my entire center. His magic kills a couple of archers, shooting kills another 8 or so. The remaining chariot and Dragon Princes move forward. Swordmasters aim towards Bolt Thrower to protect against ICFB units.

Turn 2:

Tomb Kings - Swarm come up and charges a bolt thrower. I move the LPs into archer units next to champs to protect from dragon for a turn of two. The LH move up to block and force redirect the Dragon Princes. Shooting kills about 5 archers. The swarms kills autobreaks the crew, but I'm stupid and try to chase instead of just destroying the machine.

High Elves - The dragonhorn is blown. The lone crew member fails to rally and runs off the board. Dragon charges archer unit with hiero in it (the one directly in front of the TG and Ushabti). DPs charge LH and smash them. The mage leaves the archers and hides in a nearby forest (remains in LoS). Dragon smashes Champion in challenge. The Swordmasters pass their fear test to charge the swarm on the re-roll (dragonhorn) and kill it. The chariot moves in position to charge the archers. His shooting targets the unengaged archers and kill another 4 or so.

Turn 3:

Tomb Kings - 1 Scorpion comes up under the Swordmasters and dies after killing one. The champion in the main archer unit is raised back to unlife to declare another challenge. The TG move to forward beside the dragon. The SoR LP leaves the archers and braves it on his own to try and kill the mage in the woods. SoR and magic missile later and that mage is a pile of ash on the ground. SSC misfires or misses the rest of the game.

High Elves - The Chariot charges the archers in combat with the prince. The Dragon targets the archers while the Prince makes short work of my hiero. Combined with the dragon the chariot ploughs right through the archers and overruns into the Ushabti an inch behind them. The Spearmen continue to hold his right flank and magic missile my archers again and again. The DPs turn around to face the BG hiding behind a wood. His shooting kills a crew member off the SSC

Turn 4:

Tomb Kings - Last Scorp arrives and spends the next two turns playing hide and seek with the brutal Swordmasters. Archers crumble down to 3! Everything else is fine. SSC misfires and misses for the rest of the game. The TG and king reform and flank the chariot. In the combat phase the King turn the chariot into splinters and overruns into the flank of the Dragon. The Ushabti lost a model to the chariot. The BG moves from around the woods to try and get into the rear of the Dragon eventually.

High Elves - The mage from the spearmen unit leaves and sits in the woods in front of the 3 remaining archers. Phil was confident in my archers ability to not wounds anything. In shooting, the Archers and remaining Bolt Thrower target the blundering Giant and take a couple of wounds off him. The DPs move into charge range for next turn. In combat the Champ challenges and is smashed for a tied combat (no muso for me). I lose a LP to shooting/magic.

Turn 5:

Tomb Kings - The Ushabti charge the front of the Dragon in case the Prince forgets to challenge. The Giant moves closer towards the Dragon Princes. The archers spot the lonely mage in the woods and smile to themselves. I let lose my three arrow and hit twice! The mage is sweating while I roll to wound, but only one is a 4, the mage lives for now. In combat I put everything into smiting the king, and get a wound on the dragon, the Prince saves his one wound. In the combat phase the king takes 2 wounds after transfering 2-3) and then the Destroyer goes off again and reminds me why I pay 70pts for the best weapon in the Warhammer world. The dragon suffers another wound and the Prince is killing blowed!!! The Dragon breaks, but easily outpaces the Ushabti and TG (who run like 3").

High Elves - The Dragon rallies and turns to face the pursuing Ushabti. Magic and shooting kills my last LP. The Dragon Princes charge the rear of my TG unit and kill about half.

Turn 6:

Tomb Kings - I use everything I can to get the BG into the rear of the Dragon Princes and it goes off! The King also moves into BtB which proves to be far too much for the DPs to handle and they break with the giant running them into the ground. The Ushabti charge the dragon in a brave attempt for VPs and take a couple of wounds off it for half VPs, but are smashed by the S7 beast in return. For fun I charge the last TS into the Swordmasters to see what happens... and the same thing happens as with everything else.

High Elves - The Dragon charges the TG block being careful not to be in BtB with the king (all I have left is that block, the nearly dead SSC the BG on 2 wounds and the 3 archers). The archers and bolt thrower target the the BG and put him down after I fail too many armour saves. The Dragon kills 5 TG and crumbles the rest including the king. The curse... he rolls and FAILS!!! I roll for wounds... 5!!! The curse has done it again and this time a Star Dragon is sucked into the warp. I'm ecstatic, a great way to finish the tourny even if I got smashed in the game.

Result: 4-16 Loss [Editor. High Elves win]
TK of the Match: Tomb King and his Curse!!!

[Editor (Sigmar). The above battle was from a tournament that the writer attended. Below are some thoughts he has on the units in his army list and their performance...]

How I rate my army's performance and what I'd change. Marks out of 10

(10) Tomb King with Tomb Guard
- This unit is on eof the toughest in the game. They are there to go toe to toe with the worst the enemy has and usually come out on top. They virtually single handedly scored all my kills.

(8) Archers
- Great, just great. My firepower was fantastic and they made great screen/diversion units. I do think though that I'll half one of the units so I don't have to sacrifice as much for a redirect unit leaving me with 20 archer, standard/champ; and 2x10 archers.

(7) Liche Priests
- For tournaments three priests is definitely the way to go. They were most useful and get an extra point for one of them killing a unit of Ogres! I hardly needed the scroll ever as well. If I need points in future I could trim that one.

(7) Light Horsemen
- One of my fav units. cheap, expendable and really annoying for you opponents. Many times the were stuck on a flank all by themselves and just teased the enemy silly for 4-5 turns. Invaluable.

(5) Tomb Swarm
- Did it's job I guess. There just wasn't that much to do when there was no pansy warmachines to hunt. The march blocking thing worked out quite well though.

(5) Bone Giant
- Mixed bag for this guy. Losing him early in the game vs Chaos Dwarfs really took the sting out of my attack and really helped me see how much pressure he puts on the other general.

(4) Ushabti
- Again, did there jobs. Didn't kill very much but are a very real threat to most things. They just hate getting charged which I need to remember.

(1) Screaming Skull Catapult
- Useless. I'll keep it anyway, because they are supposed to be great and indeed are when they don't blow up every other turn. I'll be dropping the Skulls of the Foe though. There's just too much these days in tournaments that are Immune to Panic, etc.

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