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Friday, 16 January 2009

Bretonnians vs Lizardmen 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

So Cold Ones aren't always stupid (easy to follow maps and a "straight to the point" report)

source : roundtable-bretonnia.orgcredit : Lord_Ribbit16-Jan-2008

Having just returned from playing a game at our our local gaming store, I decided to write up a battle report. We played a 2000 point battle, Lizardmen vs. Bretonnia. I played as Lizardmen, while the other guy played Bretonnia. It was a pretty fun game, with some major turning points throughout the battle.

Bretonnia Army

(His list to the best of my knowledge)

Lord - Mounted, Heartwood Lance, Grail Shield, Grail Vow
Pally - BSB, Warbanner, Virtue (+1 CR)
Damsel - Dispell Scroll, Mounted
Damsel - Dispell Scroll, Mounted
Damsel - Dispell Scroll, Mounted

2 x Knights of the Realm (5) - Full Command
2 x Knights of the Realm (7) - Full Command
Knights Errant (7) - Full Command, Errantry Banner
Questing Knights (8) - Full Command
2 x Yeoman (6) - Full Command
Grail Knights (6) - Full Command

I think that was it.

Totalled 2000 points.

Lizardmen Army: (me)

Sacred Spawning of Quetzl
Slann - 2nd Gen, +1 Spell, +1 Casting and Dispel dice, BSB, Warbanner, Diadem of Power.
Skink Priest - lvl 2, scout, 2 x Dispell Scroll
Scar Vet - Charm of the Jaguar, GW, Light Armour, Mark of Sotek, Enchanted Shield.

Saurus Warriors (20) - Full Command, Mark of Quetzl
Skink Skirmishers (13) - Scout, Blow pipe
Skink Skirmishers (11) - Jav and Shield
Temple Guard (15) - Full Command, Fear Banner
Kroxigor (3)
Saurus Cavalry (5) - Full Command, Hun. Banner (ScoR)
Salamander Hunting Pack (2)

This is also off the top of my head so the points may be a little off.

Terrain Set-up and deployment:

Spells: I planned on getting Spell 6 in the Lore of Metal. Then going to a different Lore to finish off my 5 spells. Needless to say, I didn’t get it, and wasted all my spells in Metal. This worried me, as only 2 or 3 spells would have any use at all, and even they are not that great. My Skink Priest rolled Doom and Darkness, and the 3rd Spell (2d6 Str 4 Magic Missile).He got Mistress of the Marsh twice and Master of Stone.

Turn One:

He prayed so I choose turn one.

Lizardmen: I moved my Scouting Skinks with the Priest out of the graveyard. Also moved up my Saurus Cavalry with my Scar Vet. Salamanders moved up to the hill. Magic Phase had a surprising outcome. The only spell I could cast was the Skinks Magic Missile. Hit 12 hits to the MY, 8 wounds, unit was wiped out. Slann could not cast anything :(

Bretonnia: Moved almost everything up. However did not march for some reason. Far right KotR turned to face my Skink. Nothing happened in the magic phase.

Turn Two:

Lizardmen: Scar-Vet charged the unit of QK. Moved up my Skinks to get a redirection if he was going to charge. Placed Kroxigors behind them to set up the charge. Scouting Skinks moved to behind the hill to get out of the LOS of the KotR. ScoR turned to face the MY, and moved up. Saurus moved up. Salamander moved to the other side of the hill. Salamander shot at the GK, but couldn’t wound any. My Skink Priest miscast, but only lost a wound. Popped my Hun. Banner to charge d6, hitting the MY. Scar-Vet challenged the champion, killed him and had one overkill wound. Scar-Vet lost combat by 1, but made his Ld test. ScoR killed 3 MY, but they made their LD test.

Bretonnia: No charges this turn. Turned both the KotR and the KE towards my ScoR. Turned his other KotR back towards the battle. Moved up everything else.

Nothing happened in his magic phase. CC saw the MY losing one and killing a ScoR, but losing combat by 1. Failed Ld test and were run down, sending the ScoR into the KotR, who lost 4 Knights, and killed no ScoR, losing combat and getting run down. ScoR pursued and ended up right behind another KotR unit. Scar Vet took down 1 more QK, lost by 1, and stayed in combat.

This pretty much spelled defeat for him, as I would next turn rear charge his unit of KotR, but we played it out.

Turn 3:

Lizardmen: ScoR charged the rear of his KotR unit. Skinks moved up to set up bait and flee, with the Kroxigors going behind them. Salamanders shot at the KotR unit, killing 2. Magic phase saw the Slann casting Law of Gold on the Lord, and removing his Grail Shield for the rest of the game. Also, tried to cast the magic missile on the GK, but miscast. CC saw the ScoR beating the KotR by 5, causing them to flee, and caught them. However, this did leave them right near the GK. Scar-Vet whiffed all his attacks, lost combat by 2, but managed to stay in combat (this guy is resilient!).

Bret: GK charged my ScoR, who fled, but were run down

(and they were doing so well!!) Small KotR charged my skinks, which fled and escaped. Moved KE towards my SV (Which I forgot to move on the map) (he really wanted to kill this guy). Large unit of KotR moved up. Nothing in his magic phase. CC saw my SV kill one more QK, and staying in combat.

Turn 4:

Lizardmen: Kroxigors charged the larger unit of KotR. TG charged the smaller unit. Skinks failed to rally (on a ld of 9!) and fled off the table. Saurus moved up in case something went wrong. Salamanders moved to get in range of the GK, as did the Skinks. Salamanders killed 2 GK (!), but they passed their test. Magic phase saw the Slann cast Law of Gold on the Lord again, removing his magic lance, and also cast the magic missile on the GK, killing 1 more. Kroxigors wiped out the KotR, and the TG beat the smaller KotR as well. SV whiffed again! But still managed to stay in combat.

Bret: Handed in the towel.

Lizardman Victory

Synopsis: A fun game to say the least. Bret player made a few mistakes, like not marching (dunno why). Much to my surprise, my Saurus Cold One Riders did amazing! I have put these guys down in the past, due to them getting killed off by missile fire extremely easily, but ScoR are very useful when playing a non-shooty army.

Most Valuable Unit: Definitely the ScoR. They caused his deployment to be flawed, and took out 3 units before the GK eventually destroyed them. Hope you enjoyed the battle report!

Please note I didn’t take notes during the battle so a few things may be off and it has been a week since the game was played, but I got most of it, so don’t worry.

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