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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dogs of War vs Beasts of Chaos 1500 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Asarnil, Mengil Manhide's Manflayers & Ogre Bulls all in one army ?! (very short & summarised)
source : : Crossbowman10-Jan-2009

Dogs of War Army List

(writer's army)
Scroll caddie,
Mounted paymaster,

3X5 Unbarded Knights,
5 Light Cav,
1 Maneater with Longsword,
3 Bulls,
Mengil's Manflayers

Beasts of Chaos Army List

Wargor general,
2 level 2 Shamans - one had staff of Darkoth.

2 Herds
3 Chariots
3 Dragon Ogres
2X5 Hounds
6 Furies
10-15 Khornegors

Standard neutral terrain: 2 hills outside deployment zones, one lake, one impassable, and one forest.

I set up Asarnil along with 5 Heavy cav and 3 Bulls on one flank, and the other Heavy Cav along with the Maneater and Mengils on the other. He had a similar deployment, but since his army was much bigger than mine he pretty much covered the whole field.

I let him go first. He moved most of his stuff closer to my lines. Magic was stopped.

In my turn I move my stuff a bit closer, but no charges. Shooting and magic does nothing worth mentioning.

In his turn 2 he charges a chariot at my Bulls. They flee and get away. A Herd makes an Unruly move and comes very close to my dragon and heavy cav with Paymaster. In his magic phase he manages to get off the Wild Call spell from Staff of Darkoth and a power stone, and so his Unruly Herd charged my Paymasters Heavy Cav.
I won this combat by 1, and he flees. (I killed his champion, which left his unit with Ld6) My Cavalry ends up right in front of his Khorngors.

My turn 2. I felt brave and charged both my Paymasters Cavalry and Asarnil at the front of his Khorngors. His general is inside this unit. Asarnil + Deathfang rips 5 guys apart. The cavalry kill one or two guys, but the Paymaster is killed in the process...

I made a big mistake here: I won the combat and elected to pursue with both the dragon and cavalry. This put me close to the table edge, and since I had to take a panic test at the end of this phase, if I failed I would most certainly flee off the table. Of course Asarnil rolled a "10" and fled off the table... Had I stayed put he would probably not have left the table.

His turn 3. He charges a chariot at my Bulls again, and this time I'm too close to the table edge to flee again, so I have to take it to the face... On the other flank he moves his heavy stuff closer to my line. My Bulls only take 2 wounds and lose combat by 1 and hold. His magic is geared towards trying to kill my Heavy cav holding 2 captured banners and Mengils Manflayers with magic missiles. I stop the worst of it.

My turn 3. I manouver around trying to get out of enemy charge arcs, and get into positions myself. My Bulls break the chariot but fail to catch it.

His turn 4. The action has moved over to my right flank now. His Furies rear charge the one remaining Heavy Cavalryman holding two captured banners. They autobreak him from fear.

My turn 4. I boldly charge 5 Heavy Cav at 3 Dragon Ogres. The Dragon Ogres kill them all, and take 1 wound in return... Mengil's Manflayers spot a Shaman running alone. They kill him with one good volley!

His turn 5. His Dragon Ogres charge another Cavalry unit and beats them all to death, and overruns off the table. He tries to charge a Chariot at my Maneater but it fails it's fear test.

My turn 5. My Maneater charges a Herd with the remaining Shaman in it. My Bulls charge the chariot the failed to cath earlier, which flees again. The Maneater puts all his attacks at the Shaman and kills him. He takes one wound in return and flees from the combat.

His turn 6. The Dragon Ogres come back onto the table. His fast stuff grabs table corners. The Herd charges the fleeing Maneater and kills him.

My turn 6. I only have the Bulls and Mengil's + Wizard left. My Bulls grab a table quarter, and wonderful Mengil's Manflayers... Destroy the 3 Dragon Ogres with poisoned crossbow bolts!
They caused 2 kills, and the remaining guy fled from panic...

Final result:

11 - 9 to the DOW!

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