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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dark Elves vs The Empire 1500 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Don't rely on Cold One Knights to do as their told ! (good photos that tell the story)

source : druchii.netcredit : 3Xhume11-Jan-2009

Dark Elves Army list

Master, Cold One, standard stuff, Ring of Darkness
Sorceress, lv 2, Tome of Furion, Lifetaker, Lore of Death
Sorceress, lv 2, cold one, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Dark

20 Spearelves, FC (joined by foot sorceress)
Assassin, xhw, rune of khaine, touch of death

10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
5 Dark Rider, mus

5 Cold One Knights, FC, Null Talisman (joined by master and mounted sorcerss)
1 Cold One Chariot


All comers list, nothing is OTT.

The Empire Army list

Warrior priest, mounted
Wizard, Rod of Power, Lore of Light

9 Knights, FC, Warbanner (joined by warrior priest)
20 Flagellents
25 Swordmen, FC, 8 militia and 5 archer detachment
25 Spearmen, FC, 8 militia and 5 archer detachment

5 Outriders, mus
1 Cannon

Another balanced list. The commanding general is a veteran empire player so it will be an uphill battle.

Magic Roll,
Sorceress 1 : Wind of Death, Walking Death, Doom and Darkness
Sorceress 2 : Chillwind, soul stealer
Light Wizard : Burning Gaze, Dazzling brightness

Deployment (from DE player view)
Empire : Knights block, Flagellents, Spearmen with detachment, Swordmen with detachment, cannon, Outriders
Dark Elves : RBT, DR, RxBowmen, RxBowmen, Cold one chariot, Cold one knights, Spearelves behind cold one chariot and cold one knights

Empire player won first move.

Empire Turn 1
All units marched full movement except the knights that hesitates. outriders went to DE right flank, facing CoKs. Empire magic phase is non existent in the entire game. The only time burning gaze got off, it failed to wound. So i wont mention empire magic phase anymore. Cannon targets cold one chariot, hitting, but rolled 1 to wound. (save...)

Dark Elves Turn 1
Cold one knights gone retarded... (/w Ld 9). Only DRs marched to opponent knights flank. spearelves reposition to get LOS to outriders. With cold one sorceress gone stupid, only foot sorceress able to cast. she successfully made CoKs to cause terror. RBT attempt a single shot and failed. RxBowmen picked some flagellents and several archer. Nothing major. Lifetaker killed 1 outrider.

Empire Turn 2
Mounted warrior priest attempt to charge RBT but falling 1 inch short, stranded in the face of RBT. (grins...) Infantry marched full movement, knights wheeled to face the center battlefield. Cannon did not fail to destroy the chariot this turn. (why didnt i hide my chariot behind the rocks? Silly me). Outriders killed one CoK.

Dark Elves Turn 2
CoKs failed their stupidity AGAIN!! This is not good. They are risked with swordsmen flank charge. No charges. The left RxBmen fall back 2,5 inch. DR reposition to march block more opponents unit. Not wanting to risk any CoKs anymore, shot 3 outriders to death with wind of death. The last outrider panicked and ran off the board (not able to rally anymore). Six RBT bolts saw the demise of lone warrior priest. RxBmen picked several flagellents and archer again. No combat.

Empire Turn 3
Fearing flank shot from the RBT, knights moved to face the bolt thrower again. The rest advance more into DE defensive lines. One militia detachment faced DRs. Cannon killed 3 DR. Passed panic test. No combat.

Dark Elves Turn 3
Passed stupidity test (about time). DR Charged the millita in order to avoid another cannon shot. Left RxBmen fall back another 2,5 inch. Right RxBmen reformed into 2 ranks. CoKs reformed to embrace swordmen charge. Spearelves moves forward to block swordmen's charge line into the CoKs. I have more confidence in my combat block. Combat is inevitable anymore. Wind of death killed several militia and panicked them. Doom and darkness successfully casted. RBT failed to wound any knights. RxBmen killed only several flagellents and finished the left archer detachment. In combat, DRs killed 3 militia and militia killed one back. militia broke and pursued to charge spearmen big block rear (no good).

Empire Turn 4
General passed Doom and Darkness test so the unit regained full leadership. Knights charged RBT. Archers charged right RxBmen. Swordmen hesitate to charge spearelves and fall back 2 inch. Cannon moved to find some target. Lone DR lost combat and fled. Spearmen chose to restrain persue but failed the test and pursued towards his table edge again. Archers killed 1 RxBmen and took one also in return. They held as the general is nearby.

Dark Elves Turn 4
CoKs gone stupid AGAIN!!!!! Well, if he didnt want to charge me, then i'll be the one charging. RxBowmen charged flagellents. Doom and darkness failed to cast and he dispeled soul stealer on swordsmen block (well, its pretty obvious). Knights destroyed RBT outright (well it is well worth - 100 points for heavy combat unit redirection). RxBowmen killed 3 flagellent and got one wound back. flagellent unbreakable. Main battle : Assassin showed up and put a surprise to my opponent. 7 attacks later, the general is killing blowed. Spearelves killed several more swordsmen and swordmen retaliated, killing one spearelves. Swordmen broke and fleed far enough to outrun the spearelves. RxBmen killed another archer and won combat, broke the archer to persue into rallied militia detachment.

The Empire Turn 5
Swordsmen failed to rally and ran across the board. The spearmen turn to face the spearelves. Militia lost combat to RxBmen and pursued. Flagellent killed several elves and broke it but the elves ran far enough.

Dark Elves Turn 5
Empire player realized that his spearmen will be charged by spearelves in the front and RxBmen in the flank. Thus, he conceeds.

Post game thoughts:
Redirecting his knights to the RBT has the biggest impact. His blocks are not reliable enough to hold elven charges or good enough to kill the elven block with assassin. Destroying his militia detachment is the right thing to do. Without the detachment, empire can no longer get flank charge as the detachment rules. Other than these things, Empire's average leadership did help a lot.

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