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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dark Elves vs Lizardmen 2000pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

If it's not one repitilian doing the damage then it's another ! (feels like you're actually watching)

source : : Xocer7-Dec-2008

Okay, Table 1, and my Druchii are ready. Bring on the Undead Daemon Horde!!....Daemonic Vampire Horde? Nope, Eric Frye, who I recognized but never really got to know during a former life living in Virginia, fielding a Lizardmen Topec army was my round 3 opponent. My scroll caddy shrugged and started putting the scrolls into the nearby Cold One powered shredder.

Scenario had 4 objectives for a max of 3 bonus battle points, standard deployment.

Dark Elf roster

Dreadlord on Dark Steed
-Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
-Hydra Blade;Pendant of Khaeleth; Potion of Strength
Hag Queen
-Cauldron of Blood
Master, BSB
-Heavy Armor, SDC; Soulrender;2 Null Shards(MR2)
Sorcerer;Lvl 1;Dispell Scroll;Dispell Scroll

25 Spearmen; Full Command; Warbanner
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
3 x 5 Harpies

20 Black Guard;Full Command;Ring of Hotek;Banner of Hag Graef
7 Shades;Great Weapons

2 RBTs
1 Hydra

Lizardmen Army list : The Blessed of Topec

Scar-Veteran; shield; light armor; great weapon; spawning of topec; immune to psych; jaguar charm
Scar-Veteran; BSB; light armor; Topec; Huanchi's Blessed Totem
Scar-Veteran; light armor; enchanted shield; blade of realities; topec; Itzl (riding cold one)
Scar-Veteran; light armor; shield; great weapon; quetzl (4+ ward against S5+); banehead; topec

20 Saurus Warriors; full command
15 Saurus warriors; full command
10 Scouting Skinks w/javelins
10 Skinks w/javelins
10 Skinks w/blowpipes
5 Chameleon Skinks
4 Kroxigors
3 Kroxigors
3 Salamanders


Well, again I had the edge in total deployments and long range firepower. So, I readied my Black Guard to grind Saurus Warriors, my Hydra to scare off skinks, and my Harpies and Shades to delay Kroxigors. My Hydra is offscreen to the right.

Top round 1

Lizards won the initiative and pushed hard ahead. On the left flank the chameleons and skinks went into a mexican stand off with my Shades, and on the right flank some skinks jumped out to try and get in the way of the Hydra. No casty, no shooty, no fighty, my turn!

Bottom round 1

I moved Harpies to the center and right flank to delay Kroxigors while my Shades moved up to gun down some skinks. The Hydra was content to burn down the skinks that jumped in front of it. During the shooting phase the Shades killed 2 Chameleon skinks, sending the other 3 off in panic. The Hydra encinerated almost the entire skink unit, which Eric had accidentally bunched up in perfect flamer formation. My RBTs peppered the Kroxigors, killing 1.

top round 2

I think the left Kroxigors charged the Harpies and failed to catch them, with the harpies landing just in front of the Black Guard. The Skinks on the left charged my shades in the woods, but the chameleons failed to rally. On the right another skink swarm jumped out in front of my firing squad on the hill and hydra, while the Stegadon lept out to try and cause some terror tests and get stuck in before the Druchii firepower overwhelmed the lizards. In the shotting phase the Salamanders opened up on the Black Guard, but with one misfire and a ward save from the Cauldron, casualties were minimal. In combat the skinks killed off a pair of Shades, but couldn't withstand the great weapon/hatred counter attack, fled and were run down.

Bottom round 2

I started the turn by shrugging off the Stegadon's terror tests, and running down the chameleons with Harpies on the far left flank. Seeing that the Krox on the right flank had come too close to the Hydra, my multi-headed monstrosity roared out a challenge and charged. Backed up by some Harpies on the far right flank, the Krox couldn't afford to flee, and held. Sadly, the harpies were not so brave, failed a fear check, and only the Hydra made the charge. In the center my Spearmen charged the Stegadon, and the Black Guard positioned to fight some Krox if my shooting dodn't eliminate them. During the shooting phase I downed 2 Krox and molested a few Saurus warriors, but the last Kroc held his ground. In combat the Hydra did what Hydras do best, and ran down the Krox. With some less than stellar dice the Stegadon failed to overcome the Spearmen static combat resolution, failed it's stubborn test, but outran the pursuing Spearmen.

Top round 3

Bruised, battered, but unbroken, the Lizardmen advanced, surrounded on all sides. The Stegadon rallied, and the last Kroxigor charged the Harpies, sending them running. Salamanders hissed and spit, killing off 7 Black Guard.

Bottom round 3

Black Guard, Shades, and Spearmen surge into the Saurus Warriors and Stegadon while the Hydra sneaks back to try and off the skink handlers of the Salamanders. My shooting kills the last Kroxigor and the Hydra breathes death on all the Salamander handlers, who Frenzy in response! In combat the Druchii kill off 1 Scar-Vet and 5 Warriors with no casualties in return, but the Saurus hold with insane courage, or maybe a 3. The Spearmen and Stegadon fight to a standstill.

Top round 4

The other Saurus unit, wanting nothing to do with the Black Guard, hit the flank of the Spearmen hard, along with the Frenzied Salamanders. The ensuing combat goes badly for the elves, who break and are run down. The Black Guard finish off the other unit of Saurus.

Bottom round 4

The Hydra is just able to see the Saurus flank through the trees, and goes in for the kill. The Saurus fall to the great beasty, and the Lizardmen surrender the field. 20-3 win to the Druchii.

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