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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Bretonnia vs Vampire Counts 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

2 Varghulfs !! (detailed and nicely written with good battle plan views)

source : : Fazz6-Dec-2008

Both lists made for tournament play.

Bretonnian Army list

Bretonnian Lord: Grail Vow, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Tres of Isoulde, Mithril Great Helm, Virtue of Knightly Temper
Paladin BSB: Virtue of Duty
Paladin: Lance, Virtue of the Joust, Shield
Damsel: Barded Warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll
Damsel: Barded Warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Chalice Mafleur

10 Knights Errant: Full Command, Errantry Banner (Led by Paladin + Damsel)
8 Knights of the Realm: Full Command (Joined by Lord)
8 Knights of the Realm: Full Command (Joined by BSB)

4 Pegasus Knights: Full Command
5 Mounted Squires: Musician, Shields
5 Mounted Squires: Musician, Shields

8 Grail Knights: Full Command, War Banner (Joined by Damsel)

Lots of quick hitting power, strong magic defence (with MR on key units) and all the good virtues present. The Bret Lord was particularly nasty!

Vampire Counts Army list

Vampire Lord: Level 3, Sword of Might, Carstein Ring, Talisman of the Lycni, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death

The crazy necrarch that built the army! Pumped up on steroids (fabius bile backpack, ammended with sevro army like weaponary as well), mechanical and biological enchancement, this Vampire does not know the meaning of "sane". In game terms, he has proven rather nasty, and can potentially take down many armies in Turn 1! He can tear apart normal ifantry formations like they are nothing, and is a nice caster to boot

Vampire: BSB, Skeletal Steed, Balefire Spike, Flayed Hauberk, Black Periapt, Ghoulkin, Infinite Hatred

The favourite biological construct of the Lord! He is a magical conduit, not a caster, so does not cast spells (hence, periapt). Quite tough and powerful in combat, he adds a lot of omph against WEs and other VCs, while Ghoulkin rocks.

Necromancer: Invocation + VHDM, Power Stone, Power Stone
Necromancer: Invocation + Raise, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll

Two necrosurgeons to help the lord stitch things together! Trialling 2 power stones instead of the Book of Arkhan. Firstly, because really, this army like my TKs tends to have 1 critical magic phase, so they are more useful and secondly, its less of a comp hit. Oh, and dispel scrolls so counter Bretonnian magic! Take that two level 1 casters!

20 Ghouls: Ghast
20 Ghouls: Ghast
20 Ghouls: Ghast
10 Ghouls: Ghast

The Horde approaches! Modeled as ghouls, but with some mechanical enchancement throughout, notably the Ghasts. They help build the nefarious workshops of the Lord and do his bidding. Smaller unit is a caster bunker

20 Zombies
8 Dire Wolves: Doom Wolf
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves

Auxilliary ahoy! Zombies because I need something to summon into on Turn 1 if I get it, and they can weight a flank (yay). Dire Wolves for redirecters, flankers etc, larger unit can tarpit, or combo charge with the lord for US 17 auto break shennanigans. Modeled using chaos hounds (dont like the DW models)

8 Fell Bats

Flying ghoul conversions. Large unit for extensive crossfire netting, helping with autobreak and keeping US up, without as much magic support. Lets them tarpit quite well to


Really scary flesh golems! With mechanical claws! Raaargh! Brains! The master work of the Lord. In game terms, they are stupidly amazingly awesome. I cannot believe they are only 175 points, for a M8, 5S5 with re-roll, Ws5, W4, T5, regen terror causer. Balance

The army however, doesnt look as cool as I made it out, because it isnt anywhere near finished yet I have the wolves (easy!), started the two necro-surgeons and some ghouls. It is a lot of fun though, and I think it will look good.

Damsel 1: Crow's Feast, swapped to Bear's Anger (scary!)
Damsel 2: Oxen Stands
VC Lord: Invocation, Raise Dead, VHDM, Wind of Death
Vampire: Invocation, Raise Dead
Necro 1: Inovcation + VHDM
Necro 2: Invocation + Raise Dead

Deployment (after ghoul kin move):

Vampire Counts Turn 1.

Generally, the centre continues a strong advance, so as to tempt the Bretonnians to charge now, rather than wait a turn and risk my VHDM into combat. The BSB moves to join the right most Ghoul unit so that they are more resilient incase they get charged. The right flank moves fairly slowly, with the Fell Bats not having that much to do...(ah well, good against most armies!). The left flank is slow to move, with the redirecters waiting for the right moment to do their thing. The left most ghoul unit sits happily outside the errant knight charge range - I dont think the unit would survive their charge, or at least not if my opponent rolls well, so I try not to risk it.

Magic started with the roll for chalice passing, followed by the lesser Vampire and a Necromancer casting invocation into the Zombies, bolstering them to 29. The second necromancer and the Lord turned their attention to raising a new unit, but given the Necromancer failed to cast, the Lord's efforts were easily prevented.

Brettonian Turn 1

I think my opponent freaked a little and wasnt sure how he wanted to commit his units. The Knights of the Realm and General passed their fear test to charge the Ghouls led by the Vampire Lord, While the nearby Yeomen passed their fear test to engage the large dire wolf unit. The Bretonnian right flank did a little dance to try and threaten multiple units, while the Bret left flank advanced strongly, ready to sweep away the handful of dregs I had guarding that flank.

Magic was uneventful, except for my periapt storing a dice.

Combat was slightly odd. The Yeoman began by killing no wolves, though their horses killed four. The Doom Wolf inflicted a casualty back and the wolves crumbled slightly. The Bret Lord rolled horribly in his challenge against the Ghast, only inflicting two wounds, while the combined work of the KotR and their horses slew a further four ghouls. The Vampire carved three knights apart in return, and with the presence of the nearby BSB, there was no crumbling.

VC Turn 2.

I decided to really try and get funky this turn, seeing what the army was capable of if I pushed it. The first Varghulf charged the mounted Yeomen, who passed their terror test. My BSB declared a charge against the KotR+BSB, who was then joined by the second Varghulf, who hungrily eyed the Bret BSB. They passed their terror check as well. Otherwise, the redirecting wolves moved into place - a shame they would only buy me a turn due to the presence of the Pegasus Knights. The left flank ghouls moved to VHDM (ed: Vanhels Danse Macabre) into combat against the Errants, so as to pin them. The zombies slowly wandered up the field in search of brains, while the Bats moved centrally, in case I needed to throw them at a problem.

Once more the chalice roll was passed. The Lord's two efforts at VHDM were diced then scrolled. The necromancer then stood up, charging his two stones. The first two casts, each using 1 die + stone were scrolled, while the third attempt on two die could not be stopped, so the Ghouls charged the Knight's errant. The lesser vampire and other necromancer raised the VC Lord's ghouls back to full strength.

The Varghulf murdered the Yeomen he fought, overruning quickly. For the most part, the VC Lord and Bret Lord lightly slapped about their opponents, managing a single kill each. The KotR and horses killed two ghouls, but the Bretonnians still lost combat and fled, but were not caught. In the interesting combat on the right, the KotR champion challenged the Vampire BSB, who killed him three times for his trouble (this was very lucky rolling). The Vargulf tore the Bretonnian BSB apart, and dismayed and somewhat aghast, the KotR turned to flee, only to be scattered by the Vampire. In the Ghouls and Errants combat, only two ghouls were slain, leaving the unit to crumble slightly.

Bretonnian Turn 2.

The last turn had been savage to the Brets - their Lord was broken, the right flank had been swept away under dubious circumstances, and the left flank was thoroughly blocked in by Dire Wolves.

The General and his guard rallied, as did the nearby Yeomen.

Both the Grail Knights and Pegasus Knights charged their respective adversaries, ready to obliterate them then assault the undead flank.

Magic was again uneventful, with the periapt claiming another die.

In unsurprisingly short combats, both units of Dire Wolves were destroyed, with the Pegasus Knights overrunning. The Errant Knights, led by the Paladin, struck down more Ghouls, who in return managed to cheekily slay a knight! More ghouls fled the battle field, leaving the unit greatly reduced.

VC Turn 3.

Vampire Counts started mop up. A varghulf charged the Yeomen who held. The Ghouls led by the Vampire Lord charged the remnants of the Bretonnian Lord's guard. The remaining Dire Wolves from the large unit moved for more blocking, while the Fell Bats decided to hide (this was silly, as you will see). The Zombies crawled forward again (no Vampire nearby) while the unengaged Ghoul unit and bunker manouvered to ready themselves for the advancing Grail Knights.

The Chalice once more worked, while the Vampire Lord's efforts to recall Ghouls to the weakened unit were dispelled. The two necromancers added 7 to their number however, with the lesser Vampire failing to cast raise dead.

Combat was unsurprising short, with the Vampire Lord's unit breaking and running their adversaries into the ground. The Errant Knights and their leader killed a further three ghouls, who once more unsaddled a young knight. More ghouls fled. The Varghulf tore apart his aversaries.

Bretonnian Turn 3

The Pegasus Knights flanked the engaged ghoul unit, passing their fear check. The Grail Knights readied themselves for any number of charges next turn.

The addition of the Pegasus Knights was the bail in the coffin for the ghoul unit, which was wiped out easily. The Pegasus Knights overrun into the Fell Bats (told you it was silly) but rolled poorly, even losing a Pegasus Knight to return attacks.

VC Turn 4

No charges. The remnants of the Dire Wolves moved to redirect, while the rest of the VC moved to gang the surviving lances. One Vargulf moved to force terror checks on the Errants.

The chalice once more added a die (isnt she overdue for food poisoning?). The Lord failed on his first attempt to VHDM the ghoul unit into the flank of the pegasus Knights, and his second effort was dispelled. My lesser casters did their best to ressurect the Fell Bats, managing eventually to bring the unit to full strength (+D6 wounds per cast because they are infantry?! Well...if you insist)

The Pegasus Knights mess the bats up but suffer another wound.

Bretonnian Turn 4

Time was starting to run out for the Brets, they needed some VP fast.

Things went from bad to worse with the Errant Knights failing their terror test and almost fleeing the board. The Grail Knights engaged the wolves blocking them.

The Grail Knights obliterate the wolves blocking them, while the Pegasus Knights almost finished off the Fell Bats.

Vampire Counts Turn 5

With less bats in the way, the Vampire Lord and ghouls charged the Pegasus Knights. Not much else of interest.

The Lord's first effort to VHDM the varghulf into the fleeing Errant Knights was dispelled, but the second was not and they were chased off the board. Multiple efforts at Inovcation of the Fell Bats all failed (not good at rolling 4+!)

The Vampire Lord continued his efforts to seduce opponents instead of killing them, doing no wounds at all to the Pegasus Knights (only managed 1 wound, which got ward saved). The Ghouls managed to finish off a Pegasus Knight however, who broke, only to be chased down by the Vampire Lord. Both the Lord and Ghouls managed to cascade into the Grail Knights. The Lord again, obviously interesting in the shiny men did no wounds, leading by example for the Ghouls who also did nothing. Three ghouls were slain in return, and the Lord suffered a wound from combat resolution.

Bretonnian Turn 5

The Vampire Lord, upset no one asled for his number, kills two grail knights. The Ghouls suffer their usual fate, but the Grail Knights break and are run down.

RESULT: Massacre Victory for Vampire Counts

VC: 2900 VP
Brets: 282 VP

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