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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dark Elves vs Dark Elves 2000pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

The Khainite factions battle for the respect of the Blood God! (non-nonsense Battle Report)

source : : Xocer1-Dec-2008

So, finally getting around to kicking off my Baltimore GT battle reports.

In round 1 my Dark Elves faced off against John Becks Dark Elves. Scenario had 3 objective markers, each worth one battle point to whoever controlled it at the end of the game, using the rules for controlling objectives on pg 99 of the rulebook.

My Dark Elf Army roster:

Dreadlord on Dark Steed
-Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
-Hydra Blade;Pendant of Khaeleth; Potion of Strength
Hag Queen
-Cauldron of Blood
Master, BSB
-Heavy Armor, SDC; Soulrender;2 Null Shards(MR2)
Sorcerer;Lvl 1;Dispell Scroll;Dispell Scroll

25 Spearmen; Full Command; Warbanner
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen;Musician;Shields
3 x 5 Harpies

20 Black Guard;Full Command;Ring of Hotek;Banner of Hag Graef
7 Shades;Great Weapons

2 RBTs
1 Hydra

The Renegade Druchii of John

Supreme Sorceress; lvl 4;Dispell Scroll;Focus Familiar
Sorceress;lvl 2;Darkstar Cloak;Dispell Scroll
Master BSB on Cold One;Hydra Banner

12 Corsairs, full command;Sea Serpent Standard
5 Dark Riders; crossbows
12 Crossbowmen, shields
18 Black Guard, full command; Banner of Hag Graef; Crimson Death champion
7 Shades, bloodshade, great weapons, light armor
5 Cold One Knights; full command; Banner of Cold Blood; Deathpiercer champion
2 RBTs


I knew my Black Guard would trump his Black Guard by virtue of having fighty characters. So I used my advantage in total deployments to make sure this matchup happened. One of the hard lessons I have learned recently is that in evenly matched shooting wars, make sure you can preserve your own shooting through turn 1 if you don't win the roll to go first. So my Harpies are screening my ranged troops on the hill, whereas John's shooters are out in the open on the hill, with his two sorceresses attached to the Bolt Throwers. Unfortunately for John, I also won the roll to go first, despite his +1.

Top of table - Round 1

I made a generally aggressive advance. We decided to have the graveyard terrain in the center left block line of sight to small models, so my harpies are screened from everything but the shooters on the hill. In the shooting phase I aimed to establish a dominating position in the phase, and put everything I could into John's RBt housing the Supreme Sorceress. I managed to kill off the machine, and put a wound on the Sorceress. My Shades also cut down 1 of the Cold One Knights.

Bottom of Table - Round 1

The Supreme Sorceress joined the Corsair unit by the hill, and the enemy Druchii decided to try and get some damage done in the magic phase rather than advance to meet me in the middle, apart from the Hydra to the right flank and Shades coming around off screen to the right. The Sorceresses were only really in range to try and threaten my Hydra, but weren't really successful. Shooting took out one of my RBTs and part of a Harpy unit that didn't panic. Enemy Shades downed 1-2 of my Shades as well.

top Round 2

The dregs of two Harpy units charged the last RBT with the Sorceress attached while my Hydra went to breath on some Dark Riders off screen to the left. My Shades, with bonus attack from the Cauldron of Blood, declared a charge on the Hydra in the hopes of cutting down the handlers, but John chose to flee. My shooting killed all but 1 Dark Rider, and 2 Shades, causing them to panic. In combat my Harpies choked against the RBT crew and mage, and fled.

Bottom of table Round 2

The lone Dark Rider tries to fend off the last big Harpy unit before it tackles the RBT crew again, and the Hydra fails to rally, though the Shades do. John's fighty units begin to advance, with his harpies screening the Cold One Knights. Magic and shooting panic off a unit of my crossbowmen, but not much else. In combat the lone Dark rider is shredded after wiffing against the harpy unit.

Top of table Round 3

Harpies Vs RBT and Sorceress, take 2! Otherwise my lines back up, since I'm holding up well in the magic phase, and shooting should turn in my favor. By backing off, hopefull my Hydra will come into play in the central combats. My last RBT continues to chew up Shades, but 3 or so hang around off screen. In combat the Harpies triumph over the RBT crew and run down the mage!

Bottom Round 3

John realizes his harpies are only getting in his way, and pushes them ahead to taunt my Shades. The rest of his line moves up, though his Hydra fled off the table. The magic phase is limited due to the proximty of the Ring of Hotek, and shooting bruises up my Hydra, but doesn't slay it.

Top Round 4

I sound the general assault, sending spearmen into corsairs and Black Guard into Black Guard, with mine augmented by the Cauldron of Blood for +1 attack. The Hydra charges the Crossbowmen on the hill, with the Harpies landing behind to insure crossfire if they flee. Carnage ensues, with all the combats going in my favor, killing off the Crossbowmen with the Hydra, the corsairs and the Supreme Sorceress fall to the Spearmen, and John's Black Guard reduced to 3 models, mostly thanks to my Dreadlord and BSB reaping through them like so much wheat.

Bottom Round 4

John sends the Cold One Knights into my Black Guard to try and save the day, and his harpies charge my Shades. The Harpies kill off my Shades, and the Cold One Knights weather the ASF storm of Black Guard, killing off 9 of them in return as my front rank finishes off the enemy Black Guard. One successful stubborn test, and my Black Guard hold on.

Top Round 5

My characters move over and deal with the annoying Cold One Knights on the Black Guard's flank, and the left over enemy harpies are gunned down. Through the last turn I move to claim all 3 objectives, with the remanents of John's Shades lurking in one corner. 20-3 Victory for me.

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